Makdessi vs Brookins Rumoured for 129


John Makdessi’s next UFC fight could be against Jonathan Brookins, according to Showdown Joe.

Makdessi, out of Tristar in Montreal, impressively defeated Pat Audinwood at UFC 124 in his octagon debut. Now it looks like the 8-0 fighter will face the recent The Ultimate Fighter winner at UFC 129 in Toronto.

Brookins was crowned The Ultimate Fighter 12 after defeating Michael Johnson at the TUF Finale. The fighter improved Brookins’ record to 12-3 and unbeaten since losing to Jose Aldo in the WEC in 2008.  Among Brookins twelve victories is a win over Makdessi’s Tristar teammate Yves Jabouin three years ago as well.

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7 Responses to “ Makdessi vs Brookins Rumoured for 129 ”

  1. Robin Black says:

    I’ll go with Makdessi by blood-soaked decision.

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  2. JayKay says:

    Brookins by awesomeness.


    ps – Robin is the ghey.

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  3. jer from mtl says:

    According to sources close, I dont think this ones Gonna happen unfortunately! I would be a little surprised if Bulls not on the T.O. card and if he is it most probably will not be against Brookins.

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  4. O` Papagaio says:

    this is a good matchup for Makdessi if he`s able to keep it on the feet. (I`m basing this on his performance at 124 and Brookins standup at the TUF finale).

    anything can happen in a fight, but this could be a pretty interesting matchup if it happens.

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  5. I am hoping that since he is fighting a TUF winner, that it makes the PPV or at least a Spike TV prelim. I don’t hope for Ion because Sportsnet does not show those fights in Western Canada.

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  6. Mitch says:

    Nothing but a rumour.

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  7. kev says:

    and believe Mitch, he would know :p

    Mitch, you’re the man.

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