“The Bull” Makdessi Talks UFC Debut Win


John “The Bull” Makdessi discusses his debut win with Ariel Helwani. Makdessi kept his fight standing and easily beat Pat Audinwood in the standup to win his first UFC fight and keep his record undefeated.

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  1. jer from mtl says:

    Bull was Awesome on Saturday night! He has the potential, tools and abilities to make a major impact in this sport! Bull is a new breed of fighter, with a huge arsenal of offensive weapons which guarantees an exciting fight! EXcited to see who his next opponent will be! Striker or Ground guy?….at this point Bull has proven it doesnt really matter! “No predictions, i just know im ready to go to war”! That is his outlook regardless of opponent!!!!lol His last fight was against an experienced Ground guy with over 30 pro fights and WEC experience and Saturday he went totally dominated 9-1-1 Pat Audinwood who was classed as a “freestyle fighter” …i think the ufc will try and match him with a real striker for the next fight ….but you never know….
    Side note…did anyone catch Buffers fuck up when he announced Audinwood!? Unless he changed his name he was announced as “Awesomely HANDSOME” instead of “Awesomely AWESOME” Audinwood is tough kid and i hope he bounces back! Matchmakers do a good job in my opinion, when both guys fighting really gain many things from competing against one and other. I think this fight hopefully falls into that category!

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  2. Makdessi looked great. Rogan was constantly going off on all the Bull’s kicks.

    Audinwood was totally outclassed and appeared lost out there with no clue where that next strike was coming from. He had a huge size advantage, yet it was no advantage at all.

    Buffer also read out the 30-30 scores for Bongfeldt/Natal that were incorrect. May have been the commission’s error.

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