Let the Rise of Ragin’ Kajan Begin


It has been a tough year for Ragin’ Kajan Johnson.  After going 10-1-1 in his past twelve fights, it appeared that the Langley, British Columbia native was a lock for UFC Vancouver last June.  Then Johnson ran into Ryan Machan, who dropped Kajan, and Kajan’s fighting career, on his head, as Machan surprised everyone with a first round victory at MFC 23.

Issues continued in 2010 as Johnson had to pull out of a scheduled MFC 25 matchup with Richie Hightower due to problems occurring with his Revolution gym.  The Revolution team was disbanding as Kultar Gill, Tim Thurston, Bill Mahood, and Jose “Pele” Landi-Jons were not fighting anymore.  Left on his own with Tyler “TNT” Jackson, Kajan briefly thought his career was over.

“I thought it  was over, but then I realized that I love this game and I am a perfect candidate to make it at this game. ”   Kajan continues, “I needed to learn some lessons.  Now I am on it for self promotion and I have learned to let go of arm bars that are not deep enough.  Better to learn those lessons there than on a bigger stage.”

Indeed there is no quit in Ragin’ Kajan.  The former #4 Lightweight in Canada is looking to get back to winning form and put a victory streak back together.  To do it, he has cobbled together his own training program at several gyms including RAW Academy, boxing with Tony Pep, wrestling with Simon Fraser University, and training at Revolution and Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas.

With a return to training came a return of Kajan’s confidence.  All over the internet, Johnson is saying he is getting that MFC Lightweight belt.  He repeats the mantra over the phone,

“I do not care who has the MFC belt.  I am getting that belt.  I am destined to do great things.  I have a style that can beat anyone in the game,” exclaims Johnson.

Kajan Johnson throwing a knee (photo by Jason Bouwmeester|pixelens.com)

With his head on straight and a strong training camp with behind him, the MMA universe threw him a couple more loops prior to his MFC 27 fight tonight.  First, opponent Orest Betran had to pull out due to injury a week and a half prior to fight night.  The much tougher Ryan Healy was found as a replacement for Johnson, but then Healy missed weight for the fight.  Johnson discusses the opponent switch,

“I feel like the opponent switch is a reward for all my hard work over the last 13 weeks.  I am prepared for a fight that is bigger than Betran could provide.  The universe put in my path a greater opponent and a bigger challenge.  Bigger the challenge, the bigger the reward. “

For all these setbacks, Johnson has proven to be very resilient.  The final reward for his difficult journey, could be great for Kajan Johnson if he can string a couple of MFC wins together.  A MFC title fight or a trip to the UFC is definitely within his reach.   As Kajan says,

“A win against Healy will put me back into the top five no problem. I am thankful for the opponent change and I am rising to the occasion. Let the rise of Ragin begin!”

Fans can catch Ragin’ Kajan Johnson tonight on HD Net or live at the River Cree Resort and Casino

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