Lawyer is Newest Addition to MFC Lightweight Ranks


Tyrone Glover has put some legal smackdown on his opposing counsel since becoming a lawyer.

Now it’s time for “T$” (T-Money) to remind opponents he can dish out plenty of hurt in mixed martial arts action. Fresh from a long layoff to complete his studies and start his own legal practice, Glover is making a triumphant return to the sport by signing a new four-fight contract with the Maximum Fighting Championship.

“From a performance standpoint, this is the perfect time for me,” said Glover (5-0), who may make his organizational debut as early as MFC 28: Supremacy in February 2011. “I wanted to get involved with a good promotion and I’ve done that by coming to the MFC.

“And I have the resources now for my training and my support system. Having those two things means I can come into the MFC and establish myself in the lightweight division and be a force to be reckoned with.”

Although Glover took a leave from the sport in 2005 to pursue his law degree, he left as a top-rated prospect having already mustered up a solid winning streak including a surprising victory over veteran Din Thomas in just the fourth fight of his career. But that was his last fight until late in 2010.

Still, even with the long delay to the resumption of his fighting career, Glover isn’t the least bit concerned about ring rust. So much so that he is eager to get his MFC stint launched as quick as possible.

“Whatever direction the MFC wants me to go … just point and I’ll go,” said Glover. “I’d be very excited to be part of the first card of 2011. Let’s get started and get things rolling. Whatever I’m needed for, I’m the guy.

“I just think there’s any worry about ring rust. At this point I’m the most critical person of what I’m doing and how I’m training. I’m excited to have the results I’ve got so and I know I’m just getting better. I’m already past the point where I was when I retired and I’m building my arsenal. My goal is to get better and improve every time I fight.”

The Sacramento, California, native now practices law in Denver, specializing in business law. Once the day’s legal briefs are put down, the 31-year-old heads to the Grudge Training Center, and the discussion turns from corporate takeovers to double-leg takedowns.

“I think my talents lie in my well-rounded game plan,” added Glover, who holds three victories by submission and one via TKO.

“I think I’ve got the tools to put a guy down and I’ve got the tools to stand with him. It may not be my pedigree like wrestling is, but I’m confident I can use my stand up. My real strength is being able to put together a cohesive MMA game plan that I can use to beat anybody.”

If Glover can put another run together like the one he manufactured before his scholastic-inspired retirement, he could very well put himself in the running of what has become an MFC lightweight division infused with a sudden surge in talent depth.

“I’m the guy that wants to get a championship opportunity when the fans want to see me fight for it,” he noted. “I want people to want me to fight for the title. I don’t want to be the kind of fighter who fans wonder why I’m getting a title shot – I don’t want people asking why it happened. I want people to want to see me fight. I’m very big on fan support.

“I’m not the kind of fighter who wants to go out and just rack up wins, get a bunch of boring wins, and keep a spotless record. I want to be in exciting fights every time. I want the fans to want to see me fight for the title and I want fans to want to see me fight as the champion.”

And when the time comes for Glover to hype an upcoming fight, the shackles of a lawyer’s suit-and-tie approach will be tossed aside quickly.

“Fans love it when the fighters embrace the reality of things. If that means trash talking, getting in my opponent’s ear a little bit, that’s no problem,” said Glover.

“If I’m fighting some guy who’s the local bad boy, I’m going to play that up. I’m not going to pretend I’m going to be coming in to a welcoming crowd. I’m not going to sit back and be reserved. If I get a sense that I need to take things over the top, I’m not going to hold back.”

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  1. Bigtoe says:

    Unrelated… Ion tv is showing the ufc 125 prelims, any idea how that works for canadians?

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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    I really like this signing. The guy has been involved in the mma game for a long time, has a very good victory, trains at a good gym, obviously is professional and intelligent. This is good for the MFC and it’s fans. I look forward to watching him.

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