AFC 4 Weigh-In Results


The AFC held their weigh-in on November 5th and all but two fighters came in heavy.  Both main eventers came in at the prescribed weight.  Clay Davidson and Robert Drysdale weighed in at 203 and 206 respectively.

Baz Cunningham weighed in three pounds over the 145 weight limit and for the third consecutive fight Markhaile “Showtime” Wedderburn came in heavy.  Showtime came in heavy despite asking for a 173 pound catch weight fight earlier in the day.  Jason Heit agreed to the catchweight but Wedderburn missed 173 by three pounds.

Here are the official results:

Clay Davidson (203) vs Robert Drysdale (206)
Mike Hackert (18)5 vs Nick Hinchliffe (185)
Markhaile Wedderburn (176)* vs Jason Heit (173)
Del Melnyk (170) vs Derek Medler (170)
Daniel Swain (146) vs Baz Cunningham (148)*
Todd Stewart (170) Karl Bergen (170)
Nathan Swayze (186) vs David Perron (185)
Jordan Knippelberg (156) vs Conner Riddell (155)
Dan Laughey (154)  vs Conner Wood (154)
Dan Ring (155) vs  Tristan Connelly (155)
Ryan Leef (136) vs Cory Gower (136)
Theo Brisley (155) vs Chris  Jones (154)

Tickets are still available for the event and you can also watch via Internet PPV

5 Responses to “ AFC 4 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. brodes says:

    Showtime should move to 185 now.

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  2. harry balls says:


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  3. Robin Black says:

    I saw Show at Xtreme earlier in the week, and he was dieting, sauna-ing, doing all the right things.

    He’s 30 now. He’s rounding into his man weight now.

    He’ll still have choices tho.
    He can work and diet to walk around lighter, or do lotsa strength and conditioning and add protein carbs and calories and try 185.

    I think he’d be great at 85. He’d be a speedy middleweight.

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  4. brodes says:

    Agreed. I dont think Show isnt trying to make 170, I just think it seems like hes missing by a large enough margin that he should bulk up and try 185 for awhile.

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  5. ccanadx says:

    showtime never showed–well he was there but? in fairness there are 2 sides to a story maybe he could respond.

    just from personal experience– making weight is hard and people can get sick.
    I will not say anything negetive here.
    Maybe the whole match weight thing makes more sense–at weights above say 160, the divisions have huge ranges. jason and showtime would probablt be both more comfortable fighting at say 175-184 – just have that agrreed before

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