Ringside 10 Coming to Bell Centre on April 9


At the Rising Star show this past weekend, Ringside announced their big plans for 2011. The Montreal-based organization is heading to the home of the Montreal Canadiens on April 9th for their biggest show to date.

While no fights were announced, this is rumored to be Ringside’s biggest show. A major headline bout should end the night off while three Ringside titles could be on the line as well.

Plenty of rumors have circulated on who is on the card, including Patrick Cote, who has denied this on Twitter, and Kalib Starnes. In Featherweight title action, Rejean Groulx is also expected to challenge Michel Gagnon, Canada’s seventh ranked Featherweight, for his belt. Expect Ringside to officially announce the card later this month.

The Bell Centre in Montreal can hold 21,273 people for the Montreal Canadiens and more for concerts. Montreal has a huge amount of fight fans, let’s see how many Ringside can attract for what should be their best event to date – Ringside 10.

Also announced on the Rising Star show was that Ringside will host a second Rising Star in late February or early March.  Look for the date on the Top MMA News Upcoming Events section when it is formally announced.

12 Responses to “ Ringside 10 Coming to Bell Centre on April 9 ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    It’s been announced that Ringside did sign Cote.

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    Big time move going to Bell Centre.

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  3. Ringside has not announced it.

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  4. Bobby Karimi says:

    As had been reported about a month ago, Pat did sign.

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  5. It’s not the biggest secret, but Ringside nor Cote have announced this signing.

    Pat tweeted about signing with a new organization, but that the information will be public on the 31st at a press conference.

    Ringside also has a press conference on that date.

    But technically it hasn’t been released by either.

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  6. Bobby Karimi says:


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  7. Plus he didn’t sign it until today. According to him :)

    Everybody knew Ringside would be the place he signed with, nobody can afford him, and they could really use a guy like him for the Bell Centre show.

    Wuss? Bah, i’m a keyboard warrior.

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  8. Joey Benoit says:

    Ringside will run a press conference on February 1st to announce the major fight on the April 9 card at the Bell Center!!!

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  9. Rematch says:

    *big plans for 2011* *need to correct:) Can’t wait for April’s show!

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  10. Thanks Rematch. That is now two 2011 errors so far.

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  11. Joey Benoit says:

    it’s confirmed Patrick Coté vs Kalib Starnes and for the Light Heavyweight tilte Steve Bossé vs Roger Hollett

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  12. Bobby Karimi says:

    Nice fights on this card!

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