Unified MMA 7 – Edmonton – March 4


Date: March 4, 2011
Location: Mirage Banquet Hall in Edmonton, Alberta

Main Event:
Travis Briere (7-1) vs. Chase Maxwell (6-0)
***Welterweight Title Fight

Co-Main Event:
Kurtis Higgins (3-0) vs. Dan Chambers (14-16)

Tim “Shady” Smith (7-5) vs. Robert Curtis (2-8)
Scott Payne (2-0) vs. Brad Brooks (0-0)
John Grant (2-1) vs. Jared McCombe (0-1)
Simon Shirt (0-0) vs. TBA
Adam Blackwell (1-0) vs. Henry Rowsell (0-0)
Andrew Bard (0-0) vs. Drew Weatherhead (0-1)
Sheila Bird (0-0) vs. Tanya Byrne (0-0)
Eric Montgomery (1-0) vs. Harry Glover (1-0)
Devon Jones (2-0) vs. Brent Keryluke (1-1)

120 Responses to “ Unified MMA 7 – Edmonton – March 4 ”

  1. Sven Gali says:

    Wow, just another example of the fucked up shit show that Pat Reid is running. Not only is it a conflict of interest to have Pete work an event as a corner supervisor, but to make him a judge where he has the ability to influence his son’s career in any fight he works (if his son is on the card or not) just shows how incompetent Reid truly is…

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  2. trent_thorne says:

    Wow big step up for Higgins! Im going to go to the fights just to watch this one! Higgins by KO!!!

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  3. In fairness to pat reid, he was on the job less than 2 month before our first aggression show. I think Pete(Pierre) has learned his lesson.

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  4. bc says:

    decent…chick fight gona be a gooder

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  5. Mike Davis says:

    having a high level black belt is better then decent for a “chick” fight. Bird is highly skilled and can take out most guys on the ground.

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  6. harry balls says:

    i am pissed Bird did not fight on the WRECK card. I have heard nothing but great things about her.

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  7. kendall says:

    why is Chambers fighting still? i dont think he is much of a step up for Higgins at all, should be a rather quick KO for him. Meh i like to see a fight not a one sided KOing. Especially at a show full of scummy gangsters from all over alberta. Only fight worth going for is the main event. Maxwell for the win

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  8. bc says:

    Bird is gona get Ko”d ive seen bryne mad mad stand up. One punch KO power in a chick is hard to find and bryne has it.

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  9. zach b says:

    Chambers has lost 7 in a row!!!!! This will prob be his 8th!!!! Its hard to find a suitable fight for Higgins!!!

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  10. Cody Rempel says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing him fight someone like Jason Kuchera or Tim Chemelli (When you’re done with him Zach)

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  11. Cody Rempel says:

    Maybe a Luke Harris, Mike Hackert or Dan MacIver if the cut to MW is successful!

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  12. trent thorne says:

    what ever happened to the 5 losses in a row and you cant fight in edmonton rule? im just curious

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  13. Mike Davis says:

    heard Andrew Bard is fighting Drew weatherhead in what would be a great opening fight. Or maybe I am biased for close friends but going with Brent K and Drew W with the wins:) As for the main event I think the winner should face Mein. I am a little upset that Rob Park is not on card, that guy has a bright future.

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  14. Mike Davis says:

    Bird vs Byrne is a great match up I am very exited to see how this plays out with a top level striker vs top level grappler.

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  15. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added updated card, also Higgins vs. Chambers will take place at 205lbs

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  16. James Petryk says:

    I was also under the impression that in Edmonton, you can no longer fight if you have lost 5 in a row (and those fights can take place anywhere – not just Edmonton).

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  17. Tysha Punkkinen says:

    HEll YEAH! You go Byrne

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  18. Lise Cardinal says:

    Went to this event night, first time to a MMA event. Got to say I really enjoyed the fights, the food was great too. Was it really necessary though for the music to be playing constantly at full volume the entire evening (other when the fights were on). I think I have permanent hearing damage! People might like to talk during intermission, but you had to go right up to someone else’s ear and yell at the top of your lungs for them to hear you.

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  19. Lise – music isn’t usually that loud, and yes I found it annoyingly ear shattering as well… glad you enjoyed it! It’s one thing to watch on TV, but it’s another to see it live and support the local fighters!

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  20. cody krahn says:

    loud AND shitty music

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