Leonard Asper Becomes CEO of the Fight Network


Leonard Asper, Fight Network CEO

Big changes are happening with our friends at the Fight Network. It was announced yesterday that they had filed for Bankruptcy according to http://pwinsider.com. The Fight Network was left in ruins after previous owners had essentially run the company into the ground. The people working with the network currently are some of the hardest working people in the game, but it’s tough steering a sinking ship.

A few hours after the news broke, it was announced that Leonard Asper, former owner of the Canwest media empire, has taken over as CEO of the Fight Network effective immediately after a group he is heading has taken over the company.

This is exciting news as the network could use the help.

5 Responses to “ Leonard Asper Becomes CEO of the Fight Network ”

  1. Conrad says:

    Is this good news or bad news?

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  2. Bigtoe says:

    Hopefully they make big changes and show much more MMA! With all the great regional cards around you would think that would be a good starting point. Who the fuck wants to watch Wrestling 24/7? I don’t know what the fuck they were thinking! MMA is the fastest growning sport in North America and this shitty channel showed hours of fake amature wrestling during primetime.

    I had the channel for a couple of months and I couldn’t believe the shit they had on there.

    Line up a couple of decent personalities, a couple camera’s and hit the fucking pavement!

    Sorry, I’m just bitter I payed for this channel in the first place.


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  3. harry balls says:

    Totally agree about the WWE bullshit. I never ceased to amaze me how much time they devoted to that garbage.

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  4. Bigtoe says:

    Ring of Honor wrestling ROCKS!!!! Oh wait a minute if fucking blows!

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  5. Ribcracker says:


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