Hellboy vs Ragin Kajan at MFC 28


(photo by Jason Bouwmeester|pixelens.com)

According to Maximum Fighting Championship’s recent postings on the Underground, it looks like the newly signed Richie Whitson will take on Kajan Johnson at MFC 28 on February 25th.

Mark Pavelich announced that Richie Whitson had signed with the organization via Twitter yesterday. Whitson, 10-1 in his career, has fought around the world and previously appeared on The Ultimate Fighter where he lost to eventual winner Ross Pearson. Whitson, who signed a four fight deal with the MFC, has performed in Canada previously, defeating Travis Marx at Prestige MMA 1 in Fort McMurray.

Whitson will take on British Columbia’s Ragin’ Kajan Johnson at MFC 28, according to the post. Johnson most recently dismantled Ryan Healy at MFC 27 to increase his record to 18-11-1 and return himself to the ranks of Canada’s Top Ten Lightweights. The dynamic Canadian fighter wants a shot at the MFC Lightweight belt and now it appears he has to go through Richie Whitson to get it. Top MMA News briefly spoke with Johnson who confirmed the fight and stated that “It will be Fight of the Night.”

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8 Responses to “ Hellboy vs Ragin Kajan at MFC 28 ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    I was hoping that was Joachim “Hellboy” Hansen when I read the title!

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  2. LOL @ Cody, …Same here. You should have seen my eyes light up!

    Hey– A guy can dream, right?

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  3. UPDATE: Kajan Johnson confirmed the fight. I added a quote to the piece.

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  4. FB comments continued…I see said the blind man (me).

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  5. I only updated it at 1 pm with his confirmation. So you may excused on this one, Josh. Not sure when you read it.

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  6. Dave Mah says:

    I was disappointed too, thought it was going to be Hansen. There ought to be a rule that two fighters cannot share the same nickname!

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  7. JayKay says:

    Since when is Whitson’s nickname ‘hellboy’? Is this another Scott Zerr press release? His nickname is Hell Boy, which is distinctive enough not to be confused with Hellboy.

    Similar but different, see how that works?

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  8. Bubbalaska says:

    Normally fighters dont get to choose their name, this is what people at his Richie’s gym “Team Quest” and at his fights started calling him. The name suits him well with the red hair and his explosive fighting style.
    I think it would be great to see him and Joachim Hansen fight for the name.
    I’d put my money on Richie though, kids got quick heavy hands, a solid chin, and a good ground game.

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