Tim Hague on Mitrione and his Return to the Octagon


(photo by Jason Bouwmeester|pixelens.com)

Top MMA News talks to Alberta’s Tim Hague who is returning to the UFC to fight Matt Mitrione on January 22. Hague talks about the upcoming fight, his fantastic conditioning, as well as his two KOs over Travis Wiuff and Zak Jensen that got him back to the big show.

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  1. kev says:

    I hope he smashes Meat head. And gets bloody meat all over his hands

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  2. Don Wilson says:

    Once again a top notch interview from one of canada’s top interviewers… Very nicely done D.A

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  3. Butts McBUtt says:

    I really like Hague but this interviewer is an idiot.

    Mitrione is much more marketable than Hague and the UFC wants to push him not Hague. The interviewer pushes his incorrect opinions as fact.

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  4. kev says:

    i’d have to agree. the interviewer was a bit out of er’

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  5. LBoutin says:

    Not very many interviews do you listen to the interviewer talk 10 times as much as the fighter he’s interviewing. That was weird.

    I have to agree with kev and McButt, Mitrione is obviously the guy the UFC is pushing (big atheletic ex-nfl’er, well known from TUF and crushing Kimbo, undefeated in the UFC)

    Hague is playing the role of the spoiler in this fight.

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  6. Dean Panas says:

    Thank you very much for the kind words Don!!! Very much appreciated!!!
    After watching the interview, I agree I DEFINITELY rambled to much!!! I do talk to Tim quite regularly and there were some points I definitely wanted to touch on.
    I will defend my opinion on why I feel Tim got this fight. I am no expert when it comes to UFC history. I don’t know how many times a fighter with 3 staright UFC wins has fought someone with 3 staright UFC loses. If they wanted to “showcase” Matt Mitrione why put him in with Tim? I could see it happening if Tim was a last minute replacement and they had to fill a spot. I think they are looking as Tim as a guy who can help sell to more people in Western Canada. It is no secret that when it comes to the fight game, the heavyweights are always the hot comodity.
    I really do like this match-up for Tim!!! He has grown so much as a fighter and a person the last 9 months. His attitude has changed and so has his fitness level. I say the “Thrashing Machine” wins with a Kimura in the second round.

    Thank you all for the comments. Good or bad they are all appreciated!!


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  7. kevin says:

    My problem with the interview is I heard about your opinion and not the fighters. He would just agree with you. But I do think Mitrione is being fed an opponent in Hague. That is the intention of the UFC brass. As well meathead is much more marketable and is more well known. But I do think Hague has a shot and much more experience.

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  8. Pat G says:

    Sorry but that interview was terrible, he barely had any opportunity to speak.

    When I look to an interivew I am interested in what the fighter has to say, not the opinions or statements of the interviewer. Keep the questions and statements brief, and let the fighter talk more.


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  9. Phil Baroni says:

    i think its time for tim ” the punching machine” hague to think about aa career outside the ufc..he’s gonna get seriously hurt one day

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  10. bc says:

    baroni is right bad proformance out of the big man

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  11. harry balls says:

    i think it speaks more to how underrated Mitrione really is. Hague is not at his level, to be sure, but if he works hard he will make it back.

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  12. zach b says:

    Phil Baroni says:
    January 24, 2011 at 3:33 pm

    i think its time for tim ” the punching machine” hague to think about aa career outside the ufc..he’s gonna get seriously hurt one day

    Complete Idiot!!!! Typical couch critic douche bag!!!!

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  13. anon says:

    sad day for hague, i cant think of a 1-4 fighter being brought back in.

    time to rethink a career choice I think

    theres no matchups left.

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  14. Cody Rempel says:

    Joe Doerksen was brought back after going 1-5, just took a bit of time!

    Tim is still a pretty young guy. Lots of time to improve and work his way back! After enough wins they can’t ignore you anymore!

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  15. zach b says:

    There are plenty of places for Tim to fight other than UFC look what Strikeforce is doing for HW. All this talk about career changes is the reason these guys are keyboard warriors and not cage ones!!!! Weak Minded PPL.

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  16. Phil Baroni says:

    we are just being honest Zach Morris i mean B.hague has done nothing in the ufc and isnt UFC calibre.just cause i dont train mma doesnt mean i dont know lots about the sport and im pretty sure most people outside of alberta will agree with me that hague is way over his head in the ufc and is in danger of getting himself seriously hurt if he continues to close his eyes when someone 265 pounds is trynna knock your head off

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  17. Phil Baroni says:

    and because i dont have rose colored glass’s about mr hague like all you guys do (cause you prob train with the guy).tim is not even top 10 or 15 in strikeforce

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  18. zach b says:

    Not top ten in Strikeforce ???? Now who has got the rose colored glasses on???

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  19. Get Realz says:

    Tim’s young yet and to be honest needs to leave Edmonton and head somewhere were there is enough beef on the mat that he isn’t the only ‘big guy’. If he doesn’t want to get with a real camp on a full time basis then he’s probably not going to find success in the UFC. All that said, he may just be happy with what he’s got going on in Edmonton and looks at fighting in the UFC the way we look at going to a hockey game on the weekend.

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  20. harry balls says:

    He got thumped this time out , but his other UFC tilts were competitive. I am sure people in his camp realize he has work to do, but i would lay money down he is back in the big show by 2012.

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  21. Phil Baroni says:

    big foot
    del rasario

    all are above hague in SF ..so yes sir hague is not top 10 material

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  22. kev says:

    hague was so tentative in his fight with meat head, looked like he was afraid to get hit. worst than brock lesnar. if you are at ufc level you better be able to accept punches, somewhat at least.

    Hopefully he can turn things around , hes a good guy.

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  23. imitefite says:

    Tim is a great guy, no doubt.. which makes me want to see him succeed, although I dont see him ever holding a UFC belt or a contender shot. I’d love to see Tim make it big in some Canadian promotions that he’s not affiliated with…. wonder how he would fare in the MFC? All the best to Tim in 2011! :)

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  24. imitefite says:

    p.s. Baroni may not fight, but his insight is valid and he speaks the truth without any ass kissing – sugar coating. That and he’s predicited more free stretcher rides than anyone on the interwebs! =)

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  25. Phil Baroni says:

    HAHAHAHAH yes sir

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  26. bc says:

    ya ur usually a real doucher but u speak the truth in this case baroni. tim aint at a world class level she shuld give mfc a shot

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