Best of 2010 – Top Canadian Prospect of the Year


Guillaume de Lorenzi (photo by Eric Gaudreault|

Let’s define the term ‘prospect’ first – Top MMA News sees a prospect as any Canadian who has not ever fought in the UFC or Strikeforce (Strikeforce Challengers not included).   Here are a few examples – Sarah Kaufman is not a prospect as she fought in Strikeforce.  John Makdessi is not a prospect as he fought in the UFC.  John Alessio is not a prospect because he fought in the UFC.  Dwayne Lewis, although in his 30s, remains a prospect.

Once again, seven Top MMA News correspondents voted on the top Canadian prospects based on their 2010 performance.  Fans should watch out for these guys.  They are definitely heading for big things.

Top Canadian Prospects of 2010

1. (tie) Guillaume De Lorenzi and Jordan Mein

1a) Guillaume De Lorenzi – had a great start to 2010.  First, Guilllaume took out Ryan Machan, who at the time was the #4 ranked Canadian Lightweight, to win the Ringside Lightweight title.  Then he defended his belt against former UFC fighter Dale Hartt – stopping Hartt in the second round.  Scheduled next for “Il Toro” in late 2010 was a spot in the one day Shine Lightweight tournament and another Ringside title defense. Guillaume was on his way to the big time but, unfortunately, De Lorenzi had a serious injury near the end of the year which will take an extended recovery period.

1b)Jordan Mein – Mein is one of the few Canadian fighters considered for this list who actually had a loss in 2010.  Amazingly, “Young Gun” Mein went 5-1 in 2010.  Mein defeated, in order, Tim Skidmore, Andrew Buckland, Victor Bachmann, George Belanger, and Chase Degenhardt in various Welterweight and Middleweight fights.  Mein’s only loss was a solid effort against former DREAM Grand Prix finalist Jason High where Mein held his own in a fight that was primarily a grappling battle.  Mein starts 2011 with a fight against Martin Grandmont.  One must expect a call to the UFC soon after that.

3)Martin Desilets – Desilets was a lower-ranked Light-Heavyweight prior to 2010.  Then a pair of victories over Victor Valimaki really put him on the map.  The XMMA champ first took Valimaki’s belt in controversial fashion in one of the best rounds on 2010 at TFC 10.  Desilets then defended his belt against Valimaki in a rematch.  The result?  An even quicker stoppage for the powerful and sometimes wild Quebec fighter.  Desilets also received the news that he will be allowed to fight in Quebec once again near the end of 2010.  Great news for the fighter who ended up number three on the Top MMA News Light-Heavyweight list.

4)Alex Garcia – Garcia is a powerful Welterweight with KO power who was born in the Dominican Republic but now living in Montreal.  Another Ringside fighter, Garcia was always considered a potential top Welterweight.  However, being a Tristar athlete, that meant that he was going to be brought up very slowly.  That changed in 2010 as Garcia fought some better competition.  Each fight that Garcia had in 2010 was a gradual progression up the ladder – first he TKO’d Matt Northcott, then he took out Jaret MacIntosh, next a submission over Ricky Goodall, and finally a submission over TNT Jackson.  In 2011, Garcia may fight Ringside Welterweight champion Chris Clements next.  If he wins that, a trip to the UFC where teammates John Makdessi and Georges St-Pierre already reside should come soon after.

Dwayne Lewis (photo by Jason Bouwmeester|

5)Dwayne Lewis – Fort MacMurray’s favorite fighter, Dwayne Lewis kept his eyes on the MFC title in 2010.  Going 3-1 in the year, the oldest fighter on this list comes in as the fifth best prospect.  Lewis used his power to finish Mike Nickels and Ryan Mclain earlier this year before stumbling against Emanuel Newton.  In his last fight, Lewis won a controversial close decision against Razak Al-Hassan at MFC 27.  For his successful 2010, Lewis finally gets a rematch against the #1 Light-Heavyweight in Canada.  “D-Bomb” will take his hands of stone into a MFC title fight against Ryan Jimmo in February 2011.

Honourable Mentions (Others receiving votes)

John Fraser – 2-0 in 2010 and W1 Featherweight champion
Brad Cardinal – 3-0 and a win over TUF fighter Alan Berube
Eric Wilson – 3-0 and a surprise win over Roland Delorme
Mitch Clarke – 2-0 and a TFC title win over Josh Machan
Curtis Demarce – 4-0 and a MFC win over Tyson Steele
Shane Campbell – 2-0 and a big win over Tony Hervey
Rejean Groulx – 2-0 and a win over Stephane Bernadel
Chase Maxwell – 5-0 in his first full year of pro fights

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32 Responses to “ Best of 2010 – Top Canadian Prospect of the Year ”

  1. Brad says:

    No mention of Kajan Johnson. ?

    Did u kiss MFC or something showdown Joe. ?

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  2. Brad… Kajan Johnson is one of the best prospects and if this was the best prospects most likely to make UFC regardless of time period, he and Jimmo would be on that list.

    However, this is based on 2010 performance only. Kajan was 1-0 with a dominating win. Voters felt one win against an opponent on short notice was not enough.

    No idea what you mean by kissing MFC? Kajan is MFC and is off. Lewis and Cardinal are MFC and are on this list. Comment makes little sense.

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  3. Mitch Clarke says:


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  4. Mitch Clarke says:

    sorry what I meant was Jimmo! He had a big win 2010

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  5. billy bathgate says:


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  6. billy bathgate says:


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  7. LBoutin says:

    I’d love to see Mein vs Garcia, could be a great Canadian main event.

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  8. harry balls says:

    Desilets v. Bosse for the battle of Quebec needs to happen.

    If not….

    Garcia-Coletti II : Electric Boogaloo!

    Make it happen people….

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  9. Robin Black says:

    Good list. I think its very accurate.

    There are a ton of other great prospects out there who didn’t fight as much this year or against higher talent. Next year’s list will probably be very different.

    Mein is the (young) man this year for sure.

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  10. Robin Black says:

    Also, billy bathgate, I like your aggressive style. It’s the posting equivalent of charging across the cage when the bell rings and putting on the heat. Cool.

    But would like to hear some more details on why you disagree. There’s definitely room for some good debate here.

    Rock on.

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  11. Miss you Billy. I guess you are only a fan of yourself.

    You got any prospects we’ll see in the new year? (or 2)

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  12. rob wood says:

    What about Eric Perez? 135 lb from WAMMA?

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  13. Pete says:

    Wow … Billy, pretty intelligent banter

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  14. Ryan Ford says:

    What up I just wanted to send out a message and see if witch guys are available for a Private fight camp starting Jan 3rd, 3x a week for 2hours.
    Its mostly going to a Program for MMA Conditioning and Sparring. Because there are not a lot of coaches I am doing the camp 3x a week so you can get your coaching from other gyms during the week.

    I need 8 guys who are taking fighting seriously and can commit to being here and putting work in.

    I will have some professional Boxers coming in for boxing sparring and U of A wrestlers for wresting sparring. I also have a strength a conditioning coach with stuff geared more for fighting.

    Hit me up and let me know if you are interested

    Ryan Ford

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  15. jason says:

    You forgot to mention hot MMA prospect from Ontario fighter from IROQUOIS MMA/FCC NIAGARA Taylor KING SOLOMON 3-0 pro MMA world mundials silver meadalist and judo gold mealist and 5-0 muay thai record…He was added to FRANKIE LEES MUAY THAI SHOW in Edmonton on the pro card last fall …FRANKIE LEES guy pulled out of the fight same day as the fight so what does that say.

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  16. jason says:

    also nick hin cliffe was offered to fight taylor for the 185lbs belt recently ..but refused after seeing his last ass kickin he put on SEAN PIERSONS AND BRUCKMAN STUDENT MATT NORTHCOTT in june..taylor holds win over bjj brown belt champion sam passcussi from Royler Gracie Team.

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  17. Pete says:


    What are the dates and times?

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  18. allen hope says:

    I think luke harris should be on that list he is top 3 185 in canada and also sheldon westcott

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  19. allen hope says:

    And we cant forget about brandon dumais 6-0 in 2010

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  20. hog says:

    wow jason give it up already your the only one that talks about solomon the boy needs alot of work man not cause hes a native like yourself man get him someone to fight in the radar. your big mouth will ruin this poor kid thats trying man

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  21. Jason, if you thought it was hard to get him fights last year, keep talking like this and it will be even harder.

    Have some respect and don’t ruin it for your guy.

    You are talking like an unprofessional asshole.

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  22. chuck says:

    for the record jason doesnt speak for Iroquois MMA – Fight club Canada -Gracie Barra ..i dont know why people gotta try ruining a good thing and cause trouble . So Jason you shouldnt say stuff you have nothing to do with. I am representing a good respectable MMA team under Gracie Barra Niagara . We never talk like that. So if some one has something to say call me 519 753 -8681 ext 433 .

    Thank you

    Chuck Monture

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  23. Robin Black says:


    Good to see that doesn’t represent you guys. Nicely done man. Best of luck with the team.

    Yeah, not cool referring to Hinchliffe, Northcott, Pierson, Bruckman or Frank Lee disrespectfully like that. @jason, those are talented, hard working athletes and trainers. Watch your mouth. Not cool man.

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  24. We almost had Taylor on a CFC card this year. Chuck was great to deal with and I look forward to having him in the new year.

    Chuck was a pro, and I still can’t believe how big Jasons mouth is about the fights that were turned down. Taylor is a serious guy who needs a bit of refining but could go a long way with the right people around him.

    Keep up the good work Chuck.

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  25. ian_mcwalter says:

    Exciting times, 2011 is going to be an incredible year. No one can afford to blink with the talent listed above and the exciting strides being made by these guys. Glad there’s people out there (like Top MMA News) chronicling us hoser’s.

    Get to know the fella’s on this list and befriend them, start collecting their signed hand tape after every fight cause that shit is gonna be worth something on ebay.

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  26. Eric O'Keefe says:

    I think the list is very accurate. Alex Garcia is working his butt off, and honestly, not a lot of people can touch him in Canada. Ryan Ford vs Garcia would be awsome as they match up well for a war and are both monsters, but it’ll never happen as they are signed in different promotions, and Alex is 1 or 2 fights from the big show. I’m also happy my friend Dwayne Lewis is on the list. Dwayne never gets the respect that he has comming. This guy never turns down a fight, and he always comes out guns’a’ blarring! lol He might be comming to Tristar to work with me and Firas before his Championship fight vs Jimmo. Sparring with undefeated Tom Murphy will be awsome preparation for that battle.
    Lastly, everyone loves their local fighters, but in all due respect, having travelled to a lot of shows this year, the right guys were nominated. An argument can be made for others, but don’t take anything away from these five…

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  27. This reminds me of when we first ranked 135ers and only had 5. Not even a year later we could rank 20.

    Good times for Canadian MMA in the next few days.

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  28. Everybody mentioned in this thread is worthy, and many of them are friends of ours.

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  29. Thanks very much guys…we are in this sport together. Lets have some fun in 2011. We would be honored to be apart of any Organization in Canada . Keep up the great work boys and Happy Holidays .

    Nia:wen – Thanks

    Chuck Monture

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  30. Darren Owen says:

    Diego Wilson 5-0, 2-0 in 2010 all first round stoppages
    Derek Medler 4-0, 3-0 in 2010 all first round stoppages
    David Perron 4-0, 3-0 in 2010 all first round stoppages
    Nick Driedger 4-1, 2-0 in 2010 all first round stoppages

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  31. chris pye says:

    Hope @ Luke Harris and Sheldon Westcot should both be on this list. Harris just goes in and technically picks them apart. where Westcot has fought guys with way more fights then him in 2010 and he made them look like it was there first day and you watch the guys in there next fight like that marini guy and he looks amazing. I think both those guys are on that list.

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  32. booboo says:

    ty so much for reconizing Rejean Groulx as an honorable mention ! rumer has it that its on for march 25 2011 in Montreals BELL CENTER , that he takes on miych gagnon for the featherweight belt. thats gonna b a graet fight !!

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