UFC 125 Prelim Results


Here are the preliminary fight results from UFC 125:

Jeremy Stephens defeats Marcus Davis by KO (punch) in Round 3, 2:33
Dustin Poirier defeats Josh Grispi by Unanimous Decision
Brad Tavares defeats Phil Baroni by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 4:20
Diego Nunes defeats Mike Thomas Brown by Split Decision
Daniel Roberts submits Greg Soto by Kimura in Round 1, 3:45
Jacob Volkmann defeats Antonio McKee by Split Decision

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  1. kev says:

    McKee talked a bit of shit too, makes him looked even worst. Pink slip probably coming soon

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  2. He’s at least consistent. Boring as hell.

    His last mfc fight was the only fight of his that was exciting.

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  3. Doug Jimmo says:

    I think unfortunately McKee might be just a legend in his own mind. With the exception of a couple, the guys he has beat in his last bunch of fights had either losing records or a ton of losses. Volkman has a good record against other guys with good records. Doesn’t look great for MFC credibility when their dominant LW gets handled on his first time out at UFC by a young feller who was just struggling to keep a contract with them. The old Jedi mind trick on the judges didn’t work this time.

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  4. kev says:

    What did i say ???

    Antonio Mckee’s debut on the “big leagues” ended up in a split-decision loss to Jacob Volkmann on UFC 125, and it looks like he won’t be getting another chance to redeem himself. Much like his Bodyshop teammate Jason High, the former MFC champion has received his walking papers despite having only one decision loss with the promotion. Five Ounces of Pain has it:

    Antonio McKee has been cut from the company’s roster after a single split-decision defeat inside the Octagon. The loss was the first for McKee, who was said to have originally inked a four-year deal with the organization, since February 2003.

    News of the professional separation was confirmed by Five Ounces of Pain with sources close to the involved parties.

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  5. kev says:

    then on the bottom of the image it says,

    Looks like Dana White is dead serious about cutting people who talk trash but don’t perform. — Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

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  6. kev says:


    “Nobody wants to be in this sport and lose. Everybody wants to win. People always ask me, ‘Is this a do or die for this guy?’ Everybody’s gonna lose here and there. All I ask from guys is that you come out and you perform on Saturday night. I can’t stand the guys who come out and talk all the smack, ‘I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do that,” and then go out and they don’t do anything,” White explains. “Those are the guys who are gonna get cut.

    i even called the reason he got cut. Dana sticks to his word. even though i dont always agree with the things he does, i agree that if you are going to be a smack talker, and run your mouth about something thats unpredictable, then go out and be boring. you’re better off being humble. i bet mckee is wish he would have kept his mouth shut, going on video saying that GSP should be compared to him, etc….. talking about how he was going to do this and that. It’s ok to be confident, and believe in yourself. But there is a proper way to do it. Hopefully McKee can learn from that. Its not like he’s exciting, he’s been boring as hell. Like “MA” said, With the exception of his last MFC fight. bec he fought a lower echelon fighter………..And now he made it to the big leagues, he continues to run his mouth about non sense, and continues to be boring as hell. Yeah Im pretty sure he deserves to get cut now. But a failure can be made a success if you truly learn from it, and make the proper changes. Keep trying to better yourself and ppl will see that.

    now you’re prob going back to the MFC, good luck

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  7. kev says:

    but i do know mckee is an ambassador to the ppl in his community, and he helps many people. so pros to that. He has a good heart and i respect that. also i respect anyone that fights. but he in his 40’s now……..and if he is fighting for the biggest mma org in the world, he better put up or shut up

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  8. BigBoi says:

    The fight shouldn’t have been a split decision in my mind. Jacob out worked McKee in the first two rounds and won the third mainly due to McKee inactivity. McKee just couldn’t pull the trigger and was out wrestled.

    The UFC hires him due mostly to his record and his dominant wreslting, which may mean he can be a destroyer or at the very least a gatekeeper but when he can’t get past Volkmann he isn’t going to be kept.

    Tons of respect for making it to the UFC though. At least he gets to add UFC Vet to his resume before he hangs them up.

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