Jeff Monson to Headline in Winnipeg CFM Show


Winnipeg’s newest MMA promotion, Cage Fighting Manitoba, is bringing the Snowman to town.  Former UFC Heavyweight title contender Jeff “The Snowman” Monson will be taking on Marcus Hicks in the main event of CFM’s inaugural show on January 7.  Monson, 39-11 overall,  has fought nine times in 2010 – going 7-2 in the process.

Monson, who has won his last five consecutive fights, will face Marcus Hicks in the match.  Hicks is 10-20 with his most recent fight being a loss to Kalib Starnes.  Hicks is claiming to have renewed focus on his MMA career.  He says,

“I’ll be a huge underdog as usual,lol. The difference is that usually I start training for my fights out of shape and don’t really train properly (ie everyday). I basically just used the first 4 years of my career as an amateur career for myself…Now I’ve eliminated all the stupidness from my life and can now focus on fighting and let’s see what happens. I feel like I owe MMA & MMA fighters an apology for not taking it serious or training properly or showing heart in my fights…I want to see what I can do training full time and properly, going in with game plans, and using the skills I have for MMA.  I feel like I could do well in this sport, so for me my pro career starts now.”

Cage Fighting Manitoba CEO Gabriel Santos is looking forward to the fight and is proud to bring Monson to Winnipeg for the Winnipeg fans,

Cage Fighting Manitoba is pleased to bring Jeff Monson to Winnipeg.  Not only is Monson an Abu Dhabi champion but he is former UFC Heavyweight title contender.  His opponent, Marcus Hicks, has faced such standouts as Kalib Starnes and Krzysztof Soszynski.  Marcus has renewed his commitment to training and is looking to reuvenate his career with a win at the inaugural CFM event on January 7th.

CFM is looking to be an affordable addition to the Winnipeg MMA scene.  Santos describes what Winnipeg can expect from the new promotion,

My vision of Cage Fighting Manitoba is to create cards featuring seasoned professionals and local debuting fighters.  Manitoba needs more local MMA events where fans can cheer on their hometown favorites at an affordable price.  CFM will fill this gap in the Winnipeg fight scene by bringing fans exciting events for as little $25 per VIP table seat.

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56 Responses to “ Jeff Monson to Headline in Winnipeg CFM Show ”

  1. harry balls says:

    LOL :”CFM has learned that Marcus Hicks had Phenomena awhile ago”.

    Jesus Christ, proof-read your press releases….

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  2. Thanks Harry could you not have sent us a private email so we could fix it? Maybe I could get you to proof read our stuff? You are good at this…

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  3. OOPS…lol, guess my spell check missed that. Thanks!

    Merry Christmas “harry balls”

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  4. harry balls says:

    I’d be happy to proof-read for you.

    Thanks for the Xmas wishes!I hope your holidays are absolutely


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  5. mma fan says:

    didnt marcus hicks pull out of his last fight?
    is he going to pull out again………?

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  6. Jamie Locke says:

    “is he going to pull out again………?”

    That’s what she said!

    Yes, Hicks pulled out of his last fight, pretty close to the show too. One his facebook at that time he said he had a sholder injury or something and his mma career was over. Than there was this show, I figured he would find a reason to drop out again, but I did think it would be much closer to the show. He did have that post about starting over with a new focus and determination, I will beleive that when I see it.

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