Hybrid Combat 8 – Gatineau – March 5


Date: March 5, 2010
Location: Père Arthur Guertin Community Center in Gatineau, Quebec
Tickets: 819-246-2780

Hybrid Combat Amateur MMA

Alexandre Arsenault (11-1) vs Mandell Nallo (3-0)

Darryl Hartley (2-1-1) vs Dan Lariviere (2-1)

Derek Dexter (3-2) VS Rindi Pippers (0-1)
Ralph Jean Pierre David (3-0) VS Harley David (1-1)
Dustin Ashford (0-1-1) VS Jeff Andrews(1-1-1)
Chris Schrauwen (1-0) VS Éric Nadon (1-1)
Trevor Leroux (1-1-1) VS Cédric Mongeon (1-1)
Yves Lanthier (0-0) VS Jean-Maxime Chevrier(0-0)
Chris Hennessey-Florins(0-1) VS Matthieu Charrette(0-0)
Danny Vitous(0-0) VS Gaetan Lauzon(0-2)
Aundrey David(1-0) VS Mathieu Papineau (1-0)

6 Responses to “ Hybrid Combat 8 – Gatineau – March 5 ”

  1. Updated with the full card.

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  2. harry balls says:

    Good to see Nallo taking on a guy with a lot of ammy experience. He is something really special. I can’t wait to see him throw down again.

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  3. Claude Perron says:

    Arseneault is 12-1 now, he just beated Alex Fecteau at Ring extreme 16, arm-bar, round 2.

    He will be ready for Nallo.

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  4. A very good ammy main event.

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  5. UPDATE: updated card with most recent roster. If you are in Ottawa/Gatineau, check it out. Nallo vs Arsenault is as good as it gets in ammy MMA.

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  6. harry balls says:

    This is a fucking well run show, Ottawa peeps. I will be there with bells on. And by bells i mean a heavy buzz….

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