Best of 2010 – Canadian MMA Personality of the Year


The Canadian MMA Personality of the Year award is for the Canadian who influences the world of MMA the most with his/her personality OUTSIDE of the ring or cage. The influence of these individuals can be positive or negative.

There were a vast array of nominations for this award and they ranged from Canadian fighters and promoters to politicians and media personalities. Regardless of their order, all the people on this list promoted MMA in 2010 and raised the level of awareness of our great sport.

Top Canadian Personality of 2010

1. Ariel Helwani (Journalist) – Ariel Helwani was the hand’s down winner of the 2010 award as he was the only Personality on every voter’s ballot.  Montreal’s Ariel Helwani is, without doubt, the best interviewer in MMA.  If you are fan of MMA and are online frequently, there is no doubt you have seen Helwani ask the tough questions to Dana White or any other MMA star.  Helwani contributes to and and is sure to be headed to bigger and better things in 2011.

2. Georges St-Pierre (Fighter) – St-Pierre is wonderful ambassador of the sport of MMA and a great ambassador of Canada.  In 2010, GSP is always professional and is the consumate gentlemen in any public appearance he makes – be it a pre-fight press conference, coaching on The Ultimate Fighter, or even doing a press junket in the Philippines.  GSP shows the world that there is well-spoken, good-looking, intelligent people behind our violent sport.

3. Mark Pavelich (Promoter) – Love him or hate him, you must admit that Pavelich’s personality is larger than life.  The head honcho of Maximum Fighting Championship can be seen at The Fight Summit with other industry big wigs, on TSN, on Internet Forums, and his website speaking his mind.  In 2010, Pavelich shot from the hip on the UFC’s sponsorship policies, berated many of his MFC fighters, and even banned Top MMA News, but more MMA fans know the MFC brand than any other from Canada.  Yeah, I said it!

4. Shelia Aggelonitis (Hamilton MP)/ Dalton McGuinty (Ontario Premier)/Ken Hayashi (Ontario Athletic Commission) – This triumverate of Ontario bureaucratic power takes the number four spot for finally aggreeing to allow MMA in Ontario in 2011. With special thanks to the UFC’s powerful lobbying, the sport of MMA should rocket in popularity, Canadian fighters will have more opportunities to fight, and Ontario fans will finally be able to watch live MMA in their province.

5. (tie) Mauro Ranallo (Broadcaster) \Joe Ferraro (Broadcaster) – Incredibly, The Score’s Mauro Ranallo and Sportsnet’s Showdown Joe tied for the fifth and final spot on our voting.  Both individuals do a tremendous amount to publicize MMA in Canada.  Ferraro’s MMA Connected and Ranallo’s The MMA Show bring MMA news and insight to the living rooms of Canadians everywhere on a weekly basis.   In addition to his The Score duties, Ranallo has also done play-by-play for organizations like Strikeforce and Ultimate Glory in 2010 while Ferraro has become the man in 2010 for UFC news and interviews in Canada.

Honourable Mentions (others receving votes)

Tom Wright – UFC Director of Canadian Operations
Robin Black – Fighter, Broadcaster, Agent
Pat Reid – Edmonton Combative Sports Commission chairman

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18 Responses to “ Best of 2010 – Canadian MMA Personality of the Year ”

  1. Richard Tims says:

    Even though i’m not a fan at all, you would think showdown joe would be on that list somewhere

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  2. Robin Black says:

    Ariel Helwani is the man. His interviews are always in that sweet spot in between the questions of the casual fans and the details that obsessive’s are after. And he’s a workhorse. The guy will take 15 interviews out of a show. I’m a big fan.

    Humbling compliment to be mentioned after great names like these. Sincerely, thanks so much.

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  3. Richard, read the whole article :)

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  4. Personally I think GSP should have gotten #1 here.

    Not trying to jump on the GSP bandwagon but he’s a talented fighter and also probably one of the most professional and humble fighters in MMA

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  5. Robin Black says:

    I bet GSP would maybe beat Ariel in a fight.

    But seriously, the Canadian MMA biz types who voted for this probably never thought to consider fighters. Or, yeah, GSP wins by a zillion.

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  6. cody krahn says:

    Mauro Ranallo is annoying as hell and doesn’t seem to know what the fuck he’s talking about. Dude should stick to commentating for pro wrestling matches where screaming and over-exaggerating are encouraged.

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  7. BigBoi says:

    1. How the fuck does Pat Reid make this list?

    2. Sean “Tickle my TinkerBell” Quinn not being on this list is huge bullsheet. Boolsheet!

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  8. I was one of the guys who voted for Reid.

    Reid runs the busiest commission in Canada by far (Vancouver does one event a year, Manitoba can do one event a month, and Edmonton frequently does two a weekend) and he allowed PRIDE rules which generated a ton of positive and negative talk.

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  9. Pat Reid came out of nowhere and became the head of the Edmonton Commission. He’s allowed Pride rules after being convinced by a guy who shouldn’t be allowed to promote.

    He’s suspended people, only to ignore their own suspensions allowing them to compete.

    Look at the clusterfuck that Edmonton is, it’s hard not to include him.

    2011 is going to be an interesting year. I for one, am taking off the filter and will be a bit more opinionated on these types of things, and I’m not holding back anymore.

    If anybody hurts the sport like the Edmonton, Moncton, Quebec, Vancouver, and Manitoba Commissions are no longer safe.

    Lets consider this my warning. :)

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  10. Pat has also come a long way, and has learned a lot since working on the commission. Edmonton commission problems go back far before he ever showed up.

    Im liking the direction it’s going lately, and Pat has done some good things.

    Don’t get me started on the River Cree stuff :)

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  11. harry balls says:

    ha finally someone agrees about Ranallo with me. If you were subjected to the horror that was AM radio back in the day you’d be a little hipper to his schtick.
    And I am still waiting for the day he says “AllllllllllllllllllllllllllRIGHT gentleman put your hands together for DESTINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

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  12. What’s radio? Now you’re dating yourself.

    Look for the return of Top MMA News radio soon.

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  13. harry balls says:

    ha nobody else will date me. If you guys do radio, make sure you have a wacky Morning Zoo and give us traffic and weather updates please. Here is a good example:

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  14. Robin Black says:

    I think Mauro is great and a pioneer and a cool dude and stuff.

    I also know he’s sometimes polarizing, which is usually a good thing.

    Also interesting fwi, that’s his natural speaking voice. If he were to say “I’ll have the spicy tuna roll” it would be in the same deep voice.

    Thanks Mauro for being a true pioneer in mma pbp.

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  15. harry balls says:

    i am sure he is all the thing you say he is and more.
    But if Jesus Emelianenko came down from the heavens and pronounced Ranallo final boss of MMA for eternity, he’d still sound like the guy running the Zipper at the CNE.

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  16. alandale says:

    Pat Reid got appointed the job via his contacts at the Uof A and the city in which he was working for both on the failed Universiade games bid. That fell through and his buddies got him a job and then the city beurocrat in charge David Aiken appointed 3 U of A faculty members to the Commission which goes against 2 City of Edmonton Commision bylaws. One of those U of A buddies, Brian Dawkins calls Commission Chair Vang Ionnadies “boss” at the U of A, which is another gross violation of the City’s own bylaws. Former councellor Ron Haytor attempetd to have this investigated by the city but it was put off until after the election…errrrrrr swept under the rug.

    Pat Reid is borderline incompetent and his list of serious errors is a long one, including but not limmited to:

    – trying to accept a substitute last minute replacement’s medical report via blackberry with no doctor verification. This was halted after his own people vehemetley objected.

    – allowing shows to run with less than the 8 required bouts

    – putting under qualified officials into high profile bouts without establishing experience

    – Allowing serious weight / experience differentials one fight, then clamping down on other promotions the next. he displays a scizophrenic attitude to his own rules.

    He’s a career sports politician who is doing his job via smaoke and mirrors. The guy is lucky he hasn’t had a serious injury or medical issue with some of the crap he’s pulled off. The whole Pride BS set back Edmonton drastically in the eyes of the ABC and other sanctioning and governing bodies in terms of getting major title fights in not only MMA but in boxing as well.

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  17. trent_thorne says:

    bahahahaha @harry Balls! lol and hell man Ried deserves to be on the list no doubt! wether you agree with his operation of the commision or not hes deffinetly causing waves! hmmmmm the funny thing is i wonder what this list willlook like next year…..

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  18. Tyler Davis says:

    Richard Tims says:
    January 2, 2011 at 6:01 am

    Even though i’m not a fan at all, you would think showdown joe would be on that list somewhere


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