KOTC 48 Quick Results – Joe Riggs Beats Thorne


King of the Cage is live on Sunday at Rexall Place. Joe Riggs is taking on Trent Thorne in the main event.

Here are the quick results:

Joe Riggs defeats Trent Thorne via TKO (Elbows) in Round 1, 3:56

Tony Lopez defeats Raphael Bergman via TKO (Elbows) in Round 2, 2:33

Matt Baker defeats Brad Stewart via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-28)

Dan Severn defeats Tom Benesocky via Submission (Arm Triangle) in Round 1, 1:33

Tyler Davis defeats Keenan Feeney via KO (Head Kick) in Round 1, 1:19
*** Massive head kick KO by Davis – KO of the Night Lock. Feeney out cold for three minutes but walked out under his own power.

Cody Krahn defeats Shannon Ritch via TKO (Injury) in Round 1, 2:35
*** Ritch pulled his groin and cannot continue.

Kris Miskanack defeats Mariusz Zastawny via TKO (Unanswered Blows) in Round 1, 4:04
Trevor Wright defeats TJ Klassen via TKO (Unanswered Blows) in Round 1, 2:23
Mike Davis defeats Matt Knysh via TKO (Unanswered Blows) in Round 1, 2:49

* Patrick Gladue vs Bobby Kalmakoff is called off due to Gladue not passing the pre-fight physical
* Stephan St. Laurent vs Ron Pope is called off. Rumor is that Pope was injured today.

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50 Responses to “ KOTC 48 Quick Results – Joe Riggs Beats Thorne ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Insane ko by Tyler Davis,

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  2. Deezel says:

    Props to Trent for stepping up

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    Tyler Davis is definitely a frontrunner for KO of the Year with that vicious head kick!

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  4. Twruck says:

    Tyler davis definatley the best ko i have seen before such a nice head kick nut all around a pretty good fight but i would and have to say the main event with joe riggs and trent throne wasnt that much of an exciteing bout

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  5. BigBoi says:

    Dang, 25 minutes of fighting. I hope people didn’t pay too much to attend.

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  6. Cody Rempel says:

    I count closer to 45 minutes… The Riggs, Lopez and Baker fights alone were about 25 minutes

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  7. Tyler Davis says:

    big boi why are you complaining about other people paying for tickets, everyone i talked to said it was worth the show. well good thing you didn’t come, you ever have anything positive to say instead of just ragging on cards and fighters? real fans paid money and got what they paid for….fights!!!! that’s why there fans, instead of keyboard warrior critics

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  8. Tyler Davis says:

    p.s. thanks for the comments guys, im pretty sure i broke his jaw not that im proud of that by missing wieght by that much was a piss off…..he didnt even try and i moved up to 145 to fight him on short notice

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  9. BigBoi says:

    Hey Tyler, congrats on your win but you said:

    real fans paid money and got what they paid for

    Real fans got to see Elderly Severn and Shannon the Bitch?

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  10. Tyler Davis says:

    ya they did severn won and gave a little speech about how much he appreciates the fans, and shannon rich may lose but he fuckin gets in there! the fans got fights to watch if you went there why bitch about it, i talked to many fans and it was great feedback on the card

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  11. BigBoi says:

    shannon rich may lose but he fuckin gets in there

    So you would be happy with someone who’s never seen MMA watching Shannon show up for a pay cheque as they’re exposure to the sport? You’d be happy having someone watch Old Man Winter and then ask you if that’s what you do?

    Sorry man, not me.

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  12. cody krahn says:

    bigboi, I’m curious to know if you’re a fighter yourself

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  13. Tyler Davis says:

    well thats why you did not pay for a ticket and did not come watch fights, thats what fans do!!!! the shannon fight wasnt the only fight on the card so get over it, and its not like cody just walked in there and got paid….he still had to fight and win!!! i bet if you ask cody he trained very hard for the fight! i sold a bunch of tickets and everyone seemed happy with the show, when it comes down to it two guys enter a cage on leaves with their hand up! and its because someone trained harder and wanted it more

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  14. harry balls says:

    BigBoi wants what a lot of fans want: evenly matched guys , no matter what their skill level, standing in there and getting it done.
    It’s getting sad watching the same guys get finished in the first round, and it really hurts the image of the sport to have mismatches.
    I don’t ‘hate’ Ritch or Severn, but it is getting to be old hat seeing Ritch getting finished 1st round every time out and Severn smashing guys that are nowhere near his experience level. Promoters need to look at the long term, not the quick buck…

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  15. BigBoi says:

    @Cody – Yes, I’m 2-2 as a pro with an amatuer record as well.

    @Tyler – Shannon is an embarassement no matter how you cut it. If I were you I’d be pissed off that I trained hard and fought on the same card as that pointless waste of flesh.

    @Balls – Yup. I respect Shannon for his service to his country, I respect the fact that he was a ‘fighter’ at one point in his career but I hate the fuck out of his lack of willingness to fight. He cheapens the sport when he just shows up to get paid to make weight. The fucking guy hasn’t made it out of the first round since his worked fight with Severn. As for Dan, he has completely cheapened his reputation by doing works and calling them fights.

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  16. Twruck says:


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  17. Twruck says:

    @ TYLER DAVIS you did end up breaking his jaw with that amazing kick

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  18. Trent_Thorne says:

    ya man if your claiming to be a pro than use your real name! otherwise stop insulting anyone and everyone with your banter!!!

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  19. Sean Quinn says:

    ummmm, i know who bigboi is. I dont think he is coming off as some big time pro fighter. he doesnt fight anymore, but he has fought.
    he is entitled to his opinion and i agree with him 100%.
    so…shut the fuck up.
    who cares if he is a fighter? it makes NO DIFFERENCE.

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  20. Twruck says:

    well tell his name since he is talking shit about fighters he must not be that good with sportsmen ship if he is a “fighter”

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  21. Sean Quinn says:

    youre an idiot. since do you have to be a “fighter
    ” to have an opinion about “fighters”?

    Im not a hockey player, the habs are losers. Thats my opinion.

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  22. Bobby Karimi says:

    I don’t mind Severn, he’s got his place.
    Ritch is a joke.

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  23. Twruck says:

    you would think if he is a fighter he would show more sportsmenship would he not?

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  24. Sean Quinn says:

    He isnt competing, typing an opinion on the internet isnt a sport.
    Just because you are a fighter does not make you above criticism, from anyone. Sportsmanship is between fighters in competition. Has nothing to do with what bigboi is saying.

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  25. Sean Quinn says:

    plus, alot of fighters are just dicks anyways.

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  26. harry balls says:

    Whether he fights/fought or not is irrelevant. Theses shows are a product as much as they are competition. If there is shoddy work being performed (heh ‘work’ see what i did there), people have the right to point that out.

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  27. BigBoi says:

    Trent I’ve never said a bad thing about you or anyone else who shows up and fights. I’ve made many comments on wastes of air like Shannon. If you’re so concerned with “respect” why not join me in calling Shannon out for his blatant lack of respect for the sport. Think of all the time his opponent spent training for what he thought was going to be a fight (although I can’t see why anyone would think it would be) only to have Shannon tap out minutes after he makes weight.

    I’ve been there, sucked dry and miserable making weight. I know I’d be pissed if Shannon did that to me or worse yet was on the same card as me with my family watching.

    That’s like having someone show up to race F1 with a fucking Shriner Car.

    Oh and , Twruck learn how to use the fucking language before you call someone out okay buddy.

    PS – Tink I’ll punch you in the face and buy you a beer next time I’m in town. Big hugs.

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  28. harry balls says:

    “…blatant lack of respect for the sport. ”
    These 7 words sum up the entirety of my rants on Coletti, Ebejer et al…..

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  29. Tyler Davis says:

    threatening people on the net is not cool no matter how you cut it big boi, but offering drinks is. but i dont pay attention to other fighters on the card if im fighting i just focus on MY job and why IM there. so no being on the same card as shannon dont matter to me, but wow you really hate that man dont you? Twruck yes i did break his jaw with that kick i just talked to him i guess they wired it and put 4 plates and 8 screws in it. But hats off to him he came in swinging and rocked me twice, the dude was very heavy handed

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  30. trent_thorne says:

    Quinn- i said what said cause frankly just because you guys dont like Ritch doesnt mean you can come on here and talk shit about him! weather or nto i win or lose my next 10 fights its still disrespectful and would piss me off! That being said Shannon is a nice guy and i do believe he tries everytime he goes out there! (may have the biggest hart in the game, but he tries)

    Big Boi- I can appreciate your opinion and you are entitled to it, but coming on here and talking shit about fighters is very counterproductive for everyone involved with our sport wheather your an active fighter or just some guy who trolls the forums! I have my own opinion on certain fighter and promoters but i chose to keep them to myself in hopes of not damaging an already fragile sport! Maybe you should think about that before you start spewing that garbage all over a very public forum!

    Just so you guys know straight its nothing personal! I am just defending an idea of what i think the sport should be about!

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  31. JYD says:

    I stopped reading after “he tries everytime he goes out there!”

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  32. Are fighters above criticism? Are their egos that fragile? I really do not get this at all. You want to be a public figure who gets paid to do a job, guess what? Your performance will be judged.

    My name is on my articles and I have been publicly called a bunch of names for crappy writing. One of the biggest promoters in the world called this site ‘Trash’. Other writers don’t come to my defense saying ‘no writer bashing’ or ‘Keith tries hard and is a nice guy so give him a break’ nor do I expect or desire that. I throw my stuff out there into the public and realize that not everyone will like my work. In fact, I frequently use feedback to fix holes in my writing game and everyone knows we use it to improve our rankings.

    Why don’t these fighters use criticism as motivation and work to improve?

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  33. harry balls says:

    “Big Boi- I can appreciate your opinion and you are entitled to it, but coming on here and talking shit about fighters is very counterproductive for everyone involved with our sport wheather your an active fighter or just some guy who trolls the forums!”

    Bullshit. trent. It’s a matter of degrees. You offered up some valid japes at TJ Coletti. Bigboi Legitimately feels that guys like Ritch and Severn are hurting a sport we love. I didn’t wanna post this link, but maybe it’ll open your eyes to what is really going on/hurting the sport.Wake up and call a spade a spade…

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  34. Bobby Karimi says:

    “he tries everytime he goes out there!”

    And I am done coming to this thread…

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  35. Sean Quinn says:

    Sorry Trent, but you are wrong on this. And now you made Ricky Bobby Karimi leave! For shame.

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  36. BigBoi says:

    Tyler – You should care. I cornered a guy for a fight a few years back and the ‘semi main event’ was two guys making their professional debuts. The fight was at heavy weight and both guys could have fought as 170ers. It was an embarassment at weigh ins and it was worse the night of. I pulled the promoter aside after the fight and told him I’d never be involved with another show of his and I never have. I respect the sport. Guys like Shannon and Dan don’t.

    Trent – Shannon is a POS and the only thing he ‘tries’ to do is protect his next paycheque. The fucked up thing is that he could actually fight and win if he wanted to. Outside of the two Severn works (and the imaginary fights in Shannon’s head) he’s only been to the 2nd round once. I’ve seen this assjack tap midway trough a take down.

    I’ve been nice up till now with regards to the f*cked up set of events that allowed Pat Reid and company to allow you to be in the ring with Riggs but frankly that was an embarassment. What was your team thinking? Take fights that will help you develop as a fighter and challenge you to get better. Take fights with guys that are better than you but outside of not being able to train for a few weeks and being on medical suspension what did you learn from the Riggs fight outside of what most of us already knew, Joe Riggs could kick your ass. Now, I’m painfully aware that Riggs could kick my ass which is why I wouldn’t fight him.

    Stop being a child and recognize that your actions (or lack of action) has an impact on the sport.

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  37. Time to weigh in (so to speak)…

    My opinion of fighters and the sport has definitely evolved over the past 14 months that I have been shooting. At first, I was ready to give mad props to ANYONE who stepped into the cage. Now I’m not so sure – there really are people who have no business being inside the cage and, as some people – fans and fighters alike – have pointed out, I think are only hurting the sport when they consistently return the ring only to never win, and/or never make it past the first round.

    As for being on the same card as someone like this, I’m not sure it has an immediate effect on a fighter – as Tyler mentioned, he doesn’t care who else is on the card, he goes to fight and focus on his opponent and fight he does.

    I think the main issue right now, especially in Edmonton, is that everyone is trying to make a quick buck on “this MMA thing” and even though it’s allowing more fighters the chance to fight, the catch-22 is the quality of some of the cards and fights is seriously lacking. Sure, it’s MMA and anything can happen – that’s the thrill of it, but some of these guys you just know beyond a doubt what the outcome is going to be.

    As far as criticism of fighters/promotions/commissions – I think it’s totally warranted and ACCEPTABLE as long as there is some legitimacy to the criticism. A good example of this is MFC’s Mark Pavelich’s recent statement where he called out one of his fighters after an event because he was being heckled by a fan in the audience then apparently after the show the fighter tried to go after the fan.

    In Pavelich’s own words: “Attention fighters in the MFC. If a fan talks smack to you while you’re fighting in the ring no matter how tasteless or classless it is, it’s the fans’ right You are never to confront them after your bout. No matter how mad you are this is professional sports, not the school yard. Grow up or get out.”

    He makes a valid point – this is professional sports, heck anyone can rag on a hockey team or the “star player” and no one complains – rarely do you see other players stepping up and defending them the way some fighters step up and defend any other fighter, regardless of skill or potential damage they do for the sport. If you can’t take the heat/criticism from being in a public/professional position then maybe you should reconsider your career – people pay to see fights (well most pay) and if I was paying I’d be disappointed as a fan in some of the bouts I’ve seen over the past year. Who’s fault is it? The fighter? Promoter? Commission? I’m not entirely sure as that answer probably changes from bout to bout – but I do agree some of the match ups I’ve seen shouldn’t have happened, and as have been said by a few fans/fighters here are only working against the sport – not for it.

    That being said, there’s a lot I could say and agree/disagree on but because I shoot and I like to shoot, I’d rather just lurk in the background and take aim with my camera. I think my pictures speak for themselves in most cases ;)

    Sorry for the novel :)

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  38. BigBoi says:

    Good post Jason.

    The process is:
    – promoter books venue
    – matchmaker makes fights and sends offers
    – fighter and their team accept/decline fight
    – Commission has final say over card

    So I guess in this case you say the KOTC books and offers fights but it is Pat Reid and company who ultimately give the yay or nay on the issue.

    Frankly the promoter is there to make a buck, the fighter is there to fight and it is the commission’s job to make sure that safety is assured.

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  39. Oh I totally understand what the process is – just trying to retain my neutrality :)

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  40. BigBoi says:


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  41. Hey what can I say – I love to shoot and well, I’m relatively good at it. Best to keep my head down and let my camera do the talking :)

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  42. trent_thorne says:

    ok well im willing to admit when i am wrong! As for shannon Ritch and it seems Dan Severn i was wrong! abd you are right! I still disagree with the manner “you guys” are stating your opinions!

    Now as far as me and Riggs goes, anyone i train with or have trained with in the past knows i hit Hard!!!! NOW WITH THAT BEING SAID i do think i had a pretty good chance of beating him! I DONT AGREE with the fact that im being thrown in with the likes of guys who “work” fights! One thing i will say is that no matter what or who im fighting i will always give it my 100% best shot! i dont lay down for anyone and i dont ” work” fights! plain and simple! No excuses Riggs was better than me and ya probably is 99% of the time but i am getting better and will continue to do so! All that fight proves to me was that i wasnt ready! But one day i will be!

    Also in my opinion Colletti and Ritch are still worlds apart! seriously TJ obviously has some mental issues he needs to work on with a professional! NO JOKE!

    Sorry if i offended anyone i just dont like to see all this negativity especially from guys who are involved in MMA! But thanks for the enlightenment on the Ritch issue!

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  43. JYD says:

    The reason there is “negativity” in this thread is because KOTC keeps putting guys like this on their cards and expecting a quality show.

    People pay to see competitive, evenly matched, exciting fights… they don’t pay to see outmatched, mismatched, and worked fights that end in the first round.

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  44. Phil Baroni says:

    Dan Severn is a huge joke now a days and shouldnt even be fighting he’s been in more works then anyone.dan severn is just there for the pay cheque and should of retired in the 90’s..seriously people all u gotta do is keeping leg kicking severn over and overand he will drop.i think king of the cage should sign someone good to fuck dans shit up next event and tell him this is mma not wwe

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  45. BigBoi says:

    You could swap out Dan’s name for Shannon for the same post. Sadly Shannon taps out just after weighins and Dan isn’t much better.

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  46. Except Dan wins ;)

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  47. Phil Baroni says:

    im sure shannon would win against guys 0-3 also

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  48. Phil Baroni says:

    how bout nick penner fights dan servern and we see what happens lol

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  49. ambahh says:

    how bout severn vs ritch…double retirment match

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  50. ambahh says:

    Although, on a side note…. Severn has not only contributed a lot to the sport in the past, but continues to with his camp “Danger Zone” (i think) in Michigan, his gym is run like a family, some younger fighters even living in the gym to help keep on their feet that in their words.. owe the world to Dan. He should definetly quit fighting though, concentrate on his gym and promotion in Michigan.

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