Unified MMA 6 Recap


Top MMA News was cageside as Unified MMA held their sixth event in front of 1000 Edmonton fight fans at the Mirage Banquet Hall. Despite the cancellation of the original main event less than a week out from the event and the replacement main event just prior to the beginning of the evening the fans were treated to an entertaining night of fights.

Top MMA News choice for fight of the night went to a pair of debut fighters, Chris Ariel and Josh Dugas who battled it out for three rounds in a hard fought war. In the end Ariel edged Dugas on all three judges scorecards in a closed 29-28 decision.

Top MMA News choice for Knockout of the night was a vicious ground and pound finish from heavyweight Denny Houle for his TKO victory over Chad Williams. Top MMA News choice for submission of the night was a beautiful Kneebar from Calgary native Fabian Cortez in his bout with Edmonton’s Mike Bell.

Chase Maxwell vs. Robert Curtis
Curtis lands leg kicks and Maxwell responds with combos. Curtis secures a takedown and lands in guard but Maxwell throws up a triangle attempt. Curtis hoists him up and slams him to the mat in an attempt to free himself from the submission attempt. Maxwell holds on and sinks the triangle deeper until Curtis can’t fight it off any longer and succumbs to the submission attempt keeping Maxwell undefeated. After the fight Maxwell says he’ll fight anyone, anywhere, anytime and is offered a title fight against Travis Briere at the next event.
Chase Maxwell defeats Robert Curtis by Submission (Triangle Choke) in Round 1, 2:00

Mike Bell vs. Fabian Cortez
Cortez opens with a leg kick followed by a takedown attempt which is stuffed by Bell. Cortez again looks for a takedown and it’s again defended by Bell. The two tie up in the corner and Bell lands a knee to the groin. Cortez is given a moment to recover and the two restart. Both men trade big kicks before Cortez takes the back and unleashes a belly to back suplex. Fabian looks for a heel hook but Bell escapes and grabs a leg of his own. Both fighters have a hold of an ankle and work for the submission until they get back to their feet. Cortez find a leg and locks on a kneebar forcing Bell to tap out.
Fabian Cortez defeats Mike Bell by Submission (Kneebar) in Round 1, 3:05

Denny Houle vs. Chad Williams
The two heavyweights come out throwing bombs before tying up against the cage. Williams lands knees against the cage and an errant blow lands in the groin of Houle. On the restart they again exchange heavy shots before Houle secures a takedown and takes the back. Houle lands a few thunderous shots which are more than enough to force referee Vern Gorman to step in and rescue a bloodied Williams from any further punishment.
Denny Houle defeats Chad Williams by TKO (Unanswered Strikes) in Round 1, 0:58

Blake Dickens vs. Roy Park
Both fighters throw heavy shots to open the fight before Park secures a takedown, landing in half guard. Park lands body shots and passes to mount. Dickens reverse but immediately gets reversed again. Park is back in mount and postures up and rains down punches. Few of Park’s shots are getting though as Dickens is defending well. Park lands a solid elbow and begins throwing punches non stop. None of the shots are doing huge damage but finally due to the sheer volume of punches and the fact that Dickens is doing nothing to improve his position or escape referee Vern Gorman steps in and calls a halt to the bout.
Roy Park defeats Blake Dickens by TKO (Unanswered Strikes) in Round 1, 3:28

Merrick Duggan vs. Mike Wurz
Round 1: The two tie up immediately and jockey for position against the cage. They separate and throw bombs at one another with neither landing anything significant. They again tie up against the cage and trade blows in close and Wurz lands a leg kick and they exchange more shots. Wurz lands more punches against the cage and knees the legs. Duggan gets off the cage and absorbs more leg kicks. Wurz moves to the back and picks Duggan up, slamming him to the mat. Murz lands knees to the body and a few punches before Duggan attempts to stand. Wurz muscles him back to the mat and lands a huge right at the bell. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Wurz

Round 2: Both men trade shots and Wurz again takes the back and unleashes a powerful slam, holding onto the back position before briefly moving to mount and then taking the back once again. Duggan attempts to spin to out but is held down and Wurz sinks in the rear naked choke forcing Duggan to tap out much to the chagrin of the largely pro Duggan crowd.
Mike Wurz defeats Merrick Duggan by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 2, 1:46

Mark Drummond vs. Graham Park
Round 1: A big exchange bloodies the nose of Park in the opening seconds of the bout. Drummond lands big knees against the cage. Park secures a takedown and lands in half guard, Park lands a few heavy shots. Drummond is able to get back to his feet but gets caught in a guillotine. Drummond muscles him down to the mat and winds up in the guard and lands a right before Park gets back to his feet. Park looks for a double leg and switches to a single and getting the takedown to full guard. Drummond looks for a guillotine but Park pulls his head out and lands a few shots in the final ten seconds of a close first round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Drummond

Round 2: Drummond opens with a leg kick and Park responds with a combo. Park secures a takedown but Drummond rolls through and lands in side control before passing to full mount. Park escapes mount but gets caught in a deep armbar. Park fights off a persistent Drummond before finally escaping, however he lands a knee to the head of his downed opponent. Referee Vern Gorman calls for a timeout and deducts a point from Park. On the restart Park lunges forward with an overhand right followed by a double leg takdown to full guard. Park pounds away with body-body-head combos before Drummond threatens with a triangle but Park lifts him up and fold him in half with a vicious slam and lands a huge hammerfist while passing to side control and landing more shots. Park continues to pound away as the final ten seconds tick away. Top MMA News scores the round 9-9 for Park with the point deduction

Round 3: Park unleashes a huge combo and a takedown, landing in guard but gets trapped in a guillotine. Park pulls his head out and Drummond escapes back to his feet. Drummond lands knees and Park secures a single leg takedown, landing in full guard. Drummond defends sporadic punches and eventually locks onto an arm and secures a fight ending armbar from the bottom.
Mark Drummond defeats Graham Park by Submission (Armbar) in Round 3, 3:32

Devon Neville vs. Justin Bloomer
Round 1: Neville paws with jabs before landing a big combo followed by a leg kick. Bloomer lands a pair of leg kicks and a third leg kick misses the mark and lands in the groin of Neville. On the restart the two exchange punches. Bloomer lands a body kick followed by a combo. Neville lands a leg kick and Bloomer responds with one of his own followed by a slam into side control. Bloomer presses him into the cage and lands knees to the body before looking for a kimura and passing to mount. Neville sweeps and lands in full guard, landing a solid shot. Bloomer sweeps and rains down ground and pound before landing a solid knee to the chest as the round comes to a close. Neville remains on the mat for about thirty seconds between rounds. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Bloomer

Round 2: The two trade leg kick to open the round but Bloomer’s kick lands solidly in the groin. Referee Andy Social deems it an intentional low blow and deducts two points. Neville takes his full five minutes and the fighters restart. Neville lands a leg kick and Bloomer lands one of his own to the body. Neville lands a body kick and Bloomer again follows with one of his own. Bloomer lands a right and another pair of body kicks. Bloomer lands a combo and knees against the cage. Neville reverses and presses Bloomer into the cage before securing a double leg takedown landing in the guard. Bloomer throws up a triangle and Neville is unable to defend and is forced to tap out.
Justin Bloomer defeats Devon Neville by Submission (Triangle Choke) in Round 2, 4:18

Chris Ariel vs. Josh Dugas
Round 1: Ariel secures a takedown immediately but Dugas scrambles right back to his feet. The two tie up against the cage and Ariel secures a takedown, landing in half guard and passing to mount. The action returns to the feet and Ariel lands a leg kick and takes him down again, landing in side control. Ariel looks for a Kimura but it’s defended and Ariel takes the back, looking to sink the rear naked choke. Ariel lets go of the submission attempt and transitions to the mount before being swept to half guard and then back to the feet. Ariel takes the back standing and eats an elbow from Dugas. Ariel looks for a takedown and secures an arm triangle before passing to mount and posturing up. Ariel is unable to land anything solid and get swept and caught in an armbar. Ariel escapes to side control and then to mount. Ariel is swept and Dugas lands in guard, looking for an armbar from the bottom. Ariel defends and ends the round in the guard. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Ariel

Round 2: Dugas looks for a superman punch and Ariel ducks under but gets clipped with a knee. Referee Vern Gorman pauses the action when he notices that Dugas came out without his mouth guard. A missed high kick results in a Dugas slipping to the mat and Ariel pounces to side control. Ariel works the body with knees to set up a kimura attempt. Dugas escapes and locks up an inverted triangle attempt but Ariel defends and Dugas winds up in full guard before passing to half guard. Dugas stands up drops back down with a big punch. Ariel sweeps and mounts but Dugas replaces the half guard. Ariel gets back to side control only to have Dugas again get back to half guard. Dugas sweeps and winds up in full guard. Dugas secures the crucifix position and rains down damaging punches until the end of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Dugas

Round 3: Dugas lands a leg kick and Ariel secures a single leg against the cage, landing in half guard. Dugas is able to sweep but gets caught in a triangle. Dugas is able to slam his way out and postures up landing shots from the back that bloody Ariel’s nose. Ariel is able to escape out the back and holds him down in side control. Dugas escapes to his knees but Ariel lands elbows and body shots with the crowd chanting his name. Ariel pushes him back down to side control and eats elbows from Dugas on the bottom. Dugas gives up his back before getting back to his feet. Dugas looks for a takedown against the cage but it’s stuffed as the fight comes to a close. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Ariel
Chris Ariel defeats Josh Dugas by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)

Travis Pigeon vs. Mike Hofer
Pigeon misses a spinning back kick and Hofer responds with leg kicks and body kicks prompting Pigeon to shoot for a takedown. Hofer secures a guillotine and pulls guard, inducing the fight ending submission.
Mike Hofer defeats Travis Pigeon by Submission (Guillotine Choke) in Round 1, 0:47

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