Rising Star Weigh-In Results


The Ringside organization is holding its first show of its Rising Star series on Saturday, January 14th.  Why not head down to Club Soda and buy a pair of tickets to this Montreal card?

Here are the weighin results for the show.

Lenard Terrance (291.8) vs Robert Masson (236.6)

Jeff Royer (164.6) vs Yohan Gariépy (164.2)

Maxime Fecteau(134.4) vs Stéphane Pelletier (135.4)

Albert Cheng (156) vs Taylor Solomon (156)

Tommy Côté (149)vs Danny St-Gelais (149.6)

Maxime Dubois (134.6) vs Éric Daigneault (135)

Martin Trempe (213.8) vs Jeff Breau (246.2)

Cancelled – Chris Franck vs Alex Laramée

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7 Responses to “ Rising Star Weigh-In Results ”

  1. BigBoi says:

    291.8 vs 236.6?!?

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  2. harry balls says:

    i made a comment about that kinda thing in another thread a while back and all the other children laughed at me :(….

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  3. I asked the question on why that fight was allowed. Here is the answer:

    Official rule from the rule book:
    A bout cannot take place when the difference in weight between the 2 contestants at the official weigh-in is greater than 6.80 kg (15 lbs).

    However, the first paragraph does not apply when the contestants’ weight is greater than 90.71 kg (200 lbs).

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  4. Robin Black says:


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  5. Cody Rempel says:

    “291.8 vs 236.6?!?”

    I guess it’s not much different than someone weighing in at 215 to take on someone at the heavyweight limit… still a heavyweight bout, that’s why a cruiserweight division is needed!

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  6. Joey Benoit says:

    no limit weight in the heavyweight division

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  7. LBoutin says:

    No cruiserweight division is needed. Except for a couple elite giants most of the time the guys over 265 don’t have the speed or stamina to deal with the normal sized heavyweight fighters. The only thing a cruiserweight division would do is deplete the heavyweight division of most of it’s best talent.

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