EDM Commission Rules Cox Out, Huveneers In


The Fight Club president Mark Sinclair has informed Top MMA News that the Edmonton Combative Sports Commission has ruled that Chad Cox is not experienced enough to take on Nick Hinchliffe at TFC 12. Cox was 5-2 and had most recently lost to the extremely tough Nordine Taleb at W-1. Taleb was Cox’ sole loss since 2007. If true, this is an extremely perplexing decision as this is the same commission that approved the highly one sided Joe Riggs vs Trent Thorne and Dan Severn vs Tom Benesocky KOTC matchups two weeks ago.

Cox’ spot in the main event against Hinchliffe will be taken by Bastien Huveneers (8-3-1) in what should still be a very good fight. Huveneers, who now resides in British Columbia, has appeared at Light-Heavyweight throughout his fight career but will dropping to Middleweight for this title shot. Mark Sinclair has had to scramble to save this main event fight as it was originally Cody Krahn vs Chase Degenhardt, then changed to Craig Brown vs Degenhardt, then Cox vs Hinchliffe, and finally Hinchliffe vs Huveneers.

Huveneers last appeared at AFC where he lost to Abu Dhabi champion Robert Drysdale in a Light-Heavyweight fight.

UPDATE: Edmonton Commission confirmed that Chad Cox is not approved to fight Nick Hinchliffe.  Top MMA News would like to make it clear that Chad Cox is not suspended and is allowed to fight on TFC 12 against other suitable competition.

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20 Responses to “ EDM Commission Rules Cox Out, Huveneers In ”

  1. Chase Degenhardt says:

    knock on wood for those two guys, this main event seems to be cursed..

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  2. Jamie Locke says:

    Yeah, Mark has had no luck keeping this one together.

    I don’t understand this commission, two weeks after Riggs vs Thorne.

    Maybe these guys are starting to crack the whip on mis-matches? But I honestly think the Cox vs Hinchliffe match was fine, Cox hasn’t been finished in his two losses and is a good all around skilled fighter. I am sure he is pissed about this missed opportunity.

    Where is “In the Know” on this stuff? I wonder if the commission will start cracking down on weight misses?

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  3. Hank says:

    What the fuck?

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  4. Sean Quinn says:

    Considering all of the other shit that they let slide, this is pretty fucking stupid.
    There needs to be people on the commission that actually take an interest in the sport and follow the sport.
    Not a bunch of boxers and karateka’s.

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  5. Jamie Locke says:

    Apparently they just look at sherdog and that’s the only history they get on fighters. I don’t think that makes any sense as sherdog isn’t 100% correct, there are always fights both in the W and L columns that are missed for fighters, some people have multiple profiles that are all messed up, names are incorrect etc.

    I’d like to see Commissions become accountable for their decisions, maybe release statements to the press, such as this site, with the reasons for calls.

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  6. JayKay says:

    LOL – Now the Swim Coach decides to do his job? Freakin’ pathetic when you look at all the other mismatches and craptastic fights that have been approved.

    This is why the sport needs more athletes and people with a deeper understanding sitting on the commissions. When we leave it up to the rookies we get crap like this.

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  7. InTheKnow says:

    It was Ok’d at first, but was brought to their attention later.

    On that note, I do think it was a mismatch, not as bad as others, but still needed to be looked at, I have no problem with people bringing concerns to any Commission.
    (Again, people should be showing up at Commission meetings across Canada)

    However, I don’t agree with the Commission flip flopping or following outside influences, the problem here is that no one on the Edmonton Commission seems to have any knowledge, they have been forwarding and asking questions from a small source of outside people, it’s been really odd lately.

    Apparently what has occurred is while 1 group inside the Commission has been just approving everything (from bouts to rules) a couple of members have recently been trying to ask more questions and push for more experienced regulation.

    They need to either hire an independent/unbiased group of experts or the City needs to hire new more knowledgeable Commission members come Jan 1st.

    As far as weight misses, the Commission was originally going to fine the promoter for missed weights… I’m was never informed how they came up with this, but it was never put into effect.

    I think it needs to be handled on a per fighter bases, maybe if consecutive missed weights occur then suspension or increased purse loss and finally not being allowed to fight at that weight.

    However, this is as much if not more, the problem of the promoter, if they are ignorant enough to sign fighters they know regularly miss weight then the fault lies with them.
    Maybe that’s where the fine comes in.
    Fighter comes over weight 2nd time with same promotion, Promoter gets fined for creating a bout they know 1 fighter will weigh over.
    Either way, they have the power to either not sign them or only sign them if they move to the next weight category.

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  8. Jamie Locke says:

    Did no-body bring to their attention the Rigg vs Throne mismatch? Or any of the Dan Severn mis-matches that happen almost monthly?

    How can the commission maintain any credibility if they make a decision, get a phone call (from potentially a rival promoter looking to hurt the show) then change their mind?

    I am planning on attending meetings for my local commission, but with no national standards, what happens here has no effect on what happens in Edmonton. I do try and read any minutes that et posted from several different commissions.

    If they are going to allow some promotions to have mis-matches and others not (not that I think this was mis-matched), than will their be some publication or guidline saying which mis-matches are allowed and which are not?

    I am more than happy to hear if a commission is tightening up and starting to enforce rules to protect the safety of athelets, but they need to be unbiased and accountable. I see 0 accountability in apporving a fight, receiving a phone call form someone saying “Hey Bill, I think this one is a mis-match, you want to scratch that for me?” and the commission changing the call on this basis.

    If this is how they opperate, couldn’t a promotion appeal their decision, if they had enough people saying they didn’t think it was mis-matched?

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  9. InTheKnow says:

    2+ years ago, you could make an appeal.

    Edmonton has gone off the deep end the last 1 1/2 years or so.

    City based Commissions are accountable to the public, they are public Commissions, and that’s the problem when no one shows up to meetings.

    I hate to say it, but all of you online who bitch about it, either need to shut up and live with it, or man up and start going to meetings and doing something about it. (This is NOT directed at anyone in particular)

    Calgary survived Candy. (don’t let this scare you, but she maybe back)

    River Cree/Red Deer, hated by most, but ask any official and they’ll tell you they run a tight ship.

    Manitoba had it pretty easy with CFC and their great matchmaking, and then showed their ignorance with the Hicks Fight

    BC is all over the place.
    Like illegal shows being run better then most legal shows.

    Sask is Illegal.

    I actually think the state of regulated MMA in Canada has gotten worse.

    One problem is you can’t have people involved in the sport be involved in regulation, you just can’t, there will always be a conflict of interest.

    But give it 10+ more years, and when fighters/coaches/instructors start to retire and are no longer “hands on” in the industry, they will be able to join Commission without any conflict and will start to regulate the sport the way it should be.

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  10. UPDATE: Edmonton Commission confirmed that Chad Cox is not approved to fight Nick Hinchliffe. Top MMA News would like to make it clear that Chad Cox is not suspended and is allowed to fight on TFC 12 against other suitable competition.

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  11. Bobby Karimi says:


    It’s not a mismatch in my opinion. What makes it a mismatch, I’m curious?
    Also which commission hasn’t had fights similar to this fight?

    By the way I really appreciate the comments you’ve made on the site and find them interesting and insightful, a great addition to the site. Thank you.

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  12. Tyler Davis says:

    ya the commission has let far worse fights go. dan severn fighting a guy 1-0 , i would say rigs vs throne was record wise a mismatch compared to this one but thorne was game to take it props. I fought jesse fox for my second fight and i think he had like 5 ammy fights and five pro fights. so why now is the commission is starting to take action? my brother got suspended recently so it seems as if they want to start ACTING!!! like a commission now

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  13. Jason Heit says:

    Why would the commission wait this long to decide its a mismatch. Pavelich must be having a martini over this one or maybe with the commission members lol.

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  14. InTheKnow says:

    Thanks BK.

    And every Commission has had some mismatches, but none near as bad as Edmonton has had in 2010.
    Things have just seemed to fall apart for them this year, specially the 2nd half.

    For me and Commissions I have talked with, a mismatch is when a Fighter does not have a “reasonable” chance to win the bout.

    I don’t think anyone who doesn’t know Cox personally thinks he will win.

    And 5-2 sounds OK, but not when you look at the combined record of fighters from his wins 6-14

    So the question I would ask, does he have a reasonable chance to win?
    Personally I don’t thing so.

    But, I think once the Commission has OK’d a bout, they should have to stick to it, or cover costs of booked flights/hotels/purse/etc if the bout approval was changed.
    As it is not fair to both the Promoter and the fighters

    And JH, at least this one was 10 days out, I’m pretty sure they screwed the main event over for an Aggression show?? with only a day or 2 before the show last year and I believe it cost them $$ to reimburse the Promoter.
    Not 100% on show name.

    Unfortunately I don’t think this is them starting to act like a commission, as this was “brought” to their attention.

    I would be happy for them to crack down on mismatches along with other things across the entire Edmonton scene.

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  15. alandale says:

    The reason why the Edmonton commission has gone off the rails, starts and ends with Pat Reid, and how he got the job in the first place, along with his U of A buddies who got put on the commission ahead of other very experienced and qualified people who applied.

    Pat Reid is incompetent, simple as that.

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  16. INTHEKNOW you are correct we did get screwed over on our first show and after an intelligent conversation with Pat Reid and other commission members we were compensated for flights. We were not fans of the direction the commission was taking at first but we understand things a lot better now. In my dealings Pat Reid is far from incompetent and has made some very positive changes. I am finding out that certain people in this industry have no lives and would rather just spend their days trying to meddle in other organizations business. Case in point, 2 promoters tried to shut down the ACC show on friday. In most peoples opinions the card was unreal with potential fight of the year going to the main event. On a side note i cant wait for the hinchliffe vs huvaneers fight. Nick fought on our Vernon show and is fantastic to watch. I was fortunate enough to watch Huvaneers help prepare Rory macdonald for his condit fight. The commission did fight fans a favor because this should be a great fight.

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  17. Glad the Friday ACC/ERA show went! Even though it was only a 5 fight night, there was definitely some great action!

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  18. Ken H. says:

    I don’t usually say anything, just read what others say, but I feel a need to say something now, to “InTheKnow”. You made a comment earlier that “Calgary survived Candy”,…but she may be back. I would love to know what you meant by Calgary surviving Candy. I know that, staying on the original topic, she researched every fight when she was chair and tried to avoid any gross mismatches and on top of that she seemed very knowledgeable, not only about MMA, but about all Combative Sports. Yes, I come from a slightly prejudiced viewpoint because I have been fortunate enough to meet and speak with Candy, so I know her personally, but it seems to me that Candy certainly helped grow MMA in Calgary as has been evidenced by the reduced number of big shows in Calgary now that she is no longer around. I happen to know that because of the work Candy had done, the WEC was going to come to Calgary, but the current Commission ended up losing the show to Edmonton, which probably wouldn’t have happened if she was still with the Calgary Commission. You said that she might be back, well, I hope so because the group in charge now seems fairly useless to me. By the way, how will she be back if they’ve already got the new commission for this year? Calgary council has already done the appointing and I don’t think (not sure but going to check this out in case I’m wrong)she’s on it again. Do they appoint for the new year? Maybe someone on here can research this further and respond. If you are someone that didn’t appreciate the work that Candy did, you are probably someone who wants to promote amateur mma without regulation or who doesn’t care a lot about the safety of the fighters because I know that the safety of the fighters was her first concern. I argued with her about some of the rules(for amateur)and she actually convinced me that perhaps she was right and I was wrong, but in either case I could tell that she was speaking from a concern for the fighters safety, not for any self interested reasons.

    It’s easy to knock someone when they are not around to defend themselves, but this lady does not deserve it. Let’s get Candy back and have some descent shows in Calgary again.

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  19. Matt says:

    I would love to see Taylor KING Solomon from IROQUOIS MMA/FIGHT CLUB CANADA fight Nordine Taleb from Tri star gym. Taylor Solomon recently destroyed Iron tiger/bruckmans gym fighter Mat Northcott. Northcott recently fought Alex Garcia @ring side MMA . Northcott was beating the Tristar Fighter during that match . I think Taylor KING Solomon should be noted as a top MMA prospect right now. The world Silver meadlist @ mundials and international gold medalist in judo is also 5-0 muaythai and undefeated in MMA. Taylor Solomon has competed at 170lbs 180lbs and 185lbs.

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  20. Matt says:

    I WOULD also like to seee KING SOLOMON against SHOWTIME WEDDERBURN OR Daylin Logan .

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