UFC 124 Prelim Breakdown


Makdessi debuts at UFC 124 (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

UFC 124 is this weekend in Montreal.  Top MMA News always analyzes the main card and any fight featuring a Canadian on a prelim.  Guess what? Every UFC 124 preliminary fight features a Canadian.  A few, like John Makdessi, Jesse Bongfeldt, and Sean Pierson, are making their UFC debuts as well.  Very awesome!

Go Canada!

UFC 124 Preliminary Card Breakdown:

Mark Bocek 3 vs. Dustin Hazelett 3
Sebastien – Hazelett’s creative guard will not surprise the experienced grappler that Bocek is. The Canadian will push the pace early on and look for a takedown. From there, he will look to pass guard and rain punches from the top. He will finish the fight in the second round with a TKO victory.

Don – Hazelett – Hazelett’s subs are to good for Bocek and will win in the third via arm bar.

Marc – Bocek by Decision over Hazelett

Sebastien – Hazelett by Split Decision. I don’t know why it’s not on the main card. Hazelett by a hair because of his size. It has fight of the night written all over it.

Keith – Bocek is a tough guy on the ground, but Hazelett, who has looked awful against Rick Story and Paul Daley, has looked better. I really want to say Bocek by Decision.  What the hell, lets go with Bocek.

Cody – Hazelett makes his return to the lightweight division however Bocek will spoil his return with a unanimous decision win.

TJ Grant 4 vs Ricardo Almeida 2
Sebastien – With T.J being one of my favorite Canadian prospects, I have to go with my head and not my heart on this one. The Renzo Gracie black belt will not fall prey to another straight right. The fight will be marked by a grappling duel with Almeida fighting from top and the judges will give him a split decision.

Don – Grant and Almeida will work on the ground but Grant will pound him out late in the second for a TKO victory.

Marc – Almeida by submission over TJ Grant

Sebastien – Grant by Unanimous Decision. Almeida is not the shadow of what he used to be. Grant will grind out a ground and pound win.

Keith – Grant will not be submitted. He will use striking and top position to finally get two wins in a row in the big show.

Cody – Grant has alternated wins and losses since his UFC debut but look for him to buck the trend and put together his first 2 fight win in the Octagon with a second round TKO.

Jesse Bongfeldt 2 vs Rafael Natal 4
Sebastien – Bongfeldt is a great fighter and worthy of being n the UFC but Sapo’s jiu jitsu will come in handy. I predict a second round submission for Natal via rear naked choke.

Don – Bongfeldt’s ring rust will be too much and Natal will easily submit him in the first.

Marc – Bongfeldt by Decision

Benoit – Natal by submission in the 2nd round. Natal is a hard fight for Bongfeldt who hasn’t been very active since he won the TKO belt.

Keith – Bongfeldt is in the wrong weight class and has had too long between tough fights.  Have to give it to Natal by Decision

Cody – Bongfeldt has not fought in over a year but look for him to make his return in a big way with a ground and pound stoppage in the first round.

Staff has Doerksen jabbing his way to victory over Miller.

Joe Doerksen 3 vs Dan Miller 3
Sebastien – Doerksen takes the fight to everyone who agrees to battle with him but Dan Miller’s wrestling is superior. This fight will earn Dan a unanimous victory decision win similar to his brother Jim’s.

Don – Doerksen will put up a hell of fight through the first but get caught in a guillotine early in the second.

Marc – Doerksen by TKO

Benoit – Doerksen by Unanimous Decision. Two very similar fighters. Miller is stronger, but Doerksen is more complete. It’s a toss-up, but I say Doerksen because he’s Canadian.

Keith – Doerksen will get taken down a few times but as long as he does not get too comfortable on his back, he will win the striking battle and TKO Miller

Cody – With his only three UFC losses being to the upper echelon of the MW division look for Dan Miller to pull off a hard fought decision win over the cagey veteran Doerksen.

John Makdessi 6 vs Pat Audinwood 0
Sebastien – The Laval prospect will give us his usual display of sprawl and brawl and impress Dana and co. with a TkO victory in the first round.

Don – Makdessi will control the fight, stick to his game plan and grind out a unanimous decision.

Marc – Makdessi over Audinwood by TKO

Benoit (full fledged member of Team Bull) – Makdessi by TKO in the first. OK, I am REALLY biased, but Audinwood is young and hasn’t really fought anybody like John before. He’s in for a big surprise.

Keith – I expect Makdessi come out slow and maybe lose the first two but pour it on after the first.  Makdessi by TKO in the 3rd.

Cody – Look for “The Bull” to rush into the UFC and secure yet another TKO victory in the first round.

Pierson pounds out Goodall (photo by Mike Fischl)

Matt Riddle 0 vs Sean Pierson 6
Sebastien – I’ve been waiting for Pierson to get his UFC shot for what seems like an eternity. For those who haven’t witnessed Pierson’s ground and pound in person, you will undoubtedly be impressed as the ground shakes and ripples are sent throughout the room with every blow. Though Riddle is a formidable foe, I fear for his surfer’esque good looks. Pierson by TKO in the second.

Don – I think Riddle vs Pierson will be fight of the night. It will go back and forth will exciting exchanges on the feet and the ground. Pierson will outlast Riddle and pound him out for a TKO win late in the third.

Marc – Pierson over Riddle by TKO

Benoit – Pierson by Unanimous Decision. Hell, I don’t know. Two very similar fighters again. Pierson by home town advantage.

Keith – Pierson will take Riddle down at GNP him.  1st round.

Cody – Riddle has put together an impressive 5-1 record with all his bouts taking place in the Octagon however look for Pierson to put a stop to his winning streak and secure the decision victory.

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