TUF 12 – GSP vs Kos – Episode 10 Recap


WOOOO. The final two quarter finals are tonight. Bruce Leeroy vs Michael Johnson and Aaron Wilkinson vs Kyle Watson.

In the training session, St-Pierre takes Watson through a plan where he will take Wilkinson down from the clinch rather than with a shot. Meanwhile, Koscheck is getting Wilkinson to angle and not throw any knees. Aaron does not want to be on the ground.

Aaron Wilkinson vs Kyle Watson
R1. Leg kicks by Watson to start the fight. Watson locks the body up and tosses him down into side control. Wilkinson is quickly in the spot he does not want to be. Watson lands the occasional right but Wilkinson gets him into half guard. Wilkinson gets up but Watson drags him back down. Full mount. Watson then gets his back and has a body triangle locked on with two minutes left. Watson is looking for a Rear Naked Choke and Wilkinson taps.
Kyle Watson submits Aaron Wilkinson by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1

Koscheck is annoyed that his team lost again by Rear Naked Choke. Nam Phan is all that Koscheck has left in the competition.

Freddie Roach comes to train Team GSP’s camp. Needless to say that the guys are impressed.

Alex Caceres thinks he can stuff Michael Johnson’s takedowns and beat him standing. He correctly states that Johnson will have a lot of pressure on him. Johnson says he likes to take guys down, beat them up, then let them up, and then take them down again. He says this breaks his opponent’s spirit and he plans on doing this to Caceres.

Koscheck starts riding Michael Johnson and calls him “the black version of Georges”. He says “Georges threw (Alex Caceres) under the bus.”

Michael Johnson

Alex “Bruce Leeroy” Caceres vs Michael Johnson
R1. Leg kick by Caceres to start but Johnson starts landing and then takes Caceres down. Back up. Left by Johnson lands. Kick by Caceres and Johnson knocks his mouthpiece out with a left. Takedown by Johnson. They get up and Johnson blocks a flurry of Leeroy punches. Caceres lands a couple and Johnson goes for the clinch. Johnson starts striking and lands a nice knee. Caceres lands a knee and Johnson retakes the center of the ring. Takedown by Johnson who backs up and lets Leeroy rise. Big strikes from Johnson then Caceres lands some knees as the round ends. Koscheck yells that Caceres won the round. Top MMA News scores the fight 10-9 in a clear round for Johnson

R2. Punches land by Johnson and then a takedown. Johnson lands some left elbows on his way to side control. Caceres gets him back to full guard but Johnson lands some ground and pound. Caceres rises and Leeroy throws some head kicks that do not really land. Back on the ground, Leeroy gets top position as Johnson slips off his back. Caceres lands some big right elbows and the two rise. Close round with two minutes left. Takedown by Johnson and he throws from Caceres’ guard. The two stand with a minute left. Johnson goes for a double and takes Caceres down. Side control again and Johnson rides it out from the top to the end. Good fight.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Johnson
Michael Johnson defeats Alex Caceres by Unanimous Decision (20-18 x 2)

Josh Koscheck says that GSP “tricked Dana” and says “that fight sucked.” “My relationship with GSP is (shows middle finger) right there.”

The two coaches meet Dana White and they all agree the semi-finals should be Michael Johnson vs Nam Phan and Kyle Watson vs Jonathan Brookins.

Next episode: Two hours of semi-final action!

5 Responses to “ TUF 12 – GSP vs Kos – Episode 10 Recap ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    Watson followed his game plan perfectly. That’s what won him that fight for sure.

    The people that GSP brings in for these guys is unbeleivable. These are some lucky fighters being able to meet and learn from the best in the business.

    Who has Kos brought in?

    I thought the Leeroy vs Johnson fight was good…. I was entertained. Althgouh Johnson dominated the fight, Leeroy had a chance but couldn’t land anything, couldn’t counter and his BJJ was stuffed by Johnson’s wrestling.

    I was happy to hear Johnson say he respected Leeroy’s ability more after the fight. Noble words.

    Looking forward to next week.

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  2. CR says:

    Kos brought in Jon Fitch, but that’s it. Koscheck is such an ASS. I don’t know how Georges keeps his composure. If I were him I would have punched Koschek’s lights out by now. I hope Koscheck watched the series and sees how it’s been edited and relizes what a tool he’s been. But I doubt it.

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  3. I bet Koschek watches the show and thinks he’s ever cooler than he was before the series aired.

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  4. CR says:

    LOL MAD, your probably right!

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  5. harry balls says:

    So is Mike worse than I thought he was or is Bruce Leeroy way better than I thought he was.
    I think the semis are predictable (hope I’m wrong).

    Pham vs. Geico Caveman in the finals…

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