MFC 27 Weigh-in Results


MFC made its fights official with their weigh-ins today. MFC Welterweight title challengers Douglas Lima and Jesse Juarez both came under the 170 weight limits and Mark Pavelich was rocking a shirt that Top MMA News agrees with “Keep HD Net on Bell”.

Here are the results:

Jesse Juarez (169.2) vs Douglas Lima (168.8)

Rodney Wallace(203.4) vs David Heath (203.4)
Ryan Ford (170.6) vs Pete Spratt (170)
Razak Al-Hassan (202.4) vs Dwayne Lewis (205)
Kajan Johnson (155) vs Ryan Healy (158.2)*
Dhiego Lima (173.4) vs Bill Fraser (174.2)
Musa Toliver (154.4) vs Brad Cardinal (154.6)
Jordan Beecroft (178.6) vs Nick Hrynchyshyn (180)
Matt Veal (144.6) vs Spencer Rohovie (145.8)

11 Responses to “ MFC 27 Weigh-in Results ”

  1. mark says:

    shizzle, thats a tough fight for mr. lewis. good luck hope he can pull it off. Fans of Lewis all across canada, east coast to west coast.

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  2. The Triple Crown Fighter Family would like to wish all of our fighters the best of luck tomorrow night!!

    Jesse Juarez
    Matt Veal
    Musa Toliver
    and who can forget Mr. David Heath!!

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  3. harry balls says:

    can you VEAL the excitement!!!!

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  4. (Fake) Phil Baroni says:

    3 pounds over for healy huh…lets go kajan give him a dirty beating

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  5. David Letourneau says:

    I was expecting nick h. to get all confrontational like he did with me at mfc 24, My feelings are hurt i guess he doesnt like me. Matty wow were all in shock no thongs or pink gitch wtf man?

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  6. Why did Veal have to subject us to his thong in Winnipeg, but not the citizens of Edmonton?

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  7. David Letourneau says:

    Well i think for 2 reasons, 1. They were in a mall and small children and gangs were present not a bad call there, 2. none of us could be there for the actual weigh in i think ryan hunter was in his corner so he might of felt weird, lol no worries hell have it back when cfc 7 comes

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  8. Its OK Dave, he can leave the thong at home and do a little manscaping for CFC 7.

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  9. Sean Quinn says:

    I cant believe Keith just mentioned “manscaping”!!!lol

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