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As always it was great night of fights in Montreal. This show was probably Ringside’s best produced event to date. The area was at about 75% capacity with about 1500 fans showing up to show their support their chosen fighters. Being only 75% full did not stop the boisterous Montreal fans as they made it sound like it was packed to rafters when the local favorites took to the cage. For Ringside, this card was all about titles and title contenders. Goulet and Clements tangled for the vacant Welterweight crown and Garcia and Jackson would determine the number 1 contender. Also the Guillet vs Hadin was rumored to be a number 1 contender fight for the Guillaume DeLorenzi Lightweight crown and the winner of Groulx and Bernadel is poised to challenge Mitch Gagnon for his Featherweight strap.

Jonathan Goulet vs. Chris Clements
Rd1: Goulet pushes Clements up against the fence and ankle picks him to the ground. Both fighters battle for the dominant position on the ground. The fighters stand and Clements just misses with a powerful right hook. Against the fence, Clements lands a solid hook on Goulet. Goulet is able to get the better position on the takedown and sneaks around to Clements’ back. Goulet continues to try and work the RNC. Clements is able to reverse out and takes top position. Clements starts to work his offense from top position just as the horn sounds.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Goulet

Rd2: The fighters jockey to find their range. Clements lands a solid right, left hook combination that sends Goulet face first to the caves unconscious . The ref steps in and calls the fight. Goulet is completely out cold. It takes Goulet about 2 mins to regain consciousness.
Clements defeats Goulet via KO @ 1:06 of Rd2

Tyler Jackson vs. Alex Garcia
Rd1: Massive double leg takedown by Garcia. Jackson is able to get back to his feet. Garica unleashes a flurry of punches then proceeds to put Jackson on his butt with a slam takedown. Jackson looks for a guillotine but Garcia powers out and winds up in Jackson’s half guard. Garcia lands an elbow with vicious intent that opens up Jackson’s guard and his forehead. Garcia lands a few more shots for good measure and Jackson turns to avoid further punishment. Garcia takes the opening and locks in the RNC for the tap out finish. If you have not heard by now, Garcia is a certified beast. Even Tyler Jackson had a brief closing comment for the fans “that guy (Garcia) will be champion some day. No one holds me down like that.” When Garcia is asked if he would fight his team mate Jonathan Goulet “if some one steps up, I step forward”
Garcia submits Jackson via RNC @ 4:51 of Rd1

Samuel Guillet vs. Iraj Hadin
Rd1: Straight into the clinch as Guillet pushes Hadin against the cage. Nice body kick by Guillet and straight into a double leg takedown. Hadin is able to roll to top position but Guillet looks for the arm bar. Guillet transitions from arm bar to triangle to arm bar but Hadin escapes. Hadin lands a solid leg kick but Guillet shoots the double. Guillet on top with Hadin’s back against the cage. Hadin is able to stand back up. Hadin’s overhand right is starting to find its mark. Hadin misses with a flying knee. The fighters work against the cage in the clinch as the round ends.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Guillet

Rd2: Hadin lands another solid overhand right and Guillet muscles him up against the fence. The fighters separate and Guillet shoots a single leg that puts Hadin on the canvas. Guillet transitions to side control then to mount. Hadin rolls but instead of taking his back Guillet accepts guard and goes for the arm bar from the bottom. Hadin is able to pull out and unleashes punishment from the sky in form of GNP. Hadin switches to elbows and three in a row bounce Guillet’s head off the mat. The ref has seen enough and calls an end to the action.
Hadin defeats Guillet via TKO (elbows) @ 4:11 of Rd2

Stephane Bernadel vs. Rejean Groulx
Rd1: Both fighters are looking very tentative to start off the round. Groulx slips off a Bernadel right hand. Groulx back up and goes straight for the single leg. Groulx finally pulls him down but Bernadel is quickly back to his feet. Groulx muscles Bernadel against the fence and tries to lock up the guillotine but Bernadel powers out. The fighters separate and Bernadel lands a solid right. Groulx again attacks the single leg but can’t drag Bernadel down. Back on their feet Bernadel finds a home for his right again but the horn sounds.
TopMMA scores the round a 10-10 draw

R2: Groulx lands a clubbing right that stuns Bernadel and Groulx goes straight for the single leg. Groulx drags him down to the mat and transitions to mount. Bernadel bucks and regains half guard. Groulx transitions to side control then to mount but Bernadel bucks him off again. Groulx inside Bernadel’s guard lands two vicious elbows. Groulx works to mount again and unleashes an onslaught of punches to Bernadel’s face. Bernadel bucks and rolls to avoid further punishment but Groulx positions himself for the arm bar. Groulx attacks the arm but Bernadel does a good job fighting it. Groulx is able to straighten out his hips and Bernadel’s arm. Bernadel has no choice but to tap.
Groulx submits Bernadel via Arm Bar @ 4:51 of Rd2

Lenny Wheeler vs. Christopher Boisvert
R1: A painful low kick by Boisvert starts things off. Wheeler comes back with a flurry and muscles Boisvert to the mat. Wheeler lands in half guard. Boisvert turns, reverses, and winds up in Wheeler’s guard. Boisvert postures up to throw some GNP but Wheeler catches the punch and cinches up the arm bar. Boisvert goes to slam out but the ref sees a tap and the fight is called. TopMMAnews’ view was obstructed by the cage post and could not see the tap. Boisvert looked very awe struck by the ref calling the fight.
Wheeler submits Boisvert via Arm Bar @ 1:29 of Rd1

Sameul Charbonneau vs. Yohan Gariepy
Rd1: Garipey comes out with a nice straight kick. Gariepy misses with the superman punch. Charbonneau eats a high kick from Gariepy. Garipey is a lot quicker with his shots. Charbonneau pins Garipey against the cage and throws him to the mat. Charbonneau in side control but Garipey scrambles back to his feet. Charbonneau again throws him back to the canvas and again winds up in side control. Garipey can’t be held down and scrambles back to his feet. Against the fence Garipy drags Charbonneau down, Charbonneau fights out and while he begins to stand Gariepy delivers a knee to the midsection of Charbonneau. The ref calls the fight citing a knee to the head of a downed opponent. Charbonneau was considered a downed opponent but the knee hit the ribs and not the face. To bad vthe enue is not showing replays on the big screen but from TopMMAnews’ vantage point and the vantage point of other media everyone saw the knee land on the body and not the head.
Charbonneau defeats Garipey via DQ Rd1 (knee to the head of downed opponent)

Martin Trempe vs. Robert Masson
Rd1: Trempe comes straight out looking for the standing guillotine. Trempe pulls guard and Masson tries to pass to mount. Trempe reverses and winds up on top. Trempe stands to deliver some punishment and Masson is able to get back to his feet. Trempe continues to look for the standing guillotine. The fighters finally separate Trempe throws a low kick and a jab then right back to the guillotine attempt. Everytime they separate Trempe keeps going back to the guillotine attempt. A low kick from Trempe stumbles Masson. Masson takes top position and rains down some shots just as the round comes to an end. During the break between rounds the ref calls the fight and declares Masson the victor. Very odd ending as Trempe seemed a little gassed but uninjured and was able to walk out of the ring on his own. The official decision was announced as forfeit.
Masson defeats Trempe via Forfeit after the first round

Eric Daigneault vs. Michael Pellerin
Rd1: Daigneault coming out with some leg kicks. Pellerin lands an overhand right that wobbles Daigneault. Daigneault clinches up against the cage and brings Pellerin to the mat. Daigneault landing some vicious shots from top position. Pellerin pulls his guard tight but cannot avoid the onslaught of elbows from Daigneault. Pellerin throws up his legs and catches Daigneault in a Arm bar. Pellerin powers through with his hips and straightens out the arm. Daigneault taps, what a great come from behind victory by Pellerin.
Pellerin submits Daigneault via Arm Bar @ 2:40 of Rd1

Gregory Carpenter vs. Maxim Fecteau
Rd1: Carpenter lands a nice overhand that backs up Fecteau. Fecteau responds with a nice high kick but eats a uppercut for his troubles. Up against the cage Carpenter is working diligently for the single leg but leaves his neck out and gets caught in a standing guillotine against the cage. With nowhere to go Carpenter is forced to tap out.
Fecteau submits Carpenter via Guillotine Choke @ 1:49 of Rd1

Jason Saggo vs. Kyle Vivian
R1: Saggo comes out with some vicious low kicks and Vivian responds with overhands. An inadvertent low kick from Saggo hits Vivian low and the fight is halted. Fight is restarted and Vivian gets the takedown from the clinch. Saggo tries to lock up an omoplata but Vivian pulls out. Vivian keeps working some GNP from Saggo’s guard but get’s caught in a triangle. Vivian tries to fight out but Saggo cinches it in tight and Vivian is forced to tap.
Saggo submits Vivian via Triangle choke @ 2:03 of Rd1

All in all a great night of fights. There were a few questionable calls by the refs tonight but lately that’s expected. KOTN and possibly KO of the year goes to Chris Clements for his spectacular right left combo that left Goulet out cold on the mat. SOTN goes to Michael Pellerin for his exciting come from behind submission victory. FOTN goes to Guillet and Hadin for their entertaining back and forth affair. Lastly TopMMAnews would like to thank everyone at Ringside MMA for the excellent treatment we always receive at each event. Stay tuned to TopMMAnews as Ringside MMA should announce their next event soon.

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