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Monson Looks for the Guillotine against Mein

A good sized crowd packed in the Winnipeg Convention Centre for the debut of Cage Fighting Manitoba’s first event.  The card featured many fighters who were just beginning their careers in Mixed Martial Arts but was topped by a headliner featuring Jeff Monson.  The former UFC title contender took out Lethbridge’s Lee Mein in the main event of the card.

Fight of the Night was a tilt between Louis Fisette and Daniel Mark.  In what became a striker versus grappler matchup, Fisette owned the striking while Mark continually threatened on the ground.  Mark ended the exciting bout with an Arm Bar in the second round.

Submission of the Night is given to Xtreme Couture’s Robert Rende.  Rende was one among many to finish the night with a submission but Top MMA News feels Rende’s ability to tighten his Triangle while in the midst of being slammed by opponent Tang Thongpheng was enough to give him the award.

KO of the Night goes to Gary Espinar.  While not the most technical striker, Espinar threw a barrage of hooks throughout the fight.  Several of those connected hard in the second round.  The first stunned his opponent Michael Glover and the second rocked him to the ground and saw his mouthpiece fly out of the cage.

Lee Mein (246) vs Jeff Monson (239)
R1.Jab by Mein to start things off.  Monson immediately ties up with Mein.  Monson gets him down but Mein bounces back up top.  Nice reversal by Monson who quickly goes to side control. Monson start landing a few left knees to the body as he worked to a north south position. Mein bucks him off and gets side as well but Monson turns the tide and rolls back on top to side control again. Monson lands knees to the body. Monson secures the Guillotine choke and Mein is forced to tap.
Jeff Monson submits Lee Mein by Guillotine in Round 1, 3:31

Mike O’Neill vs Cory Houston
R1. Right by Houston to start things off. O’Neill goes for a takedown but eats a couple knees. The two are locked up. O’Neill goes for a trip but Houston puts a hand down to break his fall and bounces right back up. Full mount by Houston who drops hard punches. O’Neill turns his back and Houston flattens him out and tries for a choke. Houston instead just pounds on him. O’Neill rolls to his back and Houston rains down huge rights. O’Neill protests the stoppage but it was a very good stoppage by the referee Adam Cheadle. During postfight interview, O’Neill says he was trying off his back and it should not have been stopped. From everyone else’s point of view, he was repeatedly eating hard lefts from the full mount position and there was no place he could have went from that position except the hospital.
Cory Houston defeats Mike O’Neill by TKO (GNP) in Round 1, 2:05

Chris Cunningham vs Martin Trendota
R1. Trendota stuffs Cunningham’s shot and locks a Guillotine on. Cunningham taps out. Cunningham is 0-3 in Winnipeg cages now. Let’s see some improvement from Chris prior to extending him an invite to return.
Martin Trendota submits Chris Cunningham by Guillotine in Round 1, 0:27

Leo Constant vs David MacMillan
R1. Constant tries to push off the cage to land a superman but is taken down in to a crucifix where MacMillan lands about 30 rights and the fight is stopped. Constant was very outclassed here.
David Macmillan defeats Leo Constant by TKO (GnP) in Round 1, 1:05

Curtis Demarce is introduced at intermission to the crowd and is interviewed. Curtis says he wants to call out Efrain Escudero for his next fight. CFM says they would like Curtis on their next card.

Chucky Mady vs Phil Deschambeault
R1. Spinning back kick by Mady lands hard in Deschambeault’s midsection. The two lock up and the larger Deschambeault lands in side control. Mady gets it back to half guard and ties up Deschambeault’s head. Great work by Mady getting it back to full. Rights to the body by Deschambeault from top as he moves Mady to the cage. Lefts lands by Deschambeault who should be wary of a Mady Triangle. No posturing up by Deschambeault and Mady finally sinks it in. Deschambeault taps out to the Triangle. Mady beats the much larger opponent who came in 8 pounds overweight. Good stuff Mady!
Chucky Mady submits Phil Deschambeault by Triangle in Round 1, 2:53

Daniel Mark vs Louis Fisette
This is one of the best matchups on the card and could be good. After announcements, both fighters are waiting in the cage for about 7 minutes as there is no doctor at ringside at the moment. With both fighters just standing in the ring trying to keep from getting cold, this could have a physical and/or mental affect on the fighters.

R1. The two exchange straight rights. Fisette lands a couple of leg kicks. Right and left land by Fisette and Mark responds with a leg kick. Two superman punches miss by Fisette. Hard right body kick lands by Mark. Straight right by Mark lands and Fisette responds with a right hook. The two clinch up and Mark lands a knee. Fisette shoots a double and gets Mark down. Back quickly to feet but Fisette slams him back down. Mark locks on a tight Triangle Choke on and then grabs an arm. Mark starts punching Fisette in the head continuously. Mark now goes for the arm bar but Fisette escapes and throws a couple forearms. Very good round of fighting by more technical fighters. Mark is bloodied at the end. I give the round to Mark for his submission attempts which took up a significant portion of the round. Others score it for Fisette for his standup. Regardless, an entertaining first round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Mark

R2. Mark goes for a takedown but Fisette shakes it off. Fisette wants this one standing. Right jab by Mark. Fisette lands a hard body shot. Mark lands a left body kick but Fisette lands a left. Leg kick by Mark. Hard right by Fisette misses its mark. Leg kick by Mark and Fisette cranks him with a right that bloodies Mark up. Mark does not want it standing so he takes Fisette down. Mark passed to side control. Mark went to full mount and Fisette gives up his back. Full mount and Mark drops lefts and rights. Mark grabs an arm and goes for an Arm Bar. After a valiant fight, Fisette taps to an Arm Bar. The fight lived up to its billing. Well matched.
Daniel Mark submits Louis Fisette by Arm Bar in Round 2, 4:07

Robert Rende vs Tang Thongpheng
R1. Lefts stumble Thongpheng at the start but no problems, they hit the mat and Thongpheng is in top position. Rende threatens with a Triangle but Thongpheng pulls out and lands some lefts. Rende gets the Triangle and Thongpheng picks him up and slams him but Rende keeps the hold. Thongpheng taps out to the Triangle.
Robert Rende submits Tang Thongpheng by Triangle in Round 1, 1:10

Michael Glover vs Gary Espinar
R1. Leg kick by Espinar and the two clinch up. Glover is looking for a Guillotine. Two are on the ground with Glover holding the arm in Guillotine for a long time but Espinar finally works his way out. In top position, Espinar finds himself Triangled but he gets out of that into side control with Glover’s right arm trapped under him. Too bad there are no elbows in Manitoba because that is what Espinar would be throwing. The two get up and Espinar tries a Guillotine. Both standing now. Left by Glover lands. Nice left jab by Glover. Mouthpiece lost and ref calls time. Espinar leads off with a combo that lands and misses a couple more. Espinar swings for the fences. Knee by Glover lands. Good fight. Ten seconds left and Espinar eats a jab.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Glover

R2. Wild combo by Espinar, who loves tossing the wild hooks, to start off the second. Glover tries to fire left jabs but everytime Espinar follows up with a wild left hook. More jabs and a leg kick by Glover. hard left lands by Espinar lands. Glover drops the mouthpiece again and he eats a right before the ref calls for time. Glover lands a jab but eats a hook that stumbles him again. Espinar smashes him with two more hooks and smashes Glover to the ground. Nice air by Glover’s mouthpiece as it flew out of the cage after Espinar’s last hook. Not overly technical but an extremely entertaining fight by two fighters.
Gary Espinar defeats Michael Glover by TKO (Strikes) in Round 2, 2:03

Daryle Pinter vs Jessie Seberg
Leg kicks to start things off by Pinter. Seberg drops to the mat after taking three or four leg kicks and the fight is over. Seberg’s corner does not enter the cage after the fight to check on their fighter or congratulate Pinter. Neither he nor that crowd appear very impressed with his fighter. Odd start to the event.
Daryle Pinter defeats Jessie Seberg by TKO (Verbal Submission due Leg Kicks) in Round 1, 0:17

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  1. Andrew Parker says:

    thanks guys!

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  2. Blackout says:

    Way to go Michael Glover, thats how you do it, put on a great show.

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  3. poserdisposer says:

    Looks like there was a few guys outclassed here. I guess thats what happens when you don’t put in the effort. Way to make weight and fight like professionals.

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    Glover did better than I thought he would against Scott Payne in his last bout too… Espinar and Payne are both pretty tough guys for your first two fights, Hope to see him pick up a win soon!

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  5. Glover did well here, and i had that as fight of the night until Fisette Mark hit the cage.

    Glover is a scrappy kid who isnt’ afraid to mix it up standing or on the ground. Hopefully he can get a better camp to help prepare him for fights.

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  6. BigBoi says:

    Only two fights go to the second round with four fights ending at or just less than a minute?!?

    This is what happens when the market gets flooded by people who are just there to make a buck and don’t care about growing the sport. Frickin’ embarassing.

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  7. Big Boi,
    What makes you an expert? How disrespectful to the fighters, they put on some great fights! and if I was in it for the money I would not being doing MMA promoting. There are way better business out there to make money at, Dude do your research MMA promotions only make money if they are the UFC. We do it for the love of the sport and to give fighters the opportunity to fight plane and simple.

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