Aggression MMA Acquires The Fight Club


January 17th, 2011 – Edmonton, Alberta, Aggression MMA has concluded with its arrangement to acquire, one of the premier MMA promotions in Western Canada, in The Fight Club (TFC). This agreement will merge TFC under the Aggression MMA umbrella and all future events will occur under the Aggression name.

“This is hands down the most exciting day for us at Aggression. We obviously have an abundance of respect for The Fight Club and the components for making that such a successful mixed martial arts organization over the years,” stated Harvey Panesar co-owner of Aggression MMA, “It just felt right to start solidifying the MMA landscape in Edmonton, to be able to provide the amazing fans of Edmonton an event bringing the best locals under one roof, without having to choose amongst the two organizations.”

“The Fight Club has successfully established its brand with the MMA community in Canada, putting on over 12 shows and some remarkable fight cards, however both organizations felt it was best to work together, rather than compete amongst each other, in the end, the fans win.”

Aggression MMA will be acquiring some of the contracts that are in place with the TFC and will bring on Mr. Mark Sinclair as the Director of Production and Pay Per View. “We are pleased that Mr. Sinclair is coming on board with us. The production aspect of TFC was incredible and we are looking to make future Aggression shows just as good, if not better on the production side,” continued Harvey Panesar

Aggression MMA, will continue to move forward with its next show, which will be announced Friday, January 21, 2010 at the Kamikaze Punishment/Aggression MMA Private Gym located at 11845 Wayne Gretzky DR, Edmonton, Alberta. For more information please contact

Aggression is also pleased to announce that on Saturday, January 22, Kamikaze Punishment presents a 1-day UFC Fighter seminar, with a meet and greet featuring: Clay “The Carpenter” Guida, Mike “Quicksand” Pyle, and Jason “The athlete” Macdonald.

Tickets available at TNT Tickets

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60 Responses to “ Aggression MMA Acquires The Fight Club ”

  1. Dean Panas says:

    WTF? matchmakers don’t count but director of operations does? In that case I’ll put my money on Frank Lee still kicking ass even at his young age of 118!!!

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  2. Troy LePage says:

    I would like to thank everyone who has supported us on our venture to turn AGGRESSION MMA into Canada’S #1 MMA Promotion. It didn’t take long. We,(AGGRESSION MMA),achieved in our first year what has taken other companies 10+ years to achieve. Our fighters come first, and I think that it shows. I am looking forward to what this coming year holds for us.
    Again…Thank you all for making this a dream come true.
    I forgive you Robin. It’s all good brother.hahaha

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  3. Darren Owen says:

    Jason Heit would smash all other promoters except Hague, he’s a beast. Does JMac still count because that’s another tough one. I might just have to dust of my Trident for this epic battle.

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  4. Real Deal MMA and Boxing Promoter vs AFC promoter? Heit vs Ford? Same weight class. Make it happen!

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  5. I think Keith, Duffy’s boss and Darren in a three way retirement match with the loser never being allowed to wear make up again.

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  6. trent_thorne says:

    bahahaha, ya ima have to agree no pro fighters! This way its just promoters! Are we allowing weapons? Face shots? i know some of you pretty boys dont want to bruise! lol

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  7. Pavelduche says:

    LOL at all of you sleeping on the Pav.

    His face lift will prevent him from cutting easy, his Roy Nelson gut means your body shots will have no effect and the fact that he ran stairs twice last year means he will be running circles around all of you. This, plus he used to “train” JMac.

    If this does not work, he will have Scott Zerr write something bad about you and your family.

    Be forewarned.

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  8. Canmmafan says:

    Ford would KILL Heit come on Keith!

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  9. Heit vs Ford remains the best fight out of all the promoter vs promoter matchups.

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  10. Just a reminder that there is more major news coming Friday at the scheduled press conference this friday at 2 30. Free food. Everyone welcome, come check out our Real MMA gym. Remember Duffy will be there. This will also be the kickoff to the Clay Guida/Mike Pyle seminar presented by Kamikaze/Punishment.

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