Top MMA News Canadian Bantamweight Rankings – November 2010


Eric Wilson working the leg (photo by Jason Bouwmeester|

In June, Top MMA News said that the story at Bantamweight in Canada was Roland Delorme and guess what? He lost at CFC 6. In fact, CFC 6 threw the division upside down with wins from Eric Wilson and Eric Perez and losses by Delorme and Remi Morvan.

There are two newcomers to the list. Eric Wilson joins the top 10 due to his decision win over Delorme and Diego Wilson gets promoted from the #11 position as Jason Towns has been inactive for over a year.

There is one major concern when looking at this list – None of the top 10 have any scheduled fights!  C’mon promoters and managers, get together and get these fighters on some cards!

Top 10 Canadian Bantamweights

1. Nick Denis (9-1) – Previous Rank (1) –Nick Denis has not fought since the last rankings and people are starting to wonder if we will hear from Denis any time soon. In fact, Denis will leave the Bantamweight list next time it is created if he does not get a 135 lb fight in. For now though, Denis remains the top Bantamweight in Canada.  Next fight:  TBD.

2. Adrian Wooley (7-1) – Previous Rank (3) –Adrian Wooley defended his W1 title in June against tough journeyman Randy Spence and for the first time since early 2008, Wooley finished off his opponent. One has to think that with teammate Sean Pierson in the UFC, Wooley might be close behind if he could win a big fight against a former WEC fighter. Maybe W1 could have him fight Abel Cullum or Chase Beebe next? Next fight: TBD

3. Roland Delorme (6-1) – Previous Rank (2) – Leg lock specialist Eric Wilson did something no one else has done in Delorme’s professional career – hand him a loss. Did Delorme take Wilson too lightly? Maybe. One knows that Delorme will be back better than ever after this setback. Next fight: TBD

4. Eric Wilson (4-0) – Previous Rank (NR) – From the ranks of the King of the Cage comes Eric Wilson. Wilson took a decision victory over Roland Delorme and vaults to #4 on the rankings. Why not #3 ahead of Delorme? Top MMA News looks at the body of work and feels that Delorme still has more wins over higher ranked fighters. Next fight: TBD

5. Hardeep Singh (10-2) – Previous Rank (4) – Singh headed to Hong Kong to fight at Legend Fighting Championship since the last rankings.  There he lost to Yohan Mulia Legowo by Triangle earlier in the first.  Legowo is no joke and is 7-1 according to Sherdog so Hardeep does not drop too far.  Next fight: TBD

6. Clayton Sheen (5-0) – Previous Rank (6) – The King of the Cage Canada champ has been inactive for eight months with no fight scheduled in the future. Maybe KOTC could get him to defend his title against Eric Davis or maybe AFC could steal him to take on Diego Wilson? Right now, Sheen stays put at 6. Next fight: TBD

Eric Perez (photo by Jason Bouwmeester|

7. Eric Perez (7-2) – Previous Rank (9) – “Fight of the Night” Eric Perez keeps steadily moving up the Bantamweight ladder. Up from number 9, Perez showed the world that he is not just a brawler at CFC 6. He displayed a solid ground game in his decision win over Remi Morvan. Next fight: TBD.

8. Diego Wilson (5-0) – Previous Rank (NR) – Wilson debuts on the top 10 despite not winning a fight since the June Rankings.  Wilson is a top fighter and was previously ranked in the Featherweight top 10.  Diego is a top talent out of Victoria.  Look for big things from him in 2011. Next fight: TBD

9. Remi Morvan (7-5) – Previous Rank (10) – Morvan is 1-1 since the June rankings. He first beat Chance Whalen in a tuneup fight at WRECK but then lost a tough decision to Eric Perez at CFC 6. Morvan showed talent and heart in the Perez loss after injuring his ribs via a Perez knee late in the first round and still gutting it out to the end of the fight. Morvan hints at fighting at WRECK in January but nothing is confirmed. Next fight: TBD.

10. Ryan Diaz (13-13) – Previous Rank (5) – After losing t0 Reuban Duran at the KOTC since the last rankings, the Lion headed to Strikeforce to face Chris Gruetzemacher. Gruetzemacher, 6-1, is no slouch and he stopped Diaz in the first. Diaz has been slowly dropping out of these rankings, a win is need to stay in the Top 10 or a hungry up and comer may take his spot.  Next fight: TBD

Fighters who dropped out of Top 10 – Sean Quinn, Jason Towns(inactivity)

Out of the Top 10:
Sean Quinn (4-4)
Josh Hill (4-0)
Mike Hong (3-1-1)
Brent Franczuz (3-1)

Not Considered Due to Inactivity:
Shane Rice
Bill Boland
Justin Tavernini
Jason Towns

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30 Responses to “ Top MMA News Canadian Bantamweight Rankings – November 2010 ”

  1. Brent Fryia says:

    Not even “out of the top ten”? Hrummphhh.
    1-1 in the last 4 months. A loss in DEEP and a win in KOTC. 5-2 overall. LOOK at ME! LOOK at ME! Somebody notice me!

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  2. Pete says:

    How about Tyler Davis? Corey Lautischer? Marc Beausoleil? etc.

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  3. Pete says:

    sorry meant Mike Davis

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  4. EPerez says:


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  5. Off the top of my head, if there was a top 20, M.Davis, Beausoleil, Lautischer, Delorme, maybe Fryia (not sure how many 135 fights he has), Desrochers would be up there. Owen Carr after his win over Beausoleil has to be up there as well.

    It got a little ridiculous when we added so many ‘just out of the top 10’ in a few categories so we kept this one light.

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  6. Mike Davis says:

    I like the rankings and that Davis kid, Beausoleil, Lautischer, Carr we are all in same class in my eyes of a big win away type deal. I dont think I belong close to up there yet I need bigger wins and will slowly work towards that in the future, glad to see Diego up there.

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  7. 6-2? I got you at 7-2 Eric.

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  8. Robin Black says:

    Lotsa guys always wanting to fight Eric, and I don’t think Eric gives two shits who’s next, but I think Brent Fryia is a logical next test for him.
    Brent is rounded with solid wrestling and toughness. Eric’s last loss was against a guy like that. Interesting.

    Really anxious to see Diego make a step up to someone like Clayton Sheen.

    Really want to see Wooley fight Sean Quinn. Maybe it’ll never happen but it’d be cool. More likely to see Quinn vs Hill, which would be a good one.

    Someone give Nick Denis Eric Wilson and lets see if Wilson really does belog to the top 5. Wilson’s whole game in the Delorme fight was a half guard foot attack game. I’d like to see how it works on someone who knows what to expect. Very interesting.

    Franzzzkuxxz vs Hong is a no brainer.

    The Edmonton guys at 135 (Davis, Bibby, Knysh, guys like that) gotta get some fights outside of Edmonton so people can see them against other opponents to gauge their level. There’s some good Edmonton Bantamweights but they never fight anyone else as a measuring stick.

    Hardeep needs a tough one too.

    Lotsa drama waiting at Bantamweight.

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  9. smash says:

    Still Josh Hill can’t break the top 10? you guys are craaazyyy! 4 and 0, 2 tko’s (with one in 43 seconds), 1 decision, 1 submission, the kid can do it all!

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  10. Dave Mah says:

    Eric Wilson is fighting very soon, I cannot say where and against whom, but he is a very good challenge for Eric. We would like to get a shot at Nick Denis after this fight…. maybe the next CFC??

    I believe Owen Carr is going to be in the top 10 very soon as well.

    Bazinga bitches.

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  11. Robin Black says:

    smash, everyone sees how good Hill is. But there’s SO many good guys out there now. A guy has to beat a Top Ten guy now to be a Top Ten guy. Hill will be there soon undoubtedly.

    Dave Mah do you work with those guys? Carr and Eric Wilson are lookin good.

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  12. There is no doubt that Sean Quinn and Josh Hill are 11 and 12. After that, it is a free for all.

    Hopefully Hill is healthy and gets some fights in.

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  13. Ian McWalter says:

    I think everyone in bantam will experience Eric Wilson’s half guard foot attack game again in the future. We are also working on the “Magnum Knee Lock” (which I shouldnt even be talking about) as well as the “5 Point Palm Exploding ankle technique”. Aint nobody seen that shizzle.

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  14. Ian McWalter says:

    I agree with Dave Mah, Owen Carr could, would and should be in the top 10 but needs to fight outside of AB to get reccognized by all you Easterners (sort of like politics). Wilson, Carr, Davis, Beausoleil, Lautischer, Davis, Bibby, Knysh etc. These guy’s are the reality of the mid west and their stock is rising despite the distance from Quebec, Manitoba, or Ontario but once again, without eastern recognition or more western development of the sport we are all stuck.

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  15. Robin Black says:

    Really only one or 2 of ’em needs a fight against a Quinn/Hill/Delorme to get a sense for how the whole lot stack up.

    So many Edmonton guys are in that logjam without any reference point. And so many of them at in the .500 range after fighting each other. Somehow one or 2 of them needs to see how that logjam measures up against the top 15 guys.

    I just can’t get over how much is goin on in this division. Curtis Brigham comin in too. Lotsa new young guys comin up as well. Gonna be cool over the next couple years.

    Any of these guys at the top who are in their 30s better only look at fighting other top ten guys or young guys gonna start pushing them back. There’s 15 guys out there that no one knows their names who are gonna fight 4 times a year and really amke this interesting.

    With this many good guys to test oneself against anyone out there only the guys who fight against the top guys will be at the top.

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  16. Ian McWalter says:

    No doubt Robin. This has got to be the most interesting division with so much potential. Pocket Sized fighters, all the battle without the food bill. Promoters need to realize that you can jam allot of these little fu!*ers in a hotel room as well as invest in smaller cages (bigger bottom line margin$).

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  17. I get tired of the Eastern bias argument, especially when only 3 of the top 10 bantamweights are eastern-based fighters.

    Bottom line – if your goal is to be recognized in the top 10 right now, beat a top guy like Eric Wilson or Roland Delorme did. All the top 10ers are looking for fights!

    If your goal is to gain experience, fight lower level guys. This is a fine strategy for a successful fight career. However, realize that this is great for the long run, but in the short run, you will not be recognized on this list.

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  18. LMAO at the bigger bottom line margins Ian!

    Glad I don’t have to write up these rankings, solid job IMO!

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  19. Ian McWalter says:

    The eastern thing was 50% me being a smart ass (the other 50% is the “watering my lawn with crude oil “Alberta Strong and Free” shit heel raised in Calgary attitude”). Recognition (such as on this top 10) comes after a fight in MB (which is “East” from my point of view). Not saying one has to be a fighter from that region, just that you need to fight there.

    What this means is AB/SK fighters should be setting their sights on promotions with top 20 guy’s. Now in AB (and by that I mean Edmonton)it is sort of closed with title shots offered and title holders often unranked.

    What I’m saying is Sask and Alberta fighters need to get out there and worry less about losses and more about beating numbered guys, bring that ranking back west, lose to an unranked guy and really screw things up for the guy’s making the top 10 list [joke], but moreover bring a ranked fight so people have a reason to care about KOTCC for instance.

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  20. Ian… these rankings are meant for debate, so its all good. I just like to rant back and defend our rankings.

    If you want on this list and live in Alberta, the quickest way would be to knock off Clayton Sheen -the KOTC champion or Hardeep Singh, who fights at Aggression.

    However, if you want your guy to make the UFC, I suggest that they take easier fights and pad the record to 6-0 or 7-0, gradually taking step ups, and then take a harder one against a former 135er from WEC.

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  21. Ian McWalter says:

    I know Keith. I think the rankings are well done

    (my [joke] thing was meant to mean I was joking, not that the rankings are one)

    Bored at work and prone to ranting.

    I’d like to see more AB and SK fighters ranked and it’s up to fighters, coaches, promoters and managers out here to step up.

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  22. More importantly we have Ian McWalter on our site now!

    I fought for Ian back in Jan of 2001 (DAMN i feel old) against a tall kid from Regina named Chris Desautels.

    Great to see you again Ian, and glad you are coming back with a vengeance with your team of killers.

    Soon it won’t be much of a secret.

    You probably consider Winnipeg East because the Bombers are in the East division? :)

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  23. Ian McWalter says:


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  24. Mike Davis says:

    “the quickest way would be to knock off Clayton Sheen”


    you know I am fragile!

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  25. LBoutin says:

    I think Quinn’s record is a lot better then 4-4, he’s got 6 or 7 wins for sure. If not more.

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  26. Sean Quinn says:

    My record is fucked. I stopped worrying about it a while ago. Ill just have to work harder to get more fights and get back on the winning track. The record does suck though.

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  27. Danferguson says:

    regardless of how many fights quinn has i dont see how he is lower than Clayton sheen.
    I made a comment about this in another 135er post.

    I don see how sheen is higher than him with 1 win over a guy with a losing record in 05 and then 2 more wins over guys with losing records in 07, and then 2 recent wins over guys with no notable wins.

    Yeah quinn lost a couple tough fights but he was stepping up to tough competition. these rankings look like they are rewarding not challenging yourself by having sheen at 6.
    Sheen is a strong grappler, he takes guys down right away and subs them.
    I dont see him doing that game plan on any of the guys ranked at 7-12 that are way more well rounded.
    Just my opinion hope im not pissing off sheens fans I still think hes tough just not deserving such high ranking.
    This is similar to my thinking that alistair overeem should be higher ranked in the heavyweight. So maybe i just dont understand how rankings work.

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  28. EPerez says:

    Everyone on these rankings shoud note that the minute Curtis Brigham makes his return, we’re all going to be shifted down one spot. Just a heads up.

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  29. Danferguson says:

    lol, riveting discussion. thanks

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  30. Sean Quinn says:

    If its not TJ, its not being discussed anymore.

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