Video – White Gives Rematch to Maynard


Dana White talks with Ariel Helwani about UFC 125. In the interview, he states that Gray Maynard will get an immediate rematch with Frankie Edgar.

3 Responses to “ Video – White Gives Rematch to Maynard ”

  1. Dean Panas says:

    Ariel is soooooooooooooo smooth!!!

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  2. cody krahn says:

    Anyone else think Dana maybe went to the bathroom to go “skiing” before that interview? He was talking faster than usual.

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  3. harry balls says:

    This interview sums up why I have a man-crush on Helwani and generally loathe every other MMA ‘journalist’ out there: he understands that there doesn’t need to be two goddamn guys yelling in staccato and spouting hyperbole in an interview. His dulcet tone keeps my head from exploding .
    And if anyone knows him, please thank him for his sartorial sense of style. It is a refreshing break from the steady eye-rape of shiny bedazzled skull-laden shirts of late…

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