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AFC is a fantastic promotion for both fighters and fans of MMA. Victoria has become a Mecca for Mixed Martial Arts, and if the crowd and card at Bear Mountain Arena in Colwood was any indication of MMA’s future on the island, it will continue to blow up. Thousands of loud and supportive fans were in attendance to watch the 12 fights on the AFC4: Revelation card; to see some of their MMA heroes up close and personal and to witness the development of future legends in the sport. Victoria MMA fans are just like their counterparts in anywhere, be it Vancouver, Calgary and Vegas – loud, proud, educated and appreciative of good combat.

Not only were all the fight entertaining, but last night fans were treated to some appearances and interviews with local and international heroes: Former 135lb Champion and local legend Sarah Kaufman; former UFC Ultimate Fighter Kalib Starnes; and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir who were all in attendance to support both their team and the sport.

Here’s how the fights went down:

Fight 1 – 155lbs: Chris Jones vs. Theo Brisley
Jones stopped Brisley at 3:23 of Round 1 with a Rear Naked Choke.

Fight 2 – 135lbs: Corey “Hatchet” Gower vs. Ryan Leef
Gower for the win after the referee stopped the match due to unanswered blows at 1:52 of Round 2.

Fight 3 – 155lbs: Tristan Connelly vs. Dan Ring
Three rounds went to Dan Ring, winner by Unanimous Decision over Tristan Connelly. A good match, but Dan was decisive throughout.

Fight 4 – 155lbs: Connor Wood vs. Dan Laughey
Wood defeats Laughey by Knock Out at 1:05 in Round 1. Wood completely overwhelmed Laughey with disciplined striking.

Fight 5 – 155lbs: Connor Riddell vs. Jordan Knippelberg
All three rounds went to Knippelberg, the winner by Unanimous Decision over Riddell. Knippelberg handled Riddell easily, but couldn’t finish him.

Fight 6 – 185lbs: David Perron vs. Nathan “Roadhouse” Swayze
Perron Knocked Out Swayze at 2:41 of round one. Off button. Click. Thud.

Fight 7 – 170lbs: Karl “The Viking” Bergen vs. Todd Stewart
All three rounds went to Bergen, winner by Unanimous Decision over Todd Stewart. Stewart fought with a lot of heart, but wasn’t able to swing the fight in his favour and suffered his first professional loss.

Fight 8 – 145lbs: “BC Bad Ass” Baz Cunningham vs. Daniel Swain
Swain wins by Rear Naked Choke at 1:59 of Round 1. Dominant, fast, thoughtful ground fighting.

Fight 9 – 170lbs: Derek Medler vs. Del Melnyk
Medler wins at 3:52 of Round 1 due to referee stoppage – unanswered blows.

Fight 10 – 170lbs *Cancelled* :Jason “The Sandman” Heit vs. Markaile “Showtime” Wedderburn
Wedderburn didn’t show up for the fight. Weigh-in, yes. Fight, no. “Showtime” is a no-show.
A disappointed AFC promoter Darren Owen contacted Top MMA News to say that Wedderburn called him 20 minutes prior to the start of the show to say that he was sick and could not fight. As reported earlier, Wedderburn showed up heavy and did not make the 173 catchweight the day prior to the fight.

Fight 11 – 185lbs: Nick “The Juggernaut” Hinchcliffe vs. Mike Hackert
29 – 28 Decision for Hinchcliffe over Hacket. Three rounds of dancing. A very “safe” (read: boring) 15 minutes of shuffling around the cage had the fans booing loudly after the first three and a half minutes.

Fight 12 – 205lbs: Robert Drysdale vs. Clay Davidson
It was a foregone conclusion – Drysdale submission victory (straight armbar) over Davidson at 2:04 of Round 1. Drysdale put on a ground clinic that ensured Davidson was about three moves behind the game from the moment they hit the ground.

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7 Responses to “ AFC 4 Recap ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    David “Showtime” Perron!

    Not to be confused with the other “Showtying” which didn’t show up.

    Perron is coming up folks! Look for him to fight a guy like Dan McIver or Mike Hackert next. This guy is going all the way!

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  2. chris says:

    listen please dont get this bot s ass kicked ther is only one showtying man are yall fucking stupid markhile will kill this boy

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  3. harry balls says:

    So my jape about him going on a ‘streak’ of missing weight came to pass. Your shit talk is just empty rhetoric after the fiasco on saturday.

    stop posting. you’re embarrassing yourself and Wedderburn…

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  4. Jamie Locke says:

    Hey Chris, where’s my 50$?

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  5. harry balls says:

    Dear Mister Locke,
    I hope the day finds you well. I am currently in Nigeria doing missionary work. I have your 50, plus another million that i must get out of the country before the government seizes it. I will gladly split it with you if i can wire it to your bank account. All i need is a cashier’s cheque of 5000 dollars for the transfer fee.
    God Bless you and your family


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  6. Jamie Locke says:

    Now that is some funny shiz right there…

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  7. Pat Gribs says:

    AHAHAHA @ harry balls

    Good one

    Fucking lame, about that fight getting cancelled.

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