Bocek Gets Henderson in Toronto


Mark Bocek will be able to drive to his next fight, according to, because it will be at UFC 129 in his hometown of Toronto. Bocek, who called out George Sotiropoulos at UFC 124, will get Benson Henderson instead.

At UFC 124, the Canadian black belt submitted Dustin Hazelett to increase his record to 9-3. Bocek has been making a nice run to the top of the Lightweight division and will now face a former WEC champion. A win over Henderson should give Bocek top tier status as it would be his fifth win in his last six UFC fights.

Henderson was on the receiving end of Anthony Pettis’ highlight reel kick off the cage at the last WEC event. The two fighters put on a Fight of the Year performance which ultimately cost Henderson his WEC title and a shot at the UFC Lightweight title. It was Henderson’s first loss in eleven fights.

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11 Responses to “ Bocek Gets Henderson in Toronto ”

  1. Adam Lorenz says:

    Sweet Fight!

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  2. kev says:

    another loss for benson. I’ll guarantee you that.

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  3. Robin Black says:

    This will be a huge statement my Mark. He’s gonna blow right through this guy.

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  4. A bit disappointed that he doesn’t get G-Sot. What’s the worse that could have happened?

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  5. hog says:

    o boy

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  6. BigBoi says:

    So Bocek, coming off a string of wins, gets a fighter coming off a loss? WTF is wrong with the UFC? Why is the UFC holding Sotriopolous in waiting? Are they that starved for LW contenders?

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  7. Dean says:

    I think this is a great match up. Bendo is coming off a close loss in what was a GREAT fight! He is still a tremendous talent IMO. To say its a bad match because he is comin off a loss is a little much I think. Also, Robin you are correct to say that a win would be a huge statement but do you honestly believe he will blow through Henderson?
    Its funny how after a loss people think these things. Fedor is coming off a loss so I wonder if this means that any fighter with a winning streak is supposed to not fight him??

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  8. BigBoi says:

    I didn’t say it was a bad fight at all actually. You should read more carefully in the future.

    I only commented that a fighter coming off a string of wins is usually matched up against another fighter with a winning background to further both fighter’s career.

    Mark just ran a clinic on Miller and while Henderson’s loss was close it was still a loss. Henderson vs TJ Grant would be a much better fight. Give Mark someone who’s closer to a title shot. The problem (and maybe this was Joe Silva’s issue) most guys are tied up with matches already.

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  9. Henderson was a round away from getting the UFC title shot. I think he is considered top tier right now. That was a hell of a fight between Pettis and him.

    As for string of wins, Bocek’s is only 1 in a row with his clinic on Hazelett.

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  10. harry balls says:

    “Why is the UFC holding Sotriopolous in waiting?”

    Do they have another show down under coming up? Maybe it’s marketing; saving Sotri for a big show back in Australia…

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  11. Dean says:

    I agree with Keith. I also look at the competition that they have both been facing. Henderson has been in with top notch guys in all of his last few fights and done extremely well whereas Bocek schooled a guy fighting at a new weight coming off some poor performances himself. I think Bendo would be the favorite in this fight. Either way, I think it is a good match up and should be exciting, especially if Henderson can stuff Bocek’s TDs

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