TUF 12 Semi-Finals Recap


Michael Johnson

“So now fuck the team” is the words of encouragement from GSP as teammates Brookins and Watson will begin training to face each other.

Flash to Watson training with Team GSP. He narrates his own career from his first fight when he had to pay to play to leaving his house, his girlfriend and even his dog to go and train with the HIT Squad and Matt Hughes. Watson remarks, “This is everything I’ve fought for, journeyed for..”

Off to team to Kos, shown laying around the gym yawning, while the coaches joke around and text on their phones. The segment turns into a Team Kos bitch feast. “There’s not much for us to do, it’s kinda every man for themselves,” sighs Andy Main. “We had some of the best coaches in the world and I don’t feel I got much out of it. We didn’t really learn much…” Marc Stevens laments. Back at the house a half in the bag Stevens does a spot on Koscheck impression just as the Kos walks in.

Next up, Brookins is trying to get some alone time to reflect and concentrate. Then to the gym where Brookins is seen training and narrating his love for his opponent and how hard it is to fight a teammate.

Back at the house, Team Kos is laying around drinking mentioning how much they dislike Nam Phan. Johnson jumps in on how dishonest he thinks Phan is. Even Lentz throws a few jabs at Phan saying he’s a backstabbing gossiper.

Flash to the gym where both Watson sans facial hair and Brookins with too much hair make weight. Fight day and a nice montage of both fighters concentrating on the upcoming match.

Jonathan Brookins vs. Kyle Watson
Rd1: Both men come out working their striking. Watson lands some nice leg kicks. Brookins lands a nice single leg takedown but Watson is right back up. Up against the cage, Brookins is really looking for the take down but Watson escapes. In center ring, Brookins sets up the single again with some strikes. Brookins lands in half guard against the cage. Watson regains guard while Brookins starts to work his offense from on top just as the horn sounds.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Brookins

Rd2: Brookins comes out hard and shoots the double, but Watson sprawls out. Brookins counters with the judo throw and Watson is on the canvas. Brookins starts to work the GNP from inside the guard. Watson is able to kick out but Brookins jumps his back. Watson uses the cage to his advantage to esacpe the RNC but Brookins regains top position. Watson keeps trying to kick out again but Brookins sticks to him like a white on rice. Watson escapes to his feet just as the round ends.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Brookins

Rd3: Watson bull rushes Brookins into the cage. Watson lands a nice straight right jab on Brookins. Brookins presses forward hard and lands the double. Watson is able to stand back up and lands some nice dirty boxing on Brookins. Brookins regains his composure and lands a beautiful scoop slam and Watson is back on his back. Brookins working hard to control Watson on the ground. Brookins jumps Watson’s back again just as the round finishes.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Brookins

All three judges score the fight 30-27 for Brookins and we have our first finalist. Dana White comments on how humble and respectful Brookins is in victory. We then see GSP consoling the losing Watson. Kyle says he’ll take a few weeks off then take the tools GSP taught him back to the gym and be back.

Back to the house and most of Team Kos are sitting back discussing the lengthy times of Nam Phan’s nightly showers. Wilkinson says his heard odd sounds coming from the door. So the plan for the night is too catch Phan “waking his shazam” as they say. They lie in wait for Phan’s shower to hit the midway point and pounce in to catch him red handed or white handed depending on the point they entered at.

In the gym with GSP telling Johnson he’s the underdog against Phan. Nice training montage of Johnson and GSP. Joke of the season goes to Cody McKenzie for “what does team Koscheck and Nam Phan’s wang have in common? They all got beat on national TV”

In the house, Nam Phan is pleading with his team to let him focus on his upcoming fight. Nam heads to the gym alone to train, no coaches nor no team show up to help him out. Nam is shown shadow boxing alone in the cage. Nam reflects on how being put on Team Kos has made him a stronger individual.

Back to Team Koscheck’s normal training session and even Koscheck is busting Phan’s chops for being caught. Finally a little coaching on Josh’s side as a nice montage shows Koscheck woking and training with Phan.

Weigh in time, Johnson 156 lbs, Phan 155 lbs we have a green light for this semi final bout. Dana chimes in with his two cents and see Phan as the favorite going into the contest.

Nam Phan vs. Michael Johnson
Rd1: Johnson comes out throwing punches and Phan kicks. Johnson catches a kick and puts Phan on his butt. Phan back to his feet only to eat a flurry of punches and another double puts him right back on the ground. Johnson backs away and let’s Phan up. This time Phan catches a kick and tips Johnson over but Michael is right back to his feet. Johnson shoots in again but Phan side steps him. Phan stalks Johnson around the ring while looking for a home for his overhand right. Johnson shoots and lands another double but Phan is right back up. Johnson pushes Phan up against the cage and lands some very solid shots on Phan’s chin. Johnson continues to pepper Phan’s face with leather against the cage. Phan’s left side of his face opens up right around his eye. Johnson continues to bully Phan against the fence, the fighters seperate just as the horn sounds.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Johnson

Rd2: Both fighters come up with confidence in their stand up. Phan lands a huge overhand on Johnson that seems to take the wind out of him. Johnson keeps pressing forward and he pushes Phan against the fence only to eat a Phan knee to the chops. Johnson looking a little tired attempts a double but Phan reverses and lands on top. Phan works some nice GNP on Johnson until he stands back up. Phan starts to land at will with his punches. Phan working shots to Johnson’s body and peppering his face. Johnson’s only offense is to push Phan up against the fence. Both men settle down and we are treated to a shot for shot last 40 seconds until the bell ends the round.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Phan

Rd3: Both men come out looking fresh and finding their range with strikes. Johnson sees an opening and lands the double leg. Johnson lands some GNP before Phan makes it back to his feet. Phan continues to work on Johnson body with punches. Johnson’s only defense is to push him against the fence. Johnson lands the take down but Phan is right back up. Johnson continues to push forward but eats a lot of leather from Phan in the process. Johnson lands a nice flurry on Phan against the cage. Phan stuffs the last two Johnson takedown attempts as the round ends. A great back and fourth fight to end the TUF season. “Johnson was all heart and balls…” says Dana White
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Johnson

It’s a split decision win for Michael Johnson. We now have the finals set. Michael Johnson and Jonathan Brookins square off with smiles on their face. That wraps up another season of the Ultimate Fighter, which will sadly be known as the TUF where some guy got caught waxing it in the shower :(

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