The Aftermath of MFC 27


Leading up to MFC shows over the past few years, The Z-Files takes an in-depth look at the card, the fighters themselves, and the ramifications of each bout, all leading to the Top 10 Questions.

And in the past year, following each show The Z-Files has expanded its review and added in a rundown of notes, quotes, and fallout. These are not necessarily answers to the Top 10 Questions that were posed coming into the event, but some insight into what happened and what’s in store in the future based upon the results.

So coming out of MFC 27:

Douglas Lima already ranks up there with Patrick Cote as the classiest MFC champion. Not only is Lima an immense talent, but he has the charisma factor going for him in a big way – an element that Cote brought to a title reign unlike any other champion that followed.

And at just 22, Lima is only going to further master the entertainment aspects (pre-fight hype interviews, etc.) as time goes by. Who Lima faces next in his first title defense is open for debate right now but he is the kind of fighter who could truly be a great representative to the organization with a healthy run at the top.

Cote was first-class all the way while holding the MFC middleweight belt and could easily slide into a role as an ambassador for the sport or top organization representative once his fighting days are done.

It sure doesn’t hurt that Lima has quite a pack surrounding him. His brother Dhiego looked fantastic in his promotional debut at MFC 27.

While Douglas’s strength is his outstanding jiu-jitsu skills, it appears as though little (though not smaller) brother has a knack for the stand-up game as he flashed a one-punch knockout in the face of sturdy Bill Fraser. Anchoring both their corners was well-accomplished veteran Roan Carneiro, who stepped to the forefront of the Lima-Jesse Juarez, ATT Atlanta vs. Team Body Shop online battle, and could very well take it to the next level if a deal is put in place for “Jucao” to square-off against “The Kansas City Bandit” Jason High.

The home-town crowd wants it, and it may very well be in the works, but a rematch between Ryan Ford and new welterweight champion Douglas Lima shouldn’t be up next for either fighter. Lima is likely to face a seasoned challenger in his next outing.

Ford, meanwhile, needs to put at least one more win together before forcing the issue on a second tilt with Lima, who dominated their first clash en route to a second-round submission win. Ford looked good at MFC 27, but not to the point of deserving a third chance at the MFC crown. Let’s not forget this is the guy who lost twice to smallish welterweight Pat Healy, including the inaugural MFC 170-pound title fight, and then was beaten by Lima.

And at while he did pick up the win at MFC 27, Ford clearly lost Round 1 to Pete Spratt before moving on to the win over the aging warrior. Ford is a top contender, but not the No. 1 man yet.

Much has been made about the lackluster showings of David Heath and Dwayne Lewis at MFC 27. Both were far below expectations and need to regroup fast as they are both likely ticketed for returns at MFC 28 in early 2011.

The matchup for Heath could come against Tom Watson – both are coming off disappointments and need to re-fire their engines to stay in the mix.

What fate lies ahead for Lewis is up in the air. He could possibly get Rodney Wallace, the late replacement who outpointed Heath, or Wallace could wind up against Razak Al-Hassan, who wasn’t given the nod by the judges but arguably dodged past Lewis in the close split-decision outcome. Lewis could also get a crack at Glover Teixeira if his travel visa issues are sorted out, and if the Brazilian doesn’t ultimately get his much-anticipated showdown with Ryan Jimmo. Much of that sorting out in the light heavyweight ranks will come down to whether the Jimmo-Teixeira bout comes off.

Kajan Johnson calling out for a title shot is a premature move on the part of the exciting lightweight. While he may now be on the right path thanks to a new training regimen, Johnson needs to get on a serious winning run before declaring he’s worthy of a run at the belt.

Let’s not forget that he is merely 2-1 in his last three fights, and while he dominated in both victories, the loss sticks out like a sore thumb. Johnson needs to put at least two more wins together, boast a three-fight streak, and then call for his shot.

Looking forward to seeing early in early 2011:

  • Curtis Demarce, to see where he stacks up against a top-tier lightweight
  • A Knockout of the Year contender in David Heath vs. Tom Watson
  • Maybe one last hurrah from Pete Spratt
  • A return from Thales Leites
  • A clear-headed, eager-to-fight Ryan Jimmo
  • The first title defense of Douglas Lima with a opening act from brother Dhiego
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