Toronto Police Drop Pierson


Photo by Eric Gaudreault

The Star is reporting that the Toronto Police Service has revoked their offer of employment to Sean Pierson.

The article quotes Toronto Police spokesman Mark Pugash saying that fighting in the UFC was not the problem, his former nickname was. Pugash stated:

“In this case, it wasn’t what he was doing. It’s that you have a name that I think most people would agree is not appropriate for a police officer.”

Pierson was given the nickname by a promoter years ago but has tried to distance himself from it for a while now.

Pugash also stated that the amount of time to train for the UFC may interfere with the his job.   “It’s the concern that it requires a level of commitment that takes away from his ability to be a proper police office,” said Pugash.

Pierson stated that he will re-apply to the force in three or four years.

26 Responses to “ Toronto Police Drop Pierson ”

  1. kev says:

    that sucks monkey nuts, but yay now he’ll continue his UFC career lol

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  2. That is weak. A guy is going to get dropped due to a Previous nickname he used to have? WTF?

    Unbeleivable. That’s a loser move and a half.

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  3. It makes sense if you are only talking from a 2nd job perspective, and the risks of not being available to work a shift, etc.

    But to not allow a guy in due to a previous nickname? If that was such a problem, how did he even get so far in the process? Did they not even google his name and look him up?

    It’s differnet if his previous job was actually being a “Pimp Daddy” but a nickname? Absurd!

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  4. Zach Blaber says:

    whats his old nickname????

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  5. it’s not like it was cop killer

    but should it even matter what his nickname was?

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  6. Zach Blaber says:

    No it is not because of the Nickname its because of the Sport!!!!

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  7. Anything goes when it comes to ho’s but pimpin ain’t easy.

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  8. cody krahn says:

    This should help repair the image of TO police, at least till the next G20 in their city.

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  9. Stenson Stark says:

    It’s a crock.

    The Toronto Police Services are quoted as saying they addressed the concern with him when he first applied; then they offer him a position; then they turn around at the last second and say that he hasn’t done enough to distance himself from the name.

    Good for Sean for being so diplomatic about this.

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  10. harry balls says:

    He addressed the nickname issue and why he chose to distance himself from it. I always thought it was an unfortunate (read: dumb) handle and he stated clearly why he thought it was inappropriate. I believe the video of it is on here. This is total bullshit.

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  11. O` Papagaio says:

    This is garbage.

    Personally, I`d rather have an elite and intelligent fighter like Pierson protecting our streets than some of the clowns patroling the streets of Toronto.

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  12. Anonymous says:

    That’s seriously messed up if their decision was based SOLELY on the nickname.

    I’ve heard nicknames that police officers have for themselves – and others – and they would make “Pimp Daddy” look tame by comparison.

    I think there’s more to the story. It just seems so ridiculous to think that’s the nickname is one and only reason for their decision and it’s also quite ironic that this happened after his first win in the UFC.

    The statement “amount of time to train for the UFC may interfere with the his job” (and the possibility of a serious injury that would lay him up for weeks) is at least more believable story than the nickname.

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  13. Pete says:

    You will only get the reason that was given to the media … you may never know the real reason. Secondly, he is no good as a police officer if he gets hurt (which there is a good chance in MMA). You don’t hire someone and then a couple months into the job or his first fight he has to book off sick. Thirdly, there are too many other qualified candidates to choose from.

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  14. wooo! says:

    Not that I agree with the decision – let me say that first..
    I think we as mma fans are looking at it to one sided. Put yourself in the Police department’s shoes – One of the reasons they made their decision was based on a nickname and persona as “PimpDaddy” The nickname and persona is ridiculous. Sure, it’s not the worst, but it’s pretty silly. Also, in the article, Pierson was told to deal with the persona before entry. In response to a question about a picture on his website about him with a cane and tophat, his reponse was “that picture was taken 7 or 8 years ago” fair enough, but that doesn’t explain why it’s still on his website – Even after the department had told him to deal with the persona.

    I don’t agree with the decision, but I can kinda see where the department is coming from.
    Either way, he is doing something he loves, and he is damn good at it!

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  15. wooo! says:

    Another point – police officers are supposed to be role models for society. Sure there is bad apples in every bunch, but that’s not the point.
    Real pimps, I assume, carry weapons, abuse women, are cold, and ruthless. They don’t strut their way to a cage to fight, the real “pimpdaddy’s” the real bad boys, have this name and they surround the strees in illegal activity. Why would you want to be nicknamed after that anyways?
    Food for thought.

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  16. Stenson Stark says:

    Hey woooo…you need to take a reading lesson.

    The nickname was given to Sean when he was 23 years old by a promoter in Montreal. Of course he went with it, he wanted to fight.

    Sean is a family man who adores his wife and daughter and he has tried distancing himself from that name for years. I will never forget one interview when he was asked about his nickname, his response was classic…”i’m not a pimp, just a daddy”.

    Screw your food for thought and screw the pencil pusher at TPS who made this decision.

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  17. wooo! says:

    Well, You raise one good point. No point arguing with someone on the internet.
    You’re right. I am wrong.
    Have a good one!

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  18. Zach Blaber says:

    hey stark do you have a thing for Pierson???

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  19. stoneman says:

    F#$%^n police services. I’m not surprised. This guy will actually fight a bad guy and not tazer his ass or beat him will batton or better yet shoot him. In fact guys like this will serve the force well – but i guess they name callin’ issues to worry about. Great work with my tax dollar you morons . I dont think pierson is a pussy ass’d bitch like the majority of the cops are. Just look at the recent posting of the cops beating a cuffed WOMAN in ottawa……..and they are worried about someguys nickname……seriously WTF (yeah i know its a diff. department – but its a national problem)

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  20. harry balls says:

    Again,’wooo!’, Pierson made it clear he loathed the nickname and asked not to be called by it. There is a vid of him saying as much if you snoop around.
    Think of the idea behind a nickname: 99% of the time it’s a handle OTHER PEOPLE call you by. I know Sean is tough, but i cannot see him slapping the shit out of everyone calling him by it due to time constraints and legal consequences. It is truly astounding the Police (in Toronto, no less) would focus on this matter in relation to their image.

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  21. Phil Baroni says:

    guess he should of called himself something like Mountain of mayham or hands of stone :)

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  22. Pat Gribs says:

    there is very clearly more to it than some nickname that he doesn’t even use. they’re simply using it as an excuse/cover for something else, perhaps he pissed off one of the higher brass.

    Dana & co. do this all the time

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  23. David Letourneau says:

    This is total bullshit, i dont think all the facts are there, cops get suspended with pay for drunk driving etc they dont get fired for htese kinds of things, the police union is very strong no way would they put up with this i believe something else came into play here

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  24. Cody Rempel says:

    The thing is he wasn’t a cop yet… he was scheduled to begin recruit training right after UFC 124 so he probably wasn’t in the union yet!

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  25. It’s just the reason they found I think. It could’ve been anything. They just wanted him off.

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