MB Commission Offering MMA Judge Training to Public


What’s the biggest problem in MMA these days?  If you watch a Leonard Garcia fight, you would probably answer “Judging”.  The Manitoba Boxing Commission will be looking to address judging issues by bringing “Big” John McCarthy back to Winnipeg to teach his COMMAND course for Mixed Martial Arts Judging officials.

The two day course will be held over the weekend of January 22-23 and will be available to

  • any current official of a combative sports commission,
  • anyone looking to become an MMA judge or commission member
  • anyone wanting to learn more about MMA

Joel Fingard, the Executive Director of the Manitoba Boxing Commission, commented on why the MBC is bringing the course back to Winnipeg for the second time.

The Manitoba Boxing Commission is bringing back the Big John McCarthy COMMAND training and certification course for the second time since November 2009 to continue to provide training to its current officials and open up the opportunity to others who may be interested in becoming an official or who have a general interest in the sport. The Manitoba Boxing Commission strongly believes in ongoing training for all of its officials. We provide ongoing training opportunities including certifications for officials in the sport of MMA and Boxing. We have and will continue to bring to Manitoba some of the top officials and courses in North America.

The cost of the two day course is $400.  If you are interested, click on this link for further information ( MBC – McCarthy COMMAND MMA Course Jan 2011)

17 Responses to “ MB Commission Offering MMA Judge Training to Public ”

  1. David Letourneau says:

    Its about time.

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  2. Letourneau… sadly many judges already took the course in Manitoba before your fight.

    Although I am told that I should take it as I was told that I viewed your fight incorrectly by an official. I might take them up on that.

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  3. Sounds like there are still a few available spots for this course. I highly recommend anybody interested to jump on this opportunity. Just the opportunity to hear Big John teach for 2 days about judging would be a great time even if you didn’t intent on ever judging.

    I dont’ ever intend to be a judge but would love to take this for the knowledge.

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  4. BigBoi says:

    You mean the same commission that thought having Marcus Hicks fight Jeff Monson was a good idea?

    I’ll reserve judgement.

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  5. I agree about that fight being a BAD idea Bigboi, but that has nothing to do with the benefits of this course and the educational value it brings.

    2 separate issues.

    I think the commission should be more aware of style matchups, and which fights make sense, but the Command course is solid, and can only benefit anybody who takes it.

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  6. Pete says:

    Having taken the course I would not only recommend it to those wannabe Judges and fans but to the fighters so you can see exactly what a judge is looking for … would give you a tactical advantage. Besides Big John is a hell of of a nice guy and the course is extremely informative

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  7. Very good point Pete. Never thought of that.

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  8. I’m looking forward to this course, and seeing how many other people i know taking it. Pretty sure i’ll know most of the nerds in the room.

    This is a very beneficial course for anybody who is interested in MMA.

    Going to be a great learning experience.

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  9. jorge luiz cano says:

    gostaria de saber quais os requisitos necessarios para fazer um curso de juiz do UFC ou mma

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  10. BigBoi says:

    O que é engraçado é que a maioria dos fãs segurar comissões menores e promoção de um padrão não atendidos pelo UFC quando se trata de juízes e árbitros.

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  11. Robin Black says:

    I don’t speak Sexy Mediterranean.

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  12. Justsayin says:

    Boi’s lightin up again!!

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  13. Robin Black says:

    Its a bit early for the weeds BigBoi

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  14. CM says:

    He might be blazing but he’s also right!!

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  15. BigBoi says:

    CM obrigado.

    Olhe quantas refs boxe e juízes trabalho mostra UFC? Olhe quantas pessoas construído em Las Vegas atual quadro regulamentar da indústria de boxe. Com tudo isso conhecido ainda condenam uma comissão local para pequenas transgressões e erros. Agora eu acho que as pessoas me conhecem suficientemente bem para saber que eu ainda vou crucificar uma comissão ou promotor para incompatibilidades maciça e usando adversários profissional, mas os erros são apenas pequenas dores de crescimento. Quero dizer, não é como nós temos treinadores de natação execução comissões no Canadá.

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  16. Justsayin says:

    Ahh! It all makes sense now! :)

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