KOTC: Brawl In The Mall 4 – Edmonton – March 18


Date: March 18, 2011
Location: Edmonton Event Center in Edmonton, AB
Tickets: Club Zone

Main Event:
Chad Freeman (6-3) vs. Troy Sorensen (4-2)
***Lightweight Title Fight

Co-Main Event:
Clayton Sheen (5-0) vs. Ryan Knysh (4-5)
***Flyweight Title Fight

Cory Gower (2-0) vs. Patrick Besarra (2-2)
Scott Payne (3-0) vs. Jayson Peck (2-0)
JJ Daoust (1-0) vs. Matt Knysh (1-5)
Chad Olmstead (1-4) vs. Terry Robertson (0-1)
Jesse Seberg (1-4) vs. Nick Smith (1-0)
Mariusz Zastawny (1-2) vs. Jason Rorick (0-3)
Henry Rowsell (0-1) vs. Cameron Loutitt (0-0)
Danny Doig (0-0) vs. Shawn Detillieux (0-0)
Travis Matthews (0-0) vs. Travis Pigeon (0-1)

100 Responses to “ KOTC: Brawl In The Mall 4 – Edmonton – March 18 ”

  1. Mike Davis says:

    pay in alberta sucks and its hard to make money, first fight I paid for my CT scan and everything and got 200 dollers to go 3 rounds with a much bigger Cam Yallits and I took a dirty beating the whole time. My ribs, and hand where jacked up. Not to mention a broken nose with my eyes swollen shut to go with that. I still get offers to fight for 500 and 500 all the time and now a days I cannot risk it. Fought for 1000 with a win and had a jacked up knee for over a month it sucks and will not do it again. Money never meant much but you need it to cover you for the risk. Enough bitching now that is my 2 cents, pay rate in Alberta must go up.

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  2. Mike Davis says:

    wow Marc 500 and 500 for start up is pretty good compared to I was 7-8 fights in my career and still making that.

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  3. Robin Black says:

    It is a manager’s job to get the max for his fighter.

    It is a promoter’s job to get the best fighter for the best price.

    Those two (hopefully) reasonable people work on it together. If it works for everyone, the fight happens.

    If it doesn’t, but they’ve worked diligently and honestly on it together, they’ll look forward to working together in the future.

    Right now, 6 or 7 new promotions have been added in Ontario, but there’s still more-or-less the exact number of fighters in play.

    Because of that, the prices will naturally increase as fighters are in demand I have 4 or 5 promotions asking about the same 2 or 3 guys. As the promotions realize this, the ones who can offer more money DO offer more money because they want to get the deal done.

    Basic supply and demand.

    The shows who cannot afford the slight increase will have to use lower level guys for the same price they used mid-level guys before. That’s how market-value changes when demand increases (more shows but same number of fighters.)

    Those shows can themselves find increases in their corporate sponsorship to stay competitive.

    As a good manager my job for my guys is to understand what’s going on in a changing market and get the best for my guys.

    The show’s job is too understand what’s going on out there and find ways to deal with the increased demand on fighters by finding ways to increase their budget if they want to stay competitive.

    Everything affects everything else.

    Neat shit.

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added Tim Jefferys, Patrick Besarra, Danny Doig, Travis Matthews and Travis Pigeon

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  5. Phil Baroni says:

    too many fights on a KOTC card..the main event doesnt start until 11pm or midnight sometimes

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  6. trent_thorne says:

    hey what happend thought Mario was fighting Jordan Murray?

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  7. terryrobertson says:

    my pro record is 0-0 not 0-1. First fight in Edmonton, just wondering if most of the guys who fight in Edmonton had to pay out of pocket for their ct scan or is there doctors around that will hook that up for free?

    It was hard enough getting an appointment for one and it kind of sucks I have to pay for it despite paying almost 40% of my hard earned money to income tax every year.

    Any insight into this is greatly appreciated, either way I’ll be there on the 18th with my medical requirements satisfied ready to win!

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  8. cody krahn says:

    What i did is i went to the ER told them i got knocked out 24hrs ago and have been experiencing migraines ever since. Make sure you tell them it was so bad a friend drove you to the ER, I had my CT scan done and over with in 5hrs and it didn’t cost me a penny.

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  9. cody krahn says:

    oh trent jordans off the card, he’s gettin his knee fixed then is gonna fight me thai boxing rules when he’s healed.

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  10. wow says:

    They gave u a copy cody?

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  11. terryrobertson says:

    thanks for the help!

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  12. cody krahn says:

    no but any doctor in alberta just has to go onto a website that has all your medical info on it. you could even go to a walk in clinic and ask them to print it for you.

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  13. BigBoi says:

    Bobby aren’t you still suspended?

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  14. Tim Hague says:

    With all due respect to your first post mike, pay rate in Alberta likely will not be going up any time soon when a company can get away with having guys fight for $200+200. We don’t pay guys tons of dough but at least we start them at 300+300 or more. When there’s an over abundance of promotions to fight in, I’d be stoked to make $500 for my first pro fight. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t sign a contract to fight a guy one on one.

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  15. zach b says:

    All i know is this, These young guys think they are primaDonnas and expect to live off there fight money and dont have jobs, Shane Carwin fought for the world title and still works. I have never made money for a fight and might never, but ill take the wins and losses over money anyday!!!! what ever sport can you train for a year call yourself a professional and get paid to do it, All in all i would pay someone to let me fight!!! but i would like to see guys that show up and make weight time after time get paid!!!!

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  16. zach b says:

    ***** What other*****

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  17. Mike Davis says:

    Oh I know I love to fight that’s why I just fight, my first fight was amazing and glad I even got paid for it but once you reach a certain level it is fair to make more then 500 and 500 is what I am getting at. Honestly a lot of guys who just show up and don’t know how to fight and do not train seriously I would not justify paying them to lose in 30 seconds. But I do think the true pro fighters in Alberta whop make weight and put on good fights do deserve money for all the hard work they put in.

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  18. Vanilla Gorilla says:

    Zach and Tim are totally right, if you don’t want to be hurt mma is not your sport. The way my fighters make extra money is by selling tickets and team sponcers. If you don’t put asses in the seat’s don’t expect much, if you can Prove to a promoter that you sell tickets every time you can get more pull with money. (Like Tito, he hasn’t won snice 05′ but boy does he sell tickets.) The main reason I like KOTC is they have like 10 shows a year so my guys can fight whenever they like, because ALL fighters up here have to have real jobs and have to fight based on work. (time off)

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  19. Robin Black says:

    The money thing depends on the organization’s goals.

    If the show wants top guys, professional guys, exciting guys, highly trained guys, guys who create interest, etc, they will have to pay for them.

    If there’s legitimately 10 great names in Edmonton, and 10 really good names in Edmonton, that’s 24 truly desirable fighters.

    With 6 shows each doing 4 shows a year in Edmonton, that’s 24 shows.

    @4 shows need 6 great names each at the top of the card. Even with guys fighting 3 or 4 times a year, there’s still not enough top names to go around.

    So, if your show wants top names, you gotta pay for them. Their price goes up cuz they are in demand. If you don’t wanna pay their price, you gotta hope you can sell tickets without top guys.

    The rest of the show doesn’t necessarily increase in price. If you are a undercard fighter, and you don’t sell tickets, you can be replaced by a young kid who will sell a hundred tickets and fight for $300 plus $300.

    The only thing a fighter can do if he wants to make top card money is become a top card draw. Increase your value with some combination of great wins, smart management, increased buzz, big ticket sales, popularity, etc.

    Then you are more desirable to the show, more valuable.
    So they’ll pay you cuz they really want you.

    Otherwise, if you’re just “fighter #3”, you’ll get $300 plus $300 or something similar. If you don’t want that, there’s a young tuf guy waiting to take your place.

    I forget my point. Shit. Sorry.

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  20. Robin Black says:

    Hmmm…. 10 plus 10 equals 24 according to my shitty math (see above).

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  21. Dean Panas says:

    There is a lot more to making money in the fight game than your fight purse. Ticket commission is negotiable. If you are able to sell tickets, any promoter will want to have you fight for them!!! I see fighters bitch over $100 to fight and I ask them what was your ticket commission? They usually say “I got xx% like everyone else.” I guarantee you not everyone gets the same commsission on tickets, nor should they! When a fighter is making $500/$500 or less on a fight…I always try and negotiate a tiered ticket commission. This works for both the fighter and the promoter.
    After parties are also a great way to increase your revenue. If you are able to bring 50+ people into a bar after a show you can make good money.

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  22. cfc says:

    black and dean got it, its a risk to reward its not about bein g afraid of getting hurt hauge sure looked like u didnt want to get hurt in ur last fight so dont know if u should be talkin to mike about that issue he at least pulls a gaurd man the fact of the matter is kotc needs fighters, trained fighters and needs to pay for them, unified has good fights for the most part it may be a match maker problem along with pay scales. kotc is usually good for about 2-3 decent fights, thats a fight that last longer than 30 seconds a bar room bawl type fighjt its no fun to watch 6 fights that end in 40 seconds because one guy covers up as soon as he takes a bunch and gets t’ed off on.

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  23. Danferguson says:

    Good comparison a 135ers ability to eat punches (from another 135er) and pull guard wow that is so much skill.
    Im sure mitriones Heavyweight punches are like pillows right?

    As usual Hagues too classy and above this to respond to dipshit posts but im not. Give your head a shake man. Show some respect

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  24. canadx says:

    The mma problem is only UFC is making big bucks. Im not for or against promotors, but my impression is they are not rolling in the dollars.

    One has to ask why Canaa’s 3 biggest cities only opened up the big venues for a usa company?

    In Victoria, they closed off mma events but allow pro wrestling access to the city areana– go figure.

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  25. wow says:

    Danferguson what are u smoking cuz i want sum u make no sense man if ur saying pulling gaurd is easy and hauge is great why wouldnt he have pulled gaurd maybe you shuld think before you type and or learn the sport of mma.

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  26. Danferguson says:

    Davis made a complaint about paydays in Edmonton…Hague comes on and gives him some friendly advice…also basically adds that injuries are part of 1 vs 1 fighting…Tim never said Davis is afraid of getting hurt…Davis takes the advice, and still reiterates the point that he feels fighters with as many fights as him deserve more $ in Alberta… and thats fine to say! end of friendly discussion… or is it?

    Nope. some guy named “cfc” comes in and bashes Hague saying who is he to talk about being afraid of getting hurt, re: his last UFC match.

    My point: are you fucking kidding me? why would cfc even say ” well hey Davis has enough sense to pull guard when hes getting hit, why dont you Tim ?”

    Do you notice the KO ratios between 135 division and heavyweights? has Davis even been in there with someone as heavy handed? and noo i dont mean a 265er vs 135er comparison, dont be silly. I mean a guy like mitrione (or many other big punchers) who can rock ur ass with a couple, thus making it difficult to think “hey ya ill pull fuckin guard.”

    Not knockin Davis’ resume, but he hasnt fought big sluggers. Aside from Denis or quinn I dont know of many 35ers (in Canada) that can put you on queer street with a couple clean shots (like Hague was eating from mitrione)

    Why do i go to the trouble of overexplaining it like a jackass? Just sick of reading this shit on every forum. some little puke with an annonymos name chirping off to a UFC vet. every fighter on this board wishes for just a taste…just a sniff of what Hagues accomplished. The worst part is he just gave advice. Not to say every UFC vet is right about every little thing. Just sayin “give you head a shake, show some respect”.

    Reading comprehension goes a long way. and yes Ill be sure to learn some mma bud, thank you

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  27. trent_thorne says:

    what he said^^^^^

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  28. Tim Hague says:

    Thanks a lot Dan and Trent. I won’t say much to those guys who posted, badmouthing me. They don’t get much computer time anyways as the computer is in their moms room, and her and I are always busy in there.

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  29. trent_thorne says:


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  30. Sean Quinn says:

    That’s not very nice, Tim. Not very nice at all. Trent, that profile/avatar pic makes me want to punch you in the face…

    just sayin.

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  31. This is one of the best comment threads on the site in a while. Interesting stuff and I can’t believe I missed it until now. Hate when good stuff like this gets buried.

    Fighter pay is a sensitive topic and its awesome something like this can be discussed. Thanks to all the fighters, promoters, managers who have contributed so far.

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  32. trent_thorne says:

    lol ya it makes me want to punch myself inthe face too! but i keep that as a reminder not to get crucifixed again! lol I wil post a new pic of my pretty face after march 11th for ya bud!

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  33. Mike Davis says:

    oh wow lol this blew up, dont mean to insult anyone or question promoters but I just find it weird most promoters offer 500 and 500 still towards me to fight. And no the only heavy hitter I ever really faced was Cam Yallits who put a hurting onto me lol. I have no problem with Tim and respect him but I am just saying what I feel cause I do think its crazy to get offered that much. newer guys I see no problems and of course you always talk to pay up and but some promoters just wont consider your worth that much what is nuts. Nothing bad on Tim or most promoters, just some.

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  34. bc says:

    tim “the meanie machine” hauge lol let the guy stand up for himself, shit hes a man dont need to speak for the fellow whats he expect when ur in the limelight. mike u seem right man not all that other bs

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  35. BigBoi says:

    Fight good and you’ll be paid good.


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  36. Tyler Davis says:

    haha big boi thats funny, promotions will try to pay you a little as possible. cause thats how they make money. its a business and thats how business works. i do wish more promotions had fight of night, sub of night, ko of night bonus’s it would be a big incentive for the guy making 500+500 to win big and take home more money.

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  37. Tyler Davis says:

    Danferguson and there’s a reason theres a ko difference between 135’s and heavy weights, but to even explain it would make me feel (more) stupid.

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  38. BigBoi says:

    I know lots of promotors who pay FOTN and SOTN bonuses they just don’t advertise them.

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  39. bc says:

    Danfergouson and tony touch shuld start there own blog haha foolish

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  40. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Dan Shenk announced on his Facebook that he will not be fighting.

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  41. Phil Baroni says:

    dan shenk should announce his retirement on his facebook

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  42. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Allan Hope replaces Dan Shenk against Kris Miskenack

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  43. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Allen Hope

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  44. zach b says:


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  45. Cody Rempel says:

    Thanks Bobby… wasn’t sure the spelling and that’s how Sherdog has it!

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  46. trent_thorne says:

    i sure want to see Hope kick this guys ass!!!

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  47. harry balls says:

    5-0 versus 4-5 for a TITLE shot? I dunno….

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  48. Kendall says:

    interesting match up between Kris Misneack and Allen Hope. Hope should win this fight, but i wouldnt be surprissed to see Kris take it.

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  49. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Henry Rowsell replaces Hank Lukyn and Jesse Seberg replaces Kodie Bird.

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  50. UPDATE: Kris Miskenack (3-1) vs. Allen Hope (5-7) fight is off.

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