Mark Holst – Fighting at 170lbs at WRECK MMA in Gatineau


I’m back in 100% training now with all my training partners and instructors. This week and last week my head instructor Pat Cooligan has been taking over the MMA elite class from 1-3 every day of the week. It has been real good but real hard training! In MMA elite class, I get to train with a bunch of great guys and top fighters at our academy: Kru Jeff, Remi Morvan, Hammer, Batman, Joel Hadden, Andrew Griffin-Jones and the list goes on…It is great getting training and instructions from a Renzo Gracie black belt like Pat!

Last night, I went to the Montreal Wrestling Club for my first time this year – this time with Remi. We had great training and all the guys there are phenomenal to work with. My wrestling skills have gone up a lot, all the credit goes to the Montreal Wrestling Club. I get to train with national champion wrestlers and even Olympic level wrestlers, all of them really take care of me and they do not smash me to the ground every time they take me down! I also got to see David “The Crow” Loiseau in action, I exchanged a few words with him on our break – he is a really nice guy. The last time I saw David was when I was 17 years old, in a locker room with my 2 corners Jean-Yves Theriault and Steph, I was getting ready to fight a kickboxing match and warming up. I said hi to David and he wished me good luck for my fight. That was 8 years ago in Montreal!

The WRECK MMA fight card is looking to be very exciting, I heard there will be some major changes to the card soon, so keep your eyes posted on the website :

I can’t wait to fight Showtime, I made weight yesterday – 170.6lbs :) . A lot of people are asking me if I am moving up to the 170lbs welterweight division, the answer is no. I plan to stay at 155lbs, it is my division, I think I am a pretty big and tall lightweight, even though it takes a lot to make the weight, I think in the cage it makes a big difference.

This week the training has been very intense, I want to take this chance to thank all the students, the staff and instructors of OAMA for helping me in this training camp for the fight. I will be staying home this time for the fight prep, I really appreciate all the help from the readers and fans, the nice comments and encouragements really do help, thanks a bunch!

I will be posting this weekend my thoughts about the fight with Showtime.

I will also be on TV Friday morning! I will do an interview on the A Channel Friday morning at around 7:40am. I will be giving some big news concerning my career so make sure to watch, I know its early so if you guys miss it I will be posting the big news on here shortly after ;)

If you need tickets email me at I have a few left, great seats at 60$.

Take care everyone!


5 Responses to “ Mark Holst – Fighting at 170lbs at WRECK MMA in Gatineau ”

  1. harry balls says:

    I. AM. STOKED.

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  2. zach b says:

    Holst – 170 Showtying – 183!!!!!

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  3. BigBoi says:

    What’s the over/under on Showtying making weight?

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  4. Pavelduche says:

    “What’s the over/under on Showtying making weight?”

    Then blaming it on the promotion and putting out a facebook rant with second grade spelling and grammar.

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  5. hog says:

    showtime all the way ….cant wait to see yall face.

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