Unified MMA 6 Quick Results


Chase Maxwell defeated Robert Curtis by Submission (Triangle Choke) in Round 1, 2:00
Fabian Cortez defeated Mike Bell by Submission (Kneebar) in Round 1, 3:05
Denny Houle defeated Chad Williams by TKO (Unanswered Strikes) in Round 1, 0:58
Roy Park defeated Blake Dickens by TKO (Unanswered Strikes) in Round 1, 3:28
Mike Wurz defeated Merrick Duggan by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 2, 1:46
Mark Drummond defeated Graham Park by Submission (Armbar) in Round 3, 3:32
Justin Bloomer defeated Devon Neville by Submission (Triangle Choke) in Round 2, 4:18
Chris Ariel defeated Josh Dugas by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Mike Hofer defeated Travis Pigeon by Submission (Guillotine Choke) in Round 1, 0:47

*Jarid Bussemakers vs George Belanger has been cancelled due to Jarid Bussemakers having incomplete medicals. (Was missing one of the blood requirements the commission needs)

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  1. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Jarid Bussemakers vs George Belanger has been cancelled due to Jarid Bussemakers having incomplete medicals. (Was missing one of the blood requirements the commission needs)???

    How does this happen.

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    Bobby… I’ll post an explanation when I get home tonight!

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  3. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Wasnt that the main event? When was it known it wouldnt happen?

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  4. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Good on Roy Park for winning, I’ve heard good things about him.

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  5. Cody Rempel says:

    Bussemakers didn’t have syphilis tests up to date, Edmonton is one of the few commissions that requires syphilis tests!

    Jarid last fought in Calgary where they don’t require it! When Jarid asked his doctor if all his meds were up to date, the doctor said yes not realizing that syphilis tests were required by the Edmonton comission!

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  6. Roy Park says:

    I’m listed as winning and as losing. I went 1-1 tonight apparently! LOL! Hey guys check your wording on Mark Drummond vs Graham Park…you list the wrong Park at the end. Also, FOTN was that Drummond/Park fight I love Josh Dugas but Graham vs Mark was the best MMA fight I’ve ever seen live, and that’s 12 years of watching fights!

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  7. Cody Rempel says:

    Thanks for pointing that out Roy… It’s late I need sleep! lol, Congrats on the win tonight!

    They were both great fights… The Fight, KO and Submission of the nights are just my opinion, any input is always welcome!

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  8. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    What doctor? The commission doctor? Doesn’t the commission or the promotion look at the meds prior?

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  9. Cody Rempel says:

    I believe it was Jarid’s family doctor… All the meds he had on file were up to date but because he didn’t need the syphilis test for Calgary it wasn’t on file.

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  10. Roy Park says:

    Thanks Cody! I thought this was the best Unified ever, lots of good and competitive matches!

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  11. Cody Rempel says:

    Absolutely… Just imagine if they didn’t lose Higgins, Watson, Bussemakers and Belanger!

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  12. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    so aren’t meds checked at weigh ins?

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  13. Cody Rempel says:

    I assume they would be… not sure how it was missed?

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  14. Georges S. says:

    Roy Park was once again very impressive in his win last night. I would love to see a big fight with this guy soon. I wonder if he is able to get on a KOTC card and fight Clayton Sheen.

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  15. Mike Davis says:

    Park knowing how big you are, planning on staying at 135? if your your a great addition to a stacked weight class!

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  16. Mike Davis says:

    not to mention impossible to take down :P

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  17. Pete says:

    medicals are required by weigh in but fighter is given until the day of the event to produce missing info

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  18. BigBoi says:

    Pete were the f*cj did you hear that? Is this a new Edmonton thing? 99% of the commissions out there require (note: not an option) your full medicals at weighins when you meet with and get get cleared to fight.

    Fucking rookie mistake almost as bad as missing weight in this case. If you’re going to fight in E-Town you need to know what they want.

    Oh and LMFAO at aspiring to someday fight in KOTC.

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  19. Pete says:

    a birdie told me

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  20. Pete says:

    I was at the event and they were looking for the info fight day

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  21. I’ve been at events in Edmonton within the past year and guys had their hands taped and were warming up, and they still had to hand in their bloodwork.

    Pretty disturbing

    In Manitoba you don’t get on the scale if valid medicals aren’t already cleared with the commission doctors.

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  22. Busse says:

    Yo Jarid here to clear some things up.
    First I took the fight on 2 weeks notice, figured I might as well since I was already dieting down for the tuf tryouts. Went to do my blood work the day I took the fight, asked for hep b hep c hiv and syphillis. Went to my dr appointment a week later and he said I was negative for all my tests including syphillis. He printed off my bloodwork and gave it too me. I went and spent my last 80 bones on a dilalated eye exam, and rolled into weigh ins and handed in my blood work to the dr, who informed me there was no syphillis test in the pile of papers. so I went back fight day to get it printed off, since the doc told me I was negative. Turned out the dr was saying I was negative from a syphillis test I got done 6 months ago. So I called the commission and they said it was all good since I had one from 6 months ago and most cities you dont even need it. So I was backstage tapin up my guys hands and gettin ready to scrap myself. Then Sunny from unifed rolls in and tells me he is refusing the fight even tho the fight doctors and commision both cleared me after checking my medical history and all that jazz. So after all this George gets his show money(which is all he woulda gotten if we faught anyway) a free trip to edmonton and free hotel. I didn’t get a dime, and when your counting on that cash for christmas shopping it was definitly brutal. This is the fourth time my opponents found a way out. I was supposed to fight Chiappe for the belt, then he pulled out but decided he could fight skidmore two weeks after we were supposed to fight. was supposed to Fight George earlier this year. went to weigh ins for aggression only to have my opponent 30lbs over weight and commish not allow it happen. Now George again, I just got some shitty luck. But everything happens for a reason so hopefully old uncle Dana calls me up to beat somebody up on Spike. Sorry for the Rant, wait no I’m not. Peace

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  23. Roy Park says:

    Hey all, thanks for the kind words…Mike I dunno about 135 permanently, we’ll see. One thing’s for sure I’ll be taking things 1 fight at a time. Also, my next fight will probably be for Unified unless something opens up in Halifax. Dunno if I’ll be fighting on Unified 7, kinda depends on what Graham wants to do. One of us will probably be on that card, but it won’t be both of us.

    Jarid…you got the bad luck buddy. But I’ll fight you next time I’m at Pix. And I won’t back out (until I get tired)

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  24. Advin Omic says:

    I shouldn’t even be on here saying anything but I can’t help it, Jarid did you just accuse George of ducking YOU? Dude seriously? You accuse a guy who droped near 30 lbs on short notice for you and showed up to weigh INS with all his paper work, that’s a guy who is ducking? Our guys all take this sport super seriously we all come as professionals and fight our asses off.

    Dude You didn’t come prepared to fight not George, I don’t even need to defend that because you look at who George faught last and you think he’s ducking you? You wasted George’s, Ryan Machan’s, our gyms, and my time because you didn’t come correct that night. You didn’t get payed because you messed up not George. There is a PFC coming and many other cards, lots of time to do this thing just next time come prepared( maybe 2 weeks in advance) It must have sucked not to have money for Xmas but don’t blame anyone but yourself. Wow.

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  25. George Belanger says:

    Well this is my first post on Top MMA News and unfortunately I am stuck having to defend myself from the slanderous comments that a Mr. Bussemaker has made towards me. If you want some clarity on this ordeal that being the Unified MMA 6 fight that did not happen, I will certainly share my side of the story for anyone who is interested in listening. First off, I do not “dodge” fights, not against anyone ever! I hope this is clear. I fight my heart out every time I get in a cage or ring and win, lose or draw I am always to the end a professional with the way I conduct myself. Once again I will make it painfully clear, I did not dodge you Jarrid, and never would I ever be afraid to fight you! Now down to the business end of things. On Nov 30th 2010 I received my contract from Sunny Singh, one of the promoters for Unified. I signed it had the contract back to Sunny within the week as well as a full required list of up to date medicals as per the Edmonton Combative Sports commissions requirements. Now as some people may be aware, Edmonton’s medical requirements are different then some other cities within Alberta. This is true; however on Nov 30th 2010 I also received an email from Sunny Singh detailing the exact medical requirements for the commission including the acceptable date range for all medicals that were to be done. The following is the exact email I received. I would only naturally assume that either Jarrid himself or his manager (who I will not disclose out of respect) would have also received this email:
    1. Bloodwork within 3 months of fight date:Negative results for: HIV; Hep B; Hep C; Syphilis
    > 2. Dilated eye exam (called an “Indirect fundoscopy”) within 1 year of fight – done by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist
    > 3. Baseline ECG heart tracing—must have the tracing not just a report. This can be from any date.
    > 4. Baseline CT Head or MRI—This can be from any date.
    > All of these need to be in a file folder with each fighter’s name on it. Incomplete folder/tests = no fight
    I accepted this fight on 17 days notice. At this time, I was walking around at 197 pounds and I asked Jarrid and his management for a catch weight of 175 lbs to make the weight cut manageable. His management did not accept the catch weight. I did not complain about this and on Dec 16th I weighed in at 170.2 lbs. In ten professional fights (well 9, as we did not fight) I have never missed weight. The following evening I walked into the fight venue (just a side note, Tim Hague and all his people did a great job with the venue) at 7pm and proceeded to the dressing area where I had my corner begin to prep my hands for the fight. At this point in time I was taken back stage by a commission member who informed me that Jarrid had incomplete medicals. I then sat down with the commission doctor and two other members of the Edmonton commission. They informed me that Jarrids Syphilis blood work was not up to date. The fight was off! I had no legal choice in the matter, as Jarrid may have lead some people to believe. The fact that a commission would allow a fighter with incomplete blood work to compete would be very disturbing and would undermine everything that MMA in general has been working to avoid, that being the bar room brawls that once defined the allure of this great sport.
    Now it’s time for my biased rant! In addition to having had cut 21 lbs of pure water weight for this fight. Which all fighters who cut weight know is not easy. I also made many additional sacrifices in regard to this fight and my preparation for it. First off I am a full time nursing student who works 8 to 9 hours in a hospital everyday and then finds 3 plus hours a day 6 times a week to train for my other professional obligation (fighting). I work my ass of in every facet of my life. I am working on my second Degree through the U of A, I instruct MMA twice a week for Jason MacDonald, I train every morning and every night and I somehow manage to insure that all my fighting credentials are turned in on time. I had friends and family at this fight that did not get to see me fight. Ryan Machan drove up in a snow storm with his infant child and girlfriend as did Advin Omic just to corner me! Amy Bergeron drove me all around Edmonton on her time and hooked my IV up on Dec 16th, all things that I consider important and valuable as well as expensive! I sacrifice a ton to do this fight thing. I don’t get paid much so for Jarid to even suggest that I was in it for a quick pay day is ridiculous (Yes the commission did pay me $700). If I picked up a shift at Wendy’s once a week I would make a lot more money! I fight because I love to challenge myself and push my physical limits. The fact that I left the Unified venue more embarrassed then Jarid speaks to the character that I have. I was beyond pissed off that Jarrid could not fight me due to his medical situation. I was fuming in the back room when the commission told me the fight was off. In addition to this, I came out of the back room twenty or so minutes after the fights at Unified 6 began and the first thing I saw was Jarrid Bussemaker downing a beer and laughing. I was so offended and disheartened that I had to leave the venue! My team was mad I was mad and at the end of the day the reason this fight did not happen was because Jarrid Bussemaker had incomplete medicals. So stop putting the blame on me and owe up to your mistake! Myself and the rest of my team at PURE fitness and MMA will fight anyone! We do not turn down fights! I took this fight without hesitation as I did my fight against Jordan Mein as I did with my fight against former Olympic wrestler Colin Daynes. Jarrid please do not confuse your lack of professionalism and inability to produce medical information as me being afraid to fight you. It’s laughable!

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  26. Thanks for clearing that up George. That is quite the busy life you lead. Bussemakers made the mistake with the Syphilis test and is in the wrong here.

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  27. Busse says:

    When I found out about my test being screwed up, the first person I felt bad for was George since I knew he cut weight and made the drive. And obviously you werent scared, your a pro fighter, whos faught some dangerous guys.But I’m saying we could have faught if you wanted too, The unified owners Wanted you to fight, the doctors and commission said you could fight too. I know the screw up came from my end, but not me personally.I’ve never cut to 170 before and it was not easy for me either! I do take the blame, and was gonna leave it at that till I saw all the non sense he was talking on facebook. If you don’t believe me ask Tim or Sunny if the fight coulda went on. All good and I’m sure we’ll get it on sometime in the new year.
    Happy New Years to Topmmanews and all the local fighters. This site is awesome, I’ll definitly be checking it out alot more often.

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  28. So even though your Medicals were incomplete the commission was going to allow to compete? That is very disturbing. Who specifically from the commission said this?

    The fact the promotion wanted you to fight is irrelevant.

    Medicals are like being on weight, they arethe fighters full responsibility.

    Trying to pin this on George is beyond bush-league.

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  29. Roy Park says:

    Dunno when Jarid started slamming beers that night, but before he did he helped prepare me and my cousing back stage. Thanks Jarid.

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  30. Tim Hague says:

    Hey there, just want to say that yes this fight still could have happened, the commission told me there was an issue with Jarrids medicals, but he ihad been cleared to fight if George accepts. I was not entirely sure what the whole situation was at the time, but I’m glad it didn’t happen due to simply upholding the sport in a professional light. Why don’t we do it on March 4th Unified 7? That would give you guys ample time to ensure the medicals are correct…..

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  31. BigBoi says:

    Tim I got a ton of respect for you but how can you say, “he had been cleared to fight” when he was missing a huge part of Edmonton’s requirements to fight?

    That’s like showing up for a swim meet and not bringing a bathing suit, its kind of a requirement not an ‘optional’ or ‘nice to have’.

    Fighters need to be aware of the requirements for whatever venue they’re fighting in, no excuse.

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  32. Tim hague says:

    I agree, but it’s not my job to withhold, or clear a fighter. I was simply stating what I was told by the commission.

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  33. Who on the commission was willing to let him fight Tim?

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  34. BigBoi says:

    Thanks Tim. I’ll second MAD’s question. Has no one bothered to explain to Pat Reid that MMA isn’t the same as a swim meet?

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