Awada Combat Club ERA Fight Night Quick Results


Shane Campbell defeats Tony Hervey by Split Decision (29-27, 27-28, 29-26)
Graham Spencer defeats Mukai Maromo via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 20-37)
Luke Harris defeats Ryan Ballingal via Submission (Inverted Triangle Choke), Round 1, 1:12
Mark David Burns defeats Justin Smethurst vis Submission (Rear Naked Choke), Round 1, 4:54
Nolan Cairns defeats Richard Emery via Submission (Armbar) Round 2, 3:27

25 Responses to “ Awada Combat Club ERA Fight Night Quick Results ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    WTG Graham, I’m looking forward to seeing the play by play on that one. I am sure it was a battle for both fighters.

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  2. Mike Davis says:

    congrats to Shane Campbell that is a MASSIVE WIN!

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  3. Jamie Locke says:

    Split decision, must have been a tough one. Really looking forwar to reading about those two main events tomorrow.

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  4. james says:

    it as a split decision, but it was a one side beating by shane campbell. the lion heart didnt have much heart in the second round and he fake getting kicked in the nuts. the first round was close and was probley tonys but campbell beat him bad for the next two rounds. shane had a point taken away in the second for the goin shot and didnt get a warning. the thia skills were too much for tony.

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  5. james says:

    all the fights were good and the only kind of miss match was luke harris’s fight but for five fights it was an action pack night.

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  6. Team Divolic says:

    I dont know how you can say Lion Heart had no heart, that guy leaves everything in the ring, and lets remember Shane could not make weight for the 155 fight so they had a catch weight at 160, and to say that he faked getting hit in the nuts, But theres no point getting into on here with you, You have no class for even leaving a comment like that, And last No matter where the fight was how many times do you see a an out of towner lose by decision???? And Tony took this fight on very short notice and didnt really find out who he was fighting until a few days ago, So dont be to quick to comment on things you do not know all the facts,

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  7. james says:

    very true, sorry buddy but i still dont think he got kicked in the nuts tho but he very well could have, but do you think he deserve to get the point taken away than?

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  8. james says:

    i shouldnt have said he had no heart because he showed lots of heart taking those punches and knees, it just seem like he didnt take the goin shot and he stayed in there when most would have bailed out.

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  9. Bobby Karimi says:

    I think Shane Campbell won that fight 29-27, at absolute worst it was a draw 28-28. I don’t see how someone scored it for Hervey.

    But there was no faking of that nut shot, I as well as other at my table clearly heard the kick hit the cup (was actually noticeable). Then after the restart I noticed Hervey wince on at least 2 occasions as he was striking.
    (The blow definitely looked accidental)

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  10. james says:

    it was a good fight tho, and was pretty exciting. and my bad thanks bobby, if anyone would get kicked in the nuts they be wincing too.

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  11. says:

    wow even when the home town guy gets beat he wins …hervey won thats fight .plus shane never made weight

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  12. james says:

    the only reason it was a split descsion was cause shane lost one point. shane might have never made weight but that doesnt mean he lost the fight. tony didnt have to fight him at 160 if he didnt want too. at the end of the second round in case you didnt know tony crawled to his corner and in the third toney was on his hand and knees and was in any rush to stand up.

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  13. Team Divolic says:

    Thanks you James for your last comments, Tony is a true Lion Heart and he your right he didnt have to take the fight but he did, he was suppose to fight Mukai, then shane. And if it was not for Tony this event would not have happened, And not to mention there was more illegal blows by Shane in this fight that were allowed. North to South elbows along with strikes to the back…He should learn the rules b4 taking another fight b4 injuring oppenants…He is a great striker and but hes in MMA now,play by the rules

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  14. BRD AT WRK says:

    WOW great fights solid night of great action,congrats and thanks to all fighters for putting on a great show for everyone.ring girls were hot,quite a few people came out, not bad for a little first time show!!!

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  15. james says:

    yes the north to south elbows to the back was bad. but thats the reffing. i think they should have took a point for that not the groin shot. it would be a nice fight to have a rematch for. they both have a lot of heart and shane probley wouldnt have use those elbows if the reff would have done something about it. it happens in the ufc and after a warning you hardly see them repeat it again.

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  16. I’d definitely go for a rematch… it was interesting though the deducted point for the groin shot – I agree with BKB 100% on that it happened and was accidental – but not the north/south elbows to the back by Shane OR the knee to the head by Tony while Shane was down.

    Richie: how did Shane not make weight? Was a 160 catchweight fight. I also don’t agree with your point that Tony won, maybe the first round – it was a close fight for sure.

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  17. Team Divolic says:

    thanks Jason but take another look at the fight, i have the first 2 rounds and the first round Tony was doing more controlling the ground game Shane had a few shots but it was Tonys round, Again the second round at the very least with the point deduction was 9-9, which would have the fight 19-18 for Tony, And again about the elbows yes the ref should stop it from happening but Shane should know better, And not to mention when Shane was gonna get slammed he grabbed the rope to stop it then complained he was gonna get thrown out of the ring..which led to his slam right after….Tony Hervey won this fight…if not atleast a draw

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  18. Team Divolic says:

    Hey Jason the fight was supposed to be 155 at first but Shane culdnt make the cut

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  19. Jason says:

    I’m not a ref or judge – and trust me, you really don’t “see” the fight when shooting through a camera. Am looking forward to seeing the video! And I can definitely see a rematch down the road between these two.

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  20. MMA INSIDER says:


    Firstly, both of these warriors took this fight on only 2 weeks notice. So it was not just Tony who showed tremendous heart, but Shane as well.

    Secondly, It’s not that Shane couldn’t make the weight, It is my understanding that the contract was signed by Hervey and his camp to take place at 160 lbs. Shane Campbell has over 50 pro muay Thai fights which almost all took place at 155, including a couple down in Florida that took place at 147. Which he made weight for. So lets not make a huge deal over an agreed upon contract.

    Third, I personally think that the elbows Shane through were mostly 45 degree’s, not 12-6 elbows. But, even if they were illegal blows, Tony did intentionally knee Shane in the head while they were on the ground. Now as much as we wish the PRIDE rules were still in effect they are not, so I consider the elbows and illegal knee a wash.

    Fourth, the low blow buy Shane looked to be unintentional to me. Did it land in the junk? For sure!! was it worth a point deduction? I don’t think so at all.

    Fifth, The decision. I give round 1 to Hervey, which was close. But round 2 and 3 were clearly all Campbell. Not close at all in my eyes. Shane is throwin flying knees! Slamming Hervey! Who would’ve thought that a Muay Thai Champ would be slammin guys!! Damn what a great fight!

    When it comes down to it. The ref was brutal in this fight, and thats a shame. It always sucks when two guys go to war like this and a ref does a shitty job. As we all saw this weekend with Nam Phan vs. Leonard Garcia. Anyways, I think an automatic rematch is not warranted. Lionheart should string a couple wins together then get a rematch. Perhaps he could fight one of Shane’s teammates, then work his way back to a rematch with Shane. This is all my opinion of course, because I am pretty sure if you ask Shane Campbell he’ll say “fuck ya lets do it! ”

    Shane and Tony are both Warriors! period.

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  21. nicckers says:

    shane lost this fight . i felt that hervey did more in the 3 round to seal the deal, with the front flip and the diffrent style of fighting .he show more heart and determination.also this was suppose to be at 155 shane could not make weight thats why it was changed to a catch weight fight ..shane is a good fighter but should stick to muay thai because in mma he seems to be all over the place with weight class. 170-155-now catch weight at 160.This not even a weight class.Were will campbell fight next.

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  22. Cody Rempel says:

    It’s EFFECTIVE striking, grappling and octagon control… Heart and determination unfortunately have nothing to do with the criteria for winning a fight, neither the double knee or the front flip landed with enough power to do anything to affect the outcome of the fight, Campbell dominated round 2 and 3.

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  23. BRD AT WRK says:


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  24. MMA Insider: couldn’t have said it better myself!

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  25. Team Divolic says:

    MMA Insider {apparent Shane Campbell friend and fan}

    Heres my responses to your 5 points

    #1 Yes both fighters did take this fight on short notice, But Shane was more prepared to fight then Tony because if you recall Shane NOT Tony was sceduled for Aggressions show, which you will agree Shane hadmore time to prepare to fight someone.

    #2 You have the wrong info, Shane could NOT make the 155 weight for the fight. That is why a catch weight was made for this fight. So yes they both signed it but once again it was because Shane couldnt make the weight.yes Shane does have over 50 Muay Thai fights but this is MMA and he only has 2 fights, and 1 he could not make weight for. So there is NO debate on this this is the FACTS.

    #3 As a MMA Insider you should Not believe that 1 foul erases another foul, And it wasnt 1 elbow, there was 26 elbows some arched some not. Check the MMA Unified Rules and you will see strikes to the back are not allowed. Neither are north to south elbows. Tonys knee to Shane should not have happened but it was more a wash then anything. But either way an illegal blow.

    #4 Do I think Shanes lowblow was intensional….NO I don’t should he have been pointed?…No a warning yes. For the repeated elbows yes and even ruled a No Contest

    #5 I agree round 1 to Hervey very close though, round 2 another close round possibly Shanes but a point was deducted so even. Round 3 I would give it to Shane not overwelming but he took it.
    Scorecard Round 1 10-9 Tony Hervey
    Round 2 9-9 {10-9 Shane -1 point}
    Round 3 10-9 Shane Campbell

    Score 28-28 this fight is a draw

    And as for Shanes slam it was a nice slam who would have thought it from a muay thai champion….but remember just seconds before that when Shane was about to be slammed how he clinched the top rope…was that legal??? But that was a strong clinch on the ropes.

    My thought are I agree both these guys are true warriors and like I said this is no questioning Shanes ability to fight, His muay Thai record says it all. As to a rematch? My opinion Shane would have to make weight of 155, and as for Tony having to have a few fights before a rematch? I dont think so. I say 1 would be enough. Tony gave Shane the opertunity so Shane should do the same. As for an fight against a member of Shanes team hows this sound.

    Tony “LionHeart” Hervey
    The Afrikan Assassin
    Mukai Maromo
    From what I heard that was supposed to be the fight for Tony anyways who would like to see this happen? I would, but there is other matters to happen first, but Ill be the first to make suggestions, From what I hear Mukai is Shanes great friend and top on Shanes Team. Like MMA Insider suggested. Lets make this happen.
    With a ref that knows what hes doing.

    Tony, Shane and Mukai are all great warriors and always make an exciting fight

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