TUF 12 – GSP vs Kos – Episode 8 Recap


All right. Wild card fight was picked last week, so those two must be facing each other today. Show starts off with Dane Sayers saying he should have got the wild card spot. “The dude who got topped out the quickest,” got the spot, says Jonathan Brookins.

Cleopas Ncube, a high level wrestler, is brought into GSP’s camp to help out. He works hard with Michael Johnson and Jonathan Brookins and, meanwhile, Alex Caceres has a lot of excuses for not training hard.

Andy Main and Jeff Lentz from Team Koscheck thinks they should have got the spot instead of Stevens who got put to sleep in 20 seconds. Oh yeah, Koscheck finally found someone who reacts to his bugging – the male nurse Brad Tate. “Sonuvabitch…give me my plunger back,” is no “I am gonna motorboat his ass”, but it may be Koscheck’s best line tonight. Stay tuned!

“Alex got that first win…and thinks he is the best guy here,” says Michael Johnson about Bruce Leroy. Alex Caceres is just not liked by his own teammates.

Aaron Wilkinson says he wants to keep his fight with Stevens standing. He does not want the wrestler Stevens to get a hold of his legs. Koscheck is torn between the two fighters as he loves them both. Tate is also getting under Koscheck’s skin. The two trade barbs and Tate says “you got famous for getting your ass beat.” The two continue trading barbs until Koscheck gets up and grabs Tate’s neck. COMMERCIAL leaves us all hangin’.

Dane Sayers got in between them all and gets stiff-armed. Koscheck cannot believe Tate acts the way he does. He says GSP brought Tate in to get under his skin. Koscheck says he does not associate with guys like Tate. Koscheck blames GSP because GSP could not handle the pressures of trash talking so he brought Tate in to get under Koscheck’s skin. “Good job, Georges, it worked,” says Josh.

St-Pierre said he told his whole team not to trash talk. He also says that some of his guys will fight each other. He gets people to write teammates names down that they would fight. Johnson put down Alex Caceres and Caceres puts down Johnson. GSP that will be a fight if he has a say.

Wilkinson gets a call and is told that his nana died. His mom tells him that ‘nana would kick your ass if you come home.’ Obviously Wilkinson is upset, he says he will “carry on and keep plowing through.”

Koscheck will not corner either fighter. He will sit in the stands for this one.

Aaron Wilkinson vs Marc Stevens
R1. Leg kick by Stevens and another followed up by a takedown into side control. Elbows by Stevens and a quick full mount. Wilkinson scrambles around and escapes but Johnson gets his back. Stevens goes for an arm bar and Wilkinson pushes him against the cage. Wilkinson in danger of being triangled while on top but he does manage to avoid it and land some strikes while doing it. Last ten minutes Wilkinson lands a bunch of lefts to Stevens’ face. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Stevens

R2. Both corners tell their fighters they won the round. Leg kicks by Aaron who is pushing the pace. Stevens responds with a wild right. Takedown attempt by Stevens and he gets caught in a Guillotine.
Aaron Wilkinson submits Marc Stevens by Guillotine in Round 2

Dana White calls Nam Phan the “worst cornerman”. Phan was telling Wilkinson that he was winning and White says never tell your fighter he is winning. White also says that they obviously think Stevens was not what they thought he was. Main and Lentz both say that they would have done better than Stevens who says he could not feel his legs in the second round.

Next, Dana, Georges, and Koscheck listen to fighters plead for their opponents. Johnson and Caceres want to fight each other. Everyone wants to fight Caceres. St-Pierre starts telling Koscheck what his guys are good at. “Poor Canada. You gotta very bad guy repping your country. Easy guy to trick,” says Koscheck.

White picks the fights. They will be: Jonathan Brookins vs Sako Chivitchian, Cody McKenzie vs Nam Phan, Kyle Watson vs Aaron Wilkinson, Michael Johnson vs Alex Caceres.

Next episode: Two fights in one show! Sako vs Jonathan and Nam vs Cody.

2 Responses to “ TUF 12 – GSP vs Kos – Episode 8 Recap ”

  1. harry balls says:

    Phan was a great corner, the bullshitting aside. His instruction was good and he was calm. I suspect some editing made his voice come out more than other voices.
    Dear God Koscheck sets a bad example for those guys. You’d think that a guy with such excellent shit-talking skills wouldn’t throw a suck fit like that.

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  2. Jamie Locke says:

    I also think Phan did an excellent job in the corner, although Aaron was definitly not winning the round. Depending on the judges though, one could say he won the round by finishing strong, on top, landing some hammer fists. He also managed to escape the dominant positions of Stevens throughout the round. Stevens Jits looked fantastic…

    Kos can’t handle a taste of his own medicine, too funny… I loved what Tate was saying, “you got famous by getting your ass beat [by GSP]” He also through in the digs about the fake knee to the face from Daley…. Loved it…

    Too bad Cody is facing Nam next, I was hoping that would be a semi final or final match up… Should all be good fights though, looking forward to next week!

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