Top MMA News Canadian Light-Heavyweight Rankings – December 2010


Last month, Top MMA News asked our readers who was the top Canadian Light-Heavyweight (see poll).  The results were close.  200 for Ryan Jimmo and 174 for Krzysztof Soszyinski. 

Top MMA News agrees that this is a very close call to make.  One thing is for certain though – Fighting in the UFC does not guarantee you a higher ranking, wins over tough competition do! Both fighters are beating fighters of similar talent levels. What makes it difficult is that Soszyinski is keeping more active while Jimmo only fought once in 2010.   Soszyinski has lost to Stephan Bonnar and beat Goran Reljic while Jimmo has won thirteen in a row including a fighter in Wilson Gouveia who is similar to Reljic’s talent level. Which follicly-challenged fighter deserves #1?  They both do, but Top MMA News makes the tough call and gives the nod to Jimmo.

Elsewhere in the division, Victor Valimaki has lost three in a row which drops him in the standings while Dwayne Lewis squeaked out a close decision win that forced voters to move him up the standings.

Top Canadian Light-Heavyweight Rankings

1. Ryan Jimmo (13-1) – Previous Rank (1) – Thirteen wins in a row and a demolition of Wilson Gouveia so Jimmo remains at #1.  Controversy struck the #1 when he refused to fight Glover Teixeira at MFC 27, but now Jimmo has signed to fight fellow Canadian Dwayne Lewis at MFC 28.  This is a rematch of a fight held earlier in both fighters careers and is eagerly anticipated by Canadian fight fans.  Jimmo is the odds on favorite to win this fight and should be headed to the UFC in 2011.  Next Fight: vs Dwayne Lewis at MFC 28 on February 25.

2. Krzysztof Soszyinski (25-11-1) – Previous Rank (2) – Krzysztof Soszyinski is an incredible 5-2 in the UFC since graduating from the Ultimate Fighter program.  Since the last rankings, Krzysztof Soszyinski lost to  Stephan Bonnar in an action packed fight and dominated Goran Reljic.  Top MMA News would love to see Soszyinski take a step up the UFC ladder rather than the sideways maneuvers he is currently taking.  Next Fight: TBD

3. Martin Désilets (11-2) – Previous Rank (3) – Désilets vs Valimaki was a well-matched TFC 9 title fight that launched Désilets up the rankings.  What can Désilets do to top it?  How about defeat the same Valimaki in a TFC rematch?  Désilets did just that and beat Valimaki even quicker this time.  Désilets really had a breakthrough 2010 and Top MMA News eagerly awaits the next steps of Stress’ career.  It could include finally fighting in his home province at Ringside as Martin recently obtained his fighter’s license there.  Next Fight: TBD

4. Dwayne Lewis (13-6) – Previous Rank (5) – Dwayne Lewis moves up a spot on the Top MMA News list after winning his last two fights since the last rankings.  Lewis finished Mike Nickels and took a close decision against Razak Al-Hassan in his last two fights to move his record to 9-1 in his last ten fights.  Next up is a fight for the MFC Light-Heavyweight title in a rematch with Ryan Jimmo.  Next Fight: vs Ryan Jimmo MFC 28 on February 25.

5. Steve Bossé (8-1) – Previous Rank (6) – Since last rankings, Bossé took out journeyman Mychal Clark in the first round of their W1 fight. Bossé has not lost since 2007 and is only getting better since leaving his hockey enforcer roots.  Next Fight: TBD.

6. Victor Valimaki (16-8) – Previous Rank (4) – Victor Valimaki drops two spots after losing three in a row.  After losing his TFC title to Martin Désilets, Valimaki was given the rematch and lost in 37 seconds.  Next, Valimaki took on Karl Knothe who was undefeated in 11 fights.  Valimaki was controlling the first round only to be knocked down and finished late in the first.  After the fight, Valimaki stated that he will take some time off.  Let’s hope he comes back stronger than ever. Next Fight: TBD

7. Roger Hollett (11-3) – Previous Rank (6) – Are you a Canadian LHW looking for a win, get Mychal Clark.  The previously mentioned Bossé and Jimmo got a win over him, so why not Roger Hollett?  Hollett defeated Clark in a lackluster decision win at W1 Halifax after a year away from the cage.  What’s next for the Hulk?  Rumors out of Halifax talk of a fight against Bossé in W-1 or maybe a shot at next year’s Bellator Light-Heavyweight tourney.  Next Fight: TBD

8. Clay Davidson (5-2) – Previous Rank (9) – Clay Davidson takes a step up the rankings despite losing to Robert Drysdale.  Davidson was submitted by the Abu Dhabi champion at AFC 4.  Davidson also racked up a win since the last rankings – submitting Devon Neis at Aggression. Next fight: TBD

9. Bill Mahood (17-7-1) – Previous Rank (8) – Bill Mahood took out Chester Post at XFC in May and then retired from MMA. The Butcher retires with a record of 20-7-1.  Until his year of inactivity is reached, Mahood will remain eligible for the top 10.   Next Fight: Never

10. Tim Chemelli (7-0) – Previous Rank (NR) – Chemelli debuts at #10 on the rankings as Dana Dickeson falls out.  Chemelli has made a habit of TKOing his Alberta opponents in the first minute of his EFC, RITC, and KOTC fights.  Top MMA News would like to see Chemelli take a step up and fight someone with a decent record for a change.  Maybe a fight with Jason Kuchera or Zach Blaber is in order.

Just Out of the Top 10:
Jason Kuchera (5-5)

Not Considered Due to Inactivity:
Ray Penny (4-1)
Sebastien Gauthier (5-2)
Jay Whitford (3-1)
Todd Gouwenberg (9-5)
Dana Dickeson (5-1)

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