Holst Blog – The Big News is…I Have Decided to Retire from MMA


Hello everyone,

This morning at 7:50am I went to the A Channel studio to go live on TV to announce my retirement. The WRECK MMA fight coming up January 28th will be my last MMA fight. I decided to take a step back and work on my weaknesses. I will still be competing in BJJ tournaments. In 2011, I will compete in four tournaments. Also I will have a Thailand trip planned to go fight pro Muay Thai sometime in 2011.

It has been 10 years that I have been competing in martial arts – five years in pro MMA. For me, martial arts is a way of life and its all about the journey.

Another big announcement is that I will be opening a martial arts academy.

I think this is a smart move that will allow me to improve and expand my knowledge in martial arts.

Ever since I started martial arts at 15 years old, I always had a plan: train, fight, go as far as I can in the fight game and open a gym.

So here we go, on Jan 28th, in my hometown, I will be fighting MMA for my last time. I am very happy to fight for my last time in front of my hometown.

Hope to see you all there! Thank you for all the support, its been great run and I loved everyone minute of it. I have no regrets and I really appreciate all the support and love from my fans.

I will be posting again on the weekend about my thoughts of the fight against Showtime.

Take care everyone,


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  1. Jason says:

    Best of luck Mark! Never had the pleasure of seeing you fight in person but I’m sure you’ll be missed…

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