AFC 4 Quick Results: Wedderburn pulls out of AFC bout


Markhaille Wedderburn has pulled out of his bout due to an illness.

Robert Drysdale defeated Clay Davidson by Submission (Armbar) in Round 1
Nick Hinchliffe defeated Mike Hackert by Unanimous Decision
Derek Medler defeated Del Melnyk by TKO in Round 1
Daniel Swain defeated Baz Cunningham by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 1
Karl Bergen defeated Todd Stewart by Unanimous Decision
David Perron defeated Nathan Swayze by KO in Round 1
Jordan Knippelberg defeated Conner Riddell by Unanimous Decision
Conner Wood defeated Dan Laughey by KO in Round 1
Dan Ring defeated Tristan Connelly by Unanimous Decision
Cory Gower defeated Ryan Leef by TKO in Round 2
Chris Jones defeated Theo Brisley at 2:27 Round 2

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29 Responses to “ AFC 4 Quick Results: Wedderburn pulls out of AFC bout ”

  1. brodes says:

    Brutal, hope Show is ok.

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  2. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    What the… what happened to Showtime.

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  3. Robin Black says:

    Great fights. Really good young fighters out here. Great show.

    Thanks for havin me AFC. I really enjoyed it!

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  4. ccanadx says:

    great show.

    Showtime got sick trying to make weight. He called in just before the show started. well …. shit happens. Jason, well clearly frustrated showed…. ah…. maturity and good sportmanship.

    Look, im sure jason and showtime feel as bad as anyone. u train hard, lose weight, train, get mentally up… then no go. It hurts all round so let us wait for showtime to say what happened before everyone starts trash talking.

    Overall, the show was excellent. lots of fans, well run, on time,

    ill go to everyone they do,

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  5. harry balls says:

    Shit happens? what a brutal cop-out. Either Show is a man who makes a living fighting or he isn’t. I made a cheap joke here a while back when one of his supporters said we would all be on it when he got on a streak. A streak missing weight? was the joke. What a slap in the face to his opponent, the promoters, and the people who put up money and time to attend. Lame. Stop making excuses…

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  6. James Locke says:

    Although hit was going to sell mad tix weather he foug or not. The guy had a contacted fight and had lot of fans there just to see him.

    Too baf for him. I felt bad seeing him keep warmed up while wondering whether wedderburn would show or go.

    Great night of fightstough. Tie bad shaw didn’t fight as well.

    I also would have had a better night if my crew theo and baz would have seen one success in the w column.

    How about david perron’s ko of the night against swayze! Highlight reel for a now 4-0, who should probably fight mciver or hackert next?

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  7. Ouzilleau says:

    Showtime=David Perron… David “Showtime” Perron… The one and only.

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  8. Dean B says:

    Perron looked bad ass. Markhale is a bitch! I knew he wouldn’t make weight but to bitch out of the fight completely… Come on.
    chris, I asked around for you as we had 1000 bet and apparantly it was only Markhale and his corner there so I don’t think you really exist or are you actually Markhale.

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  9. Jamie Locke says:

    I was also looking for Chris to collect….. He was nowhere to be found, nor had anyone ever heard of him…. Markhale, is that you?

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  10. Jason Heit says:

    I want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting the show. I spent hours and hours away from my family preparing for this fight with zero reward. I had 5 of my students/training partners in the AFC that I could have cornered and didn’t because I hoped he would “show.”
    Its the 2nd lamest thing to ever happen in my fight career.

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  11. Darren Owen says:

    Due to Wedderburns inability to manage his weight properly, he did not feel he was able to perform at his best and decided to participate in his scheduled fight. I was informed by his cornerman at 6:45pm (15 minutes before the start of the event) I confirmed with Wedderburn himself at 8:30pm I was told that he didn’t feel 100% and he wasn’t feeling well. I asked if he could come to the venue so he could get checked out by the doctors, as I was concerned. Wedderburn declined. His vitals at his pre-fight examination were not of any concern for the doctors.

    Heit had concerns of Wedderburns previous attempts to make 170 lbs and offered a catchweight 4 weeks before the event, Wedderburn declined stating that he would not have a problem making 170 lbs and declined the offer.
    At 12:30pm on the day of weigh ins, it was clear that Wedderburn would not be able to make the contracted weight and asked if Heit would agree to a catchweight, Wedderburn was sitting at 177.5 lbs at this point. Heit agreed to a catchweight of 174 lbs. Official weights were Heit 173 lbs, Wedderburn 176 lbs. The AFC wishes Wedderburn the best of luck in his future, however will never concider having him participate within our organization ever again.

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  12. harry balls says:

    Keep your head up, Mr. Heit. I hope he has the stones to you personally.
    Hey “Chris”, nut up or shut up….

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  13. robin black says:

    Yep, Perron looks scary. A couple guys there did.

    I was pretty floored by how good a lot of the undercard guys were. Like skill-wise for sure but, even more, heart and will and toughness.

    Seriously. Great great young fighters on this card.

    AFC is all class too man. Really great people, really great event. They have their proverbial shit together. It was a real privilege to be there and be involved.

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  14. Sean Quinn says:

    Chris = Showtime! What a joke.

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  15. Thanks for the comments Darren.

    Regardless of Showtime’s involvement, it sounded like a very good show.

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  16. ARMBAHH says:

    Wedderburns a b!tch. No class and obviously zero professionalism. Props to AFC for not welcoming him back, I’m sick of promoters booking these douchebags who either never make weight, back out of fights or cause bullshit with the event in any way, there are so many talented and professional athletes out there.. no need to book thug wanna-bees! AXE Em! :)

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  17. ARMBAHH says:

    p.s. AFC cards are looking excellent, and cant wait to see Heit back in action! :)

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  18. chris says:

    wow my manz felt sick and was coughing up blood in the sana and the day off the fight and he told them this and just like promoters they offered him more money to fight saying if he wont take it to get a beating ??? because this fight was the biggest on ther people stop and think of who showtime has fought and how many fights he had there had to be a reason he wouldnt fight plus for more money ok ..well i for one along with close showtime family fans and friends are glad he made the right choice not to fight and live to come back strong…..its just funny that the promoters did not even mention that showtime was trying to eat to gain strenght to fight or that is was there idea for catch weight showtime just aggreed and for you dean i was ther i came the day of the fight and was with showtime and his corner.. last not i no that yakll can type what yall want but it does not mean shit….tex falconcrest thats me on facebook we dont make up storys or tell lies man…yes im a close friend of showtime but im my own man..

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  19. chris says:

    as for darren please as a promoter pleas write the truth… and how you left showtime stranded at the hotel and had to hitch a ride to the airport o but i guess thats ok cause he was to sick to fight so fuck him ..ok well i no yall will be on his side saying ya good job on leaving him there…real professional huh …also afc or the commission has no blood work whats so ever or medicals for showtime yall didnt even want it and he was good to fight????real professional…but sorry that dont mean shit right cause it showtime….wow yall have a wonderfull night.

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  20. harry balls says:

    “real professional”. like missing weight for the third time in a row and calling to cancel right before the fight.
    take a hike, ‘chris’….

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  21. ccanadx says:

    Whebn uscrew up admitt it. Oh… why not just blame others?

    Look, chris– the guy had lots of chances to make weight or work out a new weight. He/you posted his weight was fine 4 days before weight in– he came in at 178, went out lost, 2 lbs- had 24 hours to get ready after weight in. calls 15 minutes before the event. i do not know about ur comments re more money so will not comment– or did he want more money 15 minutes before event? who knows but whatever… please chris/showtime– please stay back east with the 1967 maple leafs champions.
    After all this…. complains he had to take cab to airport…

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  22. Jamie Locke says:

    Check out D.O’s facebook, Wedderburn’s going off!

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  23. harry balls says:

    please post the best parts. I’m guessing that ‘going off’ does not include the words ‘I’m sorry’….

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  24. Joe Doerksen says:

    Not making weight is unprofessional. That is the end of the story. If you can’t make weight, go up a class, or stop fighting.

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  25. David Letourneau says:

    I agree with Joe, no excuse for not making weight as its the previous weeks leading up to the fight where your diet and exercise put you where you need be at weigh ins. I have no doubt he was feeling terrible probably cut way to much weight. Personally I wouod rather get knocked out via bitch slap then go through the embarassment of not making weight.

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  26. Robin Black says:

    Lotsa action on D.O.’s facebook page indeed.

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  27. Jamie Locke says:

    I just copy and pasted the FB posts in the forum…. Crazy stuff…

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  28. Jason says:

    Once you have a history of missing weight you don’t gety sympathy. He doesn’t want to admit he doesn’t have the dedication and professionalism to this sport to get the job done. He needs to get rid of his “yes men”, stop making excuses and put in the work. Stop relying on natural ability, his condition failed him in the fight against Grandmont. I hate seeing good talent wasted. Chris, pass the message, you know it’s true.

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  29. harry balls says:

    Thanks for a SANE voice here, Dirte.

    Real fighters make weight, not excuses.

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