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Hello everyone,

As promised, I will share my thoughts on fighting Showtime but first I want to clear something up. Ever since I announced my retirement from MMA, a lot of people have been a great support and encouragement and I really appreciate that. I had many students, friends, fans and family members message me their thoughts and saying they support me in whatever I choose to endeavour. I know it has shocked a lot of people. The most common reaction I got from my announcement was that I was joking around…but no, I am serious about it and like I said I want to put the focus on my BJJ and the new school that I want to open. That does not mean I will never come back to MMA one day. It’s just that for the next few years those will be my new goals and focus.

I was so happy to see that many of our students at OAMA, fans and friends told me that whatever I choose to do, they will be behind me 100%. It’s a great feeling to have all that support when I decided to make a big change in my life and go onto a different path. It’s a great to see that even though I will not be fighting MMA, everyone will still support me in reaching other goals that I have in mind.

Some people have asked if I will be opening my own gym or an affiliate gym of OAMA and the answer is: OF COURSE NOT! I will be opening a new OAMA school with my instructor and mentor Patty C. Pat and I go way back. He took me in when I was 17 years old and ever since has guided me in the right direction to achieve my goals. Pat and I are very close and I would never leave him, OAMA or Team Renzo Gracie. “Lealdade!” people don’t know about that, it does exist in the martial arts world! I am no creonte. I don’t know where and when yet but I will let you guys know ASAP.

Also, while I am at it, just to clear up some rumours, I will NOT be moving to Montreal. I only go to the MTL Wrestling Club once or twice a week. It’s a killer drive (2 hours of driving, 2 hours of training and then 2 hours of driving back home) but it is 100% worth it!

Now, on to Showtime!

There is a lot of hype that we hate each other and all, but I don’t hate any fighter, and I don’t hate Showtime at all. For me it’s sport, it’s a fight. I am sure after the fight, Showtime and I will be crushing bottles of Grey Goose together. Like a lot of people have said, Showtime is a hype machine! It’s great for the event, WRECK MMA, and to pump up the fight.

It’s a first for me though. Through my whole career, each one of my opponents has just stepped in the ring or cage and fought me and shook hands and that’s it. I rarely did keep in contact with my opponents after the fight, but before there was nothing said, no hype, no bad blood ever. So this is new for me, to have my opponent say these things and challenge me over facebook etc.. I don’t mind it but I don’t really like it. For me, like I said, it is a sport and I do not want to disrespect the sport. I also want to represent my instructor, my family, OAMA\Team Renzo Gracie the best I can. I believe that it does not have a place in the sport (trash talking, etc..). We are not doing a WWE show. I can compare this fight being a lot like GSP vs KOS (Showtime doing like KOS and hyping the fight) which is great but I do not bother with the hype. All I want is to win this fight and that is what I focus on, just like GSP did.

I have listened to Showtime’s interview on www.topmmanews.com and a lot of what he says is true. After his fight against Martin Grandmont, we did cross path in the parking lot. I did not wink or grin at him at all though why would I do that when he fought until decision against Grandmont while I got knocked out in the 1st round? It just does not make any sense. He also says that there was always a little something between us when we crossed paths (Winnipeg and other events). I didn’t know about that.

What I don’t find professional at all on Showtime’s part is that he used Facebook to challenge me, by saying something like: “hey Holst, when are we going to fight, you and I both know we hate each other, at least I know I hate your bitch ass”. I don’t know where that came from at all or was he just trying to intimidate me or have me backed down and say “no I will not fight you”, but I didn’t. He challenged me and I answered his challenge. I highly doubt that he expected me to respond and to accept his challenge (I talked to my manager about the fight and he made it happen. The professional way.)

Now it’s on.

I am training very hard for this fight. I do not underestimate Showtime at all, he is much bigger than me and from what I have seen has some good power. Also he is a Muay Thai fighter, so I am hoping that we can stand and exchange on our feet to put on the fight of the night. Another thing that I hope Showtime will do is make weight! Not making weight is to me very unprofessional, this is PRO MMA and you get paid to make weight and to fight, it is pretty simple!

Showtime and I are known to put on great fights, so I am sure this one will be a great fight. It will be my last fight so I don’t plan on letting my hometown fans down at all and it’s a going to be a war!

I just did an interview with Don Wilson, it will be released shortly on www.topmmanews.com. I will also post it on here. I will be posting again later this week to let you guys know how is the training camp going.

Take care everyone,

3 Responses to “ Holst Blog – Fighting Showtime…and I am Opening an OAMA School! ”

  1. CR says:

    I watched the interview as well and I think Showtime could take some lessons in manners from his daughter.

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  2. Pat G says:

    this matchup also reminds me of Kos vs. GSP right away for the “face/heel” aspect..I don’t think showtime means any harm, he probably just likes to start controversy like many fighters do. some of show’s remarks about holst were… interesting, but it’s good to see that show owned up to not making weight etc.

    I’m pulling for mark I think he’ll win it as he is more well rounded..but no fight is an easy one and Show is tough, he has the larger frame. I’m wondering if the weight cut might hurt his stamina, but that is to be seen. it’s gonna be a good fight. they both put on real good fights.

    I do hope mark makes his return to MMA eventually. 8-3 is a good record. the guy is legit talented and can only go up from where he is. but running a school and becoming a more accomplished BJJ artist are great things to live up to as well and he’s a great coach so he would do well running a school for sure. if he comes back to mma he’ll come back stronger and wiser yet. all the best to Boots.

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  3. JOE says:

    hey cr cry me a river ..lol

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