Nate Diaz Steps In To Take On Rory MacDonald at UFC 129


Rory MacDonald and Team Toshido

An undisclosed injury had forced James Wilks out of a proposed Welterweight bout with Rory MacDonald at UFC 129 at the Roger’s Center in Toronto.  MacDonald will now face Nate Diaz who is coming off a decision loss to the unbeaten Dong Hyun Kim at UFC 125.  This will be a much tougher opponent for the Canadian.

MacDonald last faced Carlos Condit at UFC 115.  There, Rory fell to the more experience Condit after winning the first two rounds on the judges’ scorecards.  MacDonald will hope to rebound from the first loss of his career against Diaz at UFC 129.

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8 Responses to “ Nate Diaz Steps In To Take On Rory MacDonald at UFC 129 ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    Another tough fight for Rory… If he has another fight like the first 2/3 of the Condit fight he’ll win easily!

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  2. kev says:

    lol i doubt he’ll win easily, no matter how he performs!! Diaz is one of the best fighters out there, and he should have been granted victory over Stun Gun. very tough fight for Rory.

    Gotta love our canadian mma fighters, but I don’t pick them to win just because they are from Canada.

    Diaz via triangle choke late in Rd 2

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  3. Dave says:

    I’m sorry anyone who thought Kim lost that fight is just a diaz nuthugger…so I cant take your prediction seriously AT ALL.

    and Rory will win through top control(almost impossible to finish a Diaz) and once again all the Diaz groupies will come out screaming robbery for like the 9th fucken time.

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  4. Tyler Davis says:

    Diaz lost that fight hands down, and I’m a diaz fan. Wow rory is not getting any hand outs from the ufc. Condit was such a huge test for your first ufc fight but he did awsome. Rory but tko round three

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  5. Rory is going to finish Nate.

    If he thought the Stun gun was an annoying guy to fight, he’s going to REALLY be annoyed with Rory Mac smashes him.

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  6. Robin Black says:

    Condit would smash Diaz in 1 round.

    Stun Gun beat Diaz soundly.

    Rory gonna finish Diaz.

    I actually like Nate Diaz. But Rory has too much for him.

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  7. Booko says:

    Just a note for future reference: it’s ‘Rogers’ not ‘Roger’s’. The corporate name is plural.

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  8. Tyler Davis says:

    robin we all know mma math dont work but i do agree go RORY!!!!!!

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