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Hello everyone!

This week has been great training for me, I have built up quickly to 3 training sessions per day. Today 4 training sessions! Got lots to catch up to because of last week (I was sick)

On the weekend I went to watch the UFC 124 live in MTL and all I got to say is wow! What a great show UFC put on! The MTL fight fans really made the show so much more intense (I have watched UFC in Vegas and its just not the same!) You could feel the electricity in the air, it was so loud and packed! Many of the fight fans went to watch the UFC for the GSP vs KOS fight (it was very well hyped) but I think they enjoyed all the other fights too, it was a great fight card!

I was super proud of all the Canadians fighting on the card, all of them did amazing! I want to wish congrats on their W and big shout out to Georges St-Pierre, Sean Pierson, Ricardo Almeida and John Makdessi!

Here is a breakdown of how I saw those fights go down;`

First fight of the night; John Makdessi vs Paul Audinwood. John peppered Paul with the jab and inside leg kick all night long, once in a while he would throw his side kick, spinning technique and axe kick, but what got him the W was his quick jab and fast, hard inside low kick. I believe that did most of the damage. Paul tried to take him down in the 2nd, but it was too late, Paul`s leg was smashed already and he seemed to be tired and have a banged up nose. John did great in defending the take down. John played it safe and smart and got the W, even though he tried to finish the fight here and there Paul was really tough and made it to decision. Paul would try to throw punches and kicks on John and John would just not be there or block all Paul`s offense easily…not one scratch on John, UD for sure.

Sean Pierson`s fight was FOTN in my books. He did great in staying on top the whole fight and for the striking his boxing looked great. Again peppering his jab a lot getting really good damage on Matt Riddle`s face. Sean was throwing good combo`s and his wrestling is at a very high level and dominated on the ground. Matt seemed like he was punching air and smiling for most of the fight. I saw Sean wiggling his hand after, he might of hurt it like he did before in other fights, I hope he will be ok and give another FOTN for the UFC in Toronto coming up!

Ricardo Almeida did awesome in the first against TJ Grant, Ricardo`s Jiu Jitsu was just too good; takedown andtext bo0k guard passes, just really slick. Ricardo did really good ground and pound in the first. Ricardo I believe took the 2nd round too but this time it was closer, more scrambles, back and forth. In the 3rd Ricardo was very tired and TJ might of got that round. Awesome to see a good Jiu Jitsu/mma fight and big congrats to Ricardo getting the W!

And last but not least, GSP vs KOS.

Georges landed so many jabs, peppering KOS, then faking the jab going low with the inside kick on KOS`s leg….All….night….long! He threw a bit of the GSP lead superman punch followed by kick. GSP landed 2 takedown`s I believe but could not keep KOS down, that didn’t matter because he was out-working KOS. I noticed in the later rounds GSP use his right low kick and hurt his shin/foot, hopefully he will make quick recovery if he is injured. KOS landed one take down on GSP and that’s all he got in all 5 rounds. I believe KOS`s eye was in pretty bad shape and that the doctor should of stopped the fight in the 4th giving GSP the TKO doctor stoppage. I saw from my seat when the doctor left the cage he motioned that there was a tiny crack that KOS could see from his eye and that’s why he let it go…Its always better safe then sorry and I think because of the fight was so big, hyped etc the doctor let it go. At this point I see GSP winning no matter what, there is no sense of having KOS lose his eye or having permanent damage because of the doctor didn’t do his job. GSP did great in working his game plan, playing it safe and getting the UD win! That’s what it is all about, especially at that level, there is so much on the line!

If you noticed, GSP, John Makdessi and Sean Pierson (they were all in training camp together) all use the same safe game plan and techniques ( inside leg kick and peppering quick jabs)

All in all, a great night of fights and awesome atmosphere at the bell center in MTL. It was good to hear KOS was humbled and that Georges got his back on the whole hype/bad guy,good guy thing. It was my first time watching UFC live in MTL and it was a great time!

Watching Georges, Ricardo, John and Sean fight really motivated me and got me all fired up to train extra hard for my next fight coming up at WRECK MMA January 28th in Gatineau at the Hull Casino. All those guys I have seen train and/or have trained with so it was really fun to watch them live in action with my girlfriend Dominik, great weekend!

If you guys need any tickets make sure to email me at asap, they are flying! I appreciate all the support and help from you guys being there for me and also getting tickets from me!

Take care everyone and I will post asap about my trip coming up, you guys wont believe it!


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  1. ONEandDUN says:

    With all due respect it’s “SHOULD HAVE” or “SHOULD’VE” never “should of”. If you’re gonna take the time to type an article, have it proof read if you have no English skills. I DO appreciate your knowledge of the MMA game.

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  2. With all due respect he has better english skills than I have.

    We Apprecite your feedback.

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  3. Your just being a nitpicker

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  4. harry balls says:

    Actually , MAD, it is “YOU’RE just being a nitpicker”, not “YOUR”.


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  5. I actually did it on porpoise

    but my english writing skills are terrible

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  6. harry balls says:

    well played…

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  7. OAMAVince says:

    Good article Boots, very interesting. I hadn’t stopped and noticed the fact that GSP, Makdessi and Pierson used the same tactics. It’s very true.

    Keep on writing and I’m looking forward to the Jan 28th fight.


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