TMN Breaks Down AFC, RITC Fights


No UFC this weekend, but there are two cards available on Saturday on Internet PPV. Rumble in the Cage 41 and Armageddon Fighting Championship 4 are both on November 6th. Why not split your computer screen and order both as you do not want to miss these fights.

The AFC 4 card is solid once again from top to bottom. Headlined with another appearance by Clay Davidson, AFC will pack Bear Mountain Arena and will be entertaining as usual. Matchmaker Darren Owen always has good matchups. Also appearing on the card are promoter fighter Jason Heit, Showtime Wedderburn, the tough Nick Hinchliffe, former CFLer Justin Shaw, and undefeated Mike Hackert. You can check out this PPV at GoFightLive.

Rumble in the Cage will hold their 41st show in their existence. The longest running promotion in Canada is doing something right. This card will be rocking with a match that is definitely the most intriguing fight of the night. Lethbridge Welterweight stud Jordan Mein will be taking on Lethbridge Middleweight king Chase Degenhardt to determine who is the MMA King of Lethbridge. As always, the event is a mix of amateur fighters and solid veterans. You can check out this PPV at GoFightLive.

On to the Break Down!

Robert Drysdale 3 vs Clay Davidson 1
The Abu Dhabi Absolute champion is taking on Team Toshido’s Clay Davidson for his second fight. Davidson is no joke as he is 5-1 but all his wins have come by submission. Drysdale will be better on the ground so look for Davidson to keep this one standing to see how the BJJ master can take a punch in the face.

Rempel – Drysdale over Davidson via Submission in Round 1

Grienke – Davidson over Drysdale by Decision. I think Davidson will be able to resist his every instinct to follow Drysdale to the ground and will keep it standing in this fight. David Lea will have drilled this into Davidson and the result will be a close decision win for Davidson. However, if Davidson willingly goes to the ground. Game over for Clay.

Wilson – Drysdale by submission nough said.

Drolet – Drysdale very easily by sub.

Jordan Mein 3 vs Chase Degenhardt 1
Who is the King of Lethbridge?   Is it Jordan Mein, who has shown very good wrestling skills in his recent loss to Jason High and is an all around bad ass? Is it Chase Degenhardt who is an awesome Muay Thai striker who submitted his most recent opponent.  What a great fight!

Drolet – Mein vs Degenhardt is a great fight that I’m having a hard time deciding on! Mein is best suited at 170, but he has a ton of
experience over Degenhardt. Degenhardt is moving up the ranks fast and is no slouch, so this is the best fight possible for Lethbridge
and the fans are the true winners. I’d have to go with Mein. But in a very entertaining and close fight.

Rempel – Mein over Degenhardt via Unanimous Decision

Wilson – I think Mein’s experience will be to much for Degenhardt’s size advantage. I see Mein pushing it too the later rounds and using his speed to take the decision win.

Grienke – The small RITC cage favors Mein and his strong takedown game, however, I think Degenhardt will be too big for Mein. Look for Mein to win round 1, but Degenhardt to win the second and third to take the decision.

Jason Heit 4 vs Markhaile Wedderburn 0
Heit is undefeated and a strong boxer. Wedderburn is a strong striker who has shown weakness on the ground lately losing his last three fights. If this one remains standing, watch out for the fireworks!

Wilson – Heit will take Wedderburn down control him, beat on him and submit him.

Grienke – Heit has better hands and better ground. Heit by TKO in Round 2.

Drolet – Has a promoter ever lost on his own show?

Rempel – Heit over Wedderburn via Submission in Round 2.

Nick Hinchliffe 4 vs Mike Hackert 0
Hinchliffe is a tough, tough dude with a ton of experience who lost at the last AFC show to Kalib Starnes. Hackert is a methodical, undefeated fighter who wins by maintaining top position and takes decision victories.

Rempel – Hinchliffe over Hackert via TKO in Round 1

Wilson – I see Hinchliffe coming out like a Mac truck and putting it on Hackert quick. If Hackert survives he’ll take the decision win. But I pick Hinchcliffe by first round TKO.

Drolet – Hinchliffe is on the rise, look for him to impress in this fight.

Grienke – Hinchliffe will be too strong and too experienced for Hackert to win. Look for Hackert to take this to the ground in the first but Hinchliffe to end it in the second via TKO.

Regardless of who you think will win, these are great fights.  Top MMA News encourages you to buy some tickets and support your local promotion.  If you can not get there live, watch it over the net.  Go Fight Live have very good streams.  Whether its AFC or RITC, there is no doubt that you will be entertained.

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18 Responses to “ TMN Breaks Down AFC, RITC Fights ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    I got Drysdale with an easy round 1 sub
    Jordan Mein with a decision
    Jason Heit round 2 T(KO)
    Nick Hinchliffe round 1 T(KO)

    Gonna be an awesome night of fights on both cards!

    Gotta plug my boys as well:
    David Perron 3-0 vs Nathan Swayze – Perron with a round 1 T(KO)
    Theo Brisley 3-3 vs Chris Jones 1-1 – I’d like to see Theo score another submission win, but I think he’ll go for his first T(KO) in this one.
    Baz Cunningham vs Daniel Swain – Baz’s opponent has changed a couple times for this event, Baz is coming off a loss to a very tough Nick Driedger at AFC 3 and should come out brawling for the W here, round 2T(KO)

    I’ll be checking TMN for updates on the RITC card!

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  2. ccanadx says:

    heit vs showtime mmmm too close to tell but im bias towards a Heit ko’ing showtime.

    Jason may be older but raw punching power never leaves a boxer. If he lands it is either broken hand or show’s over/turn out the lights. I do not know showtime’s enuff. He has not foufgt out west. I do know his record so he obviouly is capabile of winning against anyone in top 10 except number one or two of course.

    Personally i see nothing wrong with promoter fighting in his show. I mean he is not fighting a softie, he fought up island, in calgary, reno, lv, south america, edmonton so its the fans right to see him here.
    Essentially i see mma as a sport so i hope there are no injuries. If people want blood, take a vacation in mexico or surry.

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  3. ccanadx says:

    whatwas showtimes weight- iheard hewasover but not by how much– any one know?

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  4. Jamie Locke says:

    Showtime was 178 then cut to 176…Heit is going to smash him.

    I have to apologize on behalf The BC Bad Ass….. Baz missed weight 3lbs, weighed in at 148lbs and he had a hard time doing it.

    Baz sacrificed 20% of his purse to his opponent, who was still more than willing to scrap tomorrow night. I give their team mad props for that!

    Everyone on this site know my views on missing contracted weights. And I was not happy to hear Baz missed, I talked to D.O. and apologized for Baz missing.

    Excuses are not required from anyone, he simply couldn’t get that last 3lbs off, and he’s pretty slammed about it.

    I am sure the boys will put on a great fight tomorrow night, Baz will always have FOTN potential.

    Did TMN get the rest of the results?

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  5. ccanadx says:

    this is showtimes 3rd time in a row he was ovverweight. He was offered a higher match weight but promised to be 170. I would never trust the guy. MMA does need this.

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  6. harry balls says:

    I was gonna ask about the weigh-ins. Jesus Christ. Wedderburn missed by six? His bigmouth friend who called us all haters can come on here and apologize any time he likes…

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  7. terry says:

    dwight chowace by 2nd round tko the man is tough!

    colin sharpe by g n p rnd 1

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  8. Terry…saw Dwight’s last fight. Agree that kid looks very good.

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  9. terry says:

    I think Dewsberry Vs. Chowace is gonna be the sleeper fight on the card. It’s gonna be exciting. And how cool is it that we can watch two good regional fight cards from the comforts of our own homes when they are two far to travel?.

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  10. ccanadx says:

    showtime never showe up in the ring. maybe we should hear his side…

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  11. harry balls says:

    I will be happy to hear his side. He has talked A LOT of shit in the past. I know it’s part of his persona and i have enjoyed it as much as the next fella. Now he has missed weight three times straight and fucked over his opponent, fans, and promoters. Lame.

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  12. Robin Black says:

    I know Showtime, and I like him as a dude.

    But I absolutely understand where my friend harry balls (I never thought I’d say that) is comin from. Markhaille needs to stand up nd be accounted for.

    But understand this my opinionated never-been-there-friends: This is a tough game. Cutting weight, staying heathy, keeping your mental game together…. don’t anyone dare judge Showtime unless you’ve been there yourself and understand what it takes to get in the cage. Don’t you dare.

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  13. ccanadx says:

    i agree with black– this is a very tuff game and sickness happens. i feel bad about thwwhole thing. the fans had a great show with the other matchs so…

    tere was what- 8 matches.. 16 guys? yes with sparing, weightloss… its amazing it does not happen more.

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  14. ccanadx says:

    any explanaion from showtime? Im open minded.

    There comes a point when its time to go to new weight division perhaps.

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  15. Darren Owen says:

    Due to Wedderburns inability to manage his weight properly, he did not feel he was able to perform at his best and decided to participate in his scheduled fight. I was informed by his cornerman at 6:45pm (15 minutes before the start of the event) I confirmed with Wedderburn himself at 8:30pm I was told that he didn’t feel 100% and he wasn’t feeling well. I asked if he could come to the venue so he could get checked out by the doctors, as I was concerned. Wedderburn declined. His vitals at his pre-fight examination were not of any concern for the doctors.

    Heit had concerns of Wedderburns previous attempts to make 170 lbs and offered a catchweight 4 weeks before the event, Wedderburn declined stating that he would not have a problem making 170 lbs and declined the offer.
    At 12:30pm on the day of weigh ins, it was clear that Wedderburn would not be able to make the contracted weight and asked if Heit would agree to a catchweight, Wedderburn was sitting at 177.5 lbs at this point. Heit agreed to a catchweight of 174 lbs. Official weights were Heit 173 lbs, Wedderburn 176 lbs. The AFC wishes Wedderburn the best of luck in his future, however will never concider having him participate within our organization ever again.

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  16. robin black says:

    ccanadx- there were 13 fights (12 after the loss of the co-main)so that’s 26 fighters.

    You’re right. With 26 fighters putting themselves through the shit fighters go through, it’s not surprising more guys don’t get ill.

    I hope Markhaille feels better and comes back soon.

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  17. ccanadx says:

    at the end of the day— showtime has been renamed noshow

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  18. Robin Black says:

    Ah, Showtime, your friends still support ya. Take some time, get healthy, then come back.

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