Four Great Ringside 10 Bouts Officially Announced


The Ringside 10 lineup scheduled for the Bell Centre in Montreal keeps looking better and better. Along with the main event of Patrick Cote vs Kalib Starnes, three Ringside titles will be on the line on April 9th.

Top MMA News has confirmed the following matchups with Ringside 10 matchmaker Joey Benoit:

Main Event:
Patrick Coté vs Kalib Starnes

Light-Heavyweight Title
Steve Bossé (champion) vs Roger Hollett

Welterweight Title
Chris Clements (champion) vs Alex Garcia

Featherweight Title
Mitch Gagnon (champion) vs Rejean Groulx

That is quite an array of Canadian talent with no less than five fighters in the top 10 Canadian rankings with Clements and Garcia both knocking on the door of the Welterweight top 10.  As well, according to Benoit, Roger Hollett was pencilled in for the Bellator Light-Heavyweight tournament before his management decided that the Steve Bossé title fight was better for Hollett’s career.

Joey Benoit commented on the Ringside 10 show,

“This will be the biggest show in Ringside history. With three title fights and our main event, this event is the new generation of our organization. It will feature local fighters versus the best opponents from Canada.”

Ringside is quickly establishing itself as the top organization in Canada solely featuring Canadian talent.   With such an impressive main card, one would think that Ringside is done announcing top tier talent.  Yet Benoit warns that fans should expect even more great bouts to be announced.  Ringside 10 is becoming a must-see MMA event for Canadian MMA fans!

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12 Responses to “ Four Great Ringside 10 Bouts Officially Announced ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    Wild, love it!

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  2. blayd cooper says:

    gagon vs groulx is featherweight not banamweight

    john fraser should have had that fight but i guess local fighters put butts in the seats

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  3. harry balls says:

    Road trip for sheez. Good on these cats.

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  4. WoW that will be a great show!!!

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  5. trent_thorne says:

    so far this looks pretty nice indeed! Always big Hollet fan i hope he can get ‘er together and make a run at the UFC this year! whatever happened to the talk of him trying to make 185?

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  6. hank says:

    Hollett could make 185lbs but he stayed he would fight at LHW and MW depending on the offers he got. This is a good fight for him to show his ground game. Bosse might be the hardest hitting guy on the LHW scene in Canada.

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  7. Marcus LMA Hicks says:

    Holy only 4 fights so far and already a huge crazy card. Thats an event I would like to see as a fan. All those matchups look good. Hollet is also a hard puncher but I think that fight might be one for him to take down and try and finish isnt that Bosse’s weakness the ground.

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  8. jeremy says:

    Great looking card so far. Cant wait to see the rest of the lineup. I think Starnes could take this one if he can get the takedown and use that ground game of his.

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  9. robin black says:

    Bosse’s weakness was the ground 2 1/2 years ago. Safe to assume its solid now.

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  10. hank says:

    Bosse likely worked on his ground game but it would still have to be considered his weakness. Safe to assume he’s not a BJJ brown belt like Hollett. I’ve always felt Hollett was too short to be effective as a striker @ LHW. He seems to have the power but lacks the reach

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  11. brodes says:

    i will make the trip for hollett vs bosse alone. This card looks great.

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