Video – Robert Drysdale vs Clay Davidson


Check out the last 2:30 of the Robert Drysdale victory over Clay Davidson from AFC 4 on November 6th.

* Posted with permission of Armageddon Fighting Championship

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  1. Jamie Locke says:

    The guy is slick…that’s fo sho!

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  2. harry balls says:


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  3. robin black says:

    Clay landed 2 nice ones on the feet…. a big overhand right early.

    Once it went down, Drysdale got to that armbar position SO fast.

    Clay fought the armar really really well. Both Mir and Drysdale were commenting on how well he fought it. Its apparently a rarity to last more than a second in Drysdale’s spiderweb-like position.

    Drysdale told me he was very surprised when Clay didn’t tap to his bicep crush. He said everyone does.

    There was a lot of fight in Clay Davidson, and he’s a top guy from a top camp. Even after 2 fights, nobody should have any doubt that Drysdale is for real man. Fighting Clay in his second fight says he’s not only here to get some wins, but to really push himself and test himself.

    Considering Drysdale is a guy who is only famous to hard-cores, there was a very legit main event vibe to this fight. It was real cool.

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  4. Johnny Utah says:

    what weight does Drysdale fight at?

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  5. Jamie Locke says:

    I’m excited to hear who AFC brings in for him next. What kind of names do you think he should fight?

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  6. Robin Black says:


    Todd Gouwenberg first.Then Victor.

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  7. Pauline says:

    It’s interesting that all the video shows is the finish. I was at the fight and Davidson landed a beautiful combination that forced Drysdale to take the fight where he was comfortable. He’s amazing at B.J.J. but we still haven’t seen him at M.M.A. When Drysdale’s corner tells him to “soften him up” it looks like he drops pillows in stead of dropping bombs. He is obviously the next golden boy but i think his M.M.A. is going to have to get a whole lot better if he’s going to do well in the U.F.C.

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  8. sweetness says:

    for sure Pauline. other vids have the set up forcing Drysdale to go to the ground at any cost. no doubt he is slick. itis early in the fight so he is still dry. sweet D by Davidson. nice comments by Black

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