Yellowknife Card Cancelled


Top MMA News has learned that the Yellowknife, Northwest Territores card scheduled for November 13 has been cancelled.   The Yellowknife promoter Garry Hubert cancelled the card citing low ticket sales.  The event, titled ‘Terror on the Tundra’ was to be the first MMA show in the Northwest Territories.

The card was to feature a main event of two Winnipeg fighters, Chris Stranger and Lindsey Hawkes, as well as many Northwest Territories fighters.

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  1. harry balls says:

    Dammit they even used the name i came up with! Really hope you guys get a show soon…

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  2. Hawkes says:

    Time for a cheeseburger

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  3. EPerez says:

    Unreal! 9 days out!

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  4. Darrel Ouellette says:

    Very Very Very disappointed in how it was cancelled, the fight would of been a sell-out!!!
    I feel so sorry for all the fighters that trained so hard for this fight!!
    Yellowknife will be hosting an MMA fight in the near future with the proper people at the wheel!!

    Darrel Ouellette

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  5. I”m still at a loss for words, this was beyond ridiculous.

    Darrel it was a pleasure working with you, and I guarantee we’ll put on a show next year in Yellowknife. After all the fans have gone through, they deserve it.

    I feel sorry for each and every fighter who trained their asses off, and were ready to entertain the Yellowknife crowd.

    Finding out I had wasted 5 weeks of ALOT of work and put my name in jeopardy working on a card and then to find out via an email out of the blue, that the promoter was pulling the plug.

    All I can say right now, is I’m very sorry to everybody involved, and for you Garry Hubert. Do us all a favor and go fuck yourself.
    You have no business coming anywhere near the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. You obviously have no clue how much work is involved and were just trying to capitalize off the hard work of others.

    It was a pleasure and honor working with Keith Crawford, Darrel Ouellette, Grant White, and each and every fighter.

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  6. Dirty Dean says:

    How disappointing… I have to honestly say that I am reaching for the phonebook and ordering chinese…. I’ve been training and dieting very hard for this one…. One cheat meal tonight, then it’s back to training. I’m sure there’s a real promoter out there who could use a game fighter in the next month…. plus I’m f’n starving

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  7. Jamie Locke says:

    That sucks for you guys man…. Why wouldn’t the guy just keep everything on the DL until he knew he could get the show together for sure?

    I feel bad for all you guys.

    Low ticket sales? BS!

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  8. ccanadx says:

    yes it is a shame. the quality of promotors needs a shake out

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  9. ccanadx says:

    maybe anther show can squeeze them in– it would be held in high regard if someone could do that

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  10. Lisa Pirie says:

    Unbelievably disappointing. Don’t give up on Yellowknife, we were really looking forward to this event but unfortunately suffer because of bad promoters. Posters only just started appearing around town and there are a number of community websites where this event should have been posted and wasn’t. The day tickets went on sale, the radio station was advertising it but wasn’t even able to tell anyone where to get the tickets. As it is, Yellowknifer’s wait until the last minute to buy tickets to any event, everyone knows this including Garry. If he had tried a bit harder and waited until next week he would have had the numbers he needed. I just hope he makes damn sure he honours his sales with refunds. One day we will have our fight.

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  11. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Sucks to hear.

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  12. Cody Rempel says:

    O for 2 for Yellowknife…. third time’s a charm!

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  13. I should have been sleeping hours ago, but i’m just really confused as to why anybody would do this? Makes no sense to me and I can’t compute it. And thus I can’t sleep! Arrghh.

    Lisa, I promise you we will be putting a show on in Yellowknife next year. We owe it to the fans.

    There will be many fights in Yellowknife one day!

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  14. shouldrz says:

    This is so sad I’m crying man

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  15. mac says:

    what a shit show, how does this guy Gary even have a promoters license. To the fighters in YK hope all the training wasn’t for nothing and we can get some fights down south now, too bad it can’t be in front of the home crowd. Which we all know would have been a sell out.

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  16. vanillagorilla says:

    9 days out? That’s rough. Hope someone else is able to turn things around up north and get a good quality showing out there soon.

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  17. robin black says:

    Sorry to hear guys.

    When 16 or 18 fighters, a matchmaker, and 6 or 7 other people are working this hard, it is inexcusable for a promoter to be this fucking cavalier.

    People are dedicating themselves and sacrificing money, health, and time with their families.

    Uncool sir.

    Hope you fighters stay positive and have delicious meals this weekend.

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  18. YKNewfie says:

    They didn’t sell as many tickets because Gary Hubert’s name is attached to it nobody wants to touch anything that is name is attached too. He has done this before and Yellowknifers are afraid they would get burnt again..And what a surprise they did.
    They should get a fresh face for a promoter one who is willing to do all they can to have successful events take place and not cancelled all the time.

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