Jason Heit Returns to the Cage at AFC 4


Heit pounds out Inkumsah (photo by Benny Chen)

After a year’s absence from the sport, Armageddon Fighting Championship co-owner Jason Heit plans to return to the cage at AFC 4. Heit is used to long absences from MMA – his first extended break from the sport lasted eleven years while he moved down south to train with the Gracies and bodyguard people like Robbie Williams and Drew Barrymore.

Now unbeaten over a thirteen year span, the 4-0 Victoria fighter last defeated the highly regarded Paapa Inkumsah at the Maximum Fighting Championship 22 in October of 2009. Since that time, Heit, and partner Darren Owen, have been busy launching their own successful Victoria fight promotion. Heit explains his absence,

“MFC got me some good fights and Mark Pavelich treated me well, but it has been a hectic year.  There has been a ton of work getting the show off the ground.  There has been lots of distractions and I have been buried in work. I was not in good enough shape to fight when I have been working as hard as I have been working.”

With his Armageddon Fighting Championship promotion on firm financial ground with three solid shows behind him, the former national amateur champion boxer is itching to get back into the cage.  Heit declares,

“Now that the Armageddon Fighting Championships is established, it gives me more time to train and compete. I have had time to go down to Vegas and stay with (good friend) John Alessio to train at Xtreme Couture and with Robert Drysdale and just focus on me.”

Heit better focus on himself and not his promotion when he steps into the AFC 4 cage on November 6th, because his opponent Markhaile “Showtime” Wedderburn will be hungry for a win.  The 9-8 record that Showtime sports is not indicative of his talent level.  Showtime has strong Muay Thai skills and frequently faces the top Welterweights in Canada.  The fight with Heit promises to be an exciting standup fight.  AFC co-owner Darren Owen comments on the bout involving his friend and partner,

“I think it’s going to be a standup war, both guys usually have to worry about their opponents looking to get them to the ground, where in this fight their strengths are their stand up striking. So you would think it’s going to make for a sick fight.”

Heit, who was one of the final cuts from The Ultimate Fighter 7,  also anticipates a striking battle and is ready to stand with Showtime on November 6th,

“I am comfortable to fight everywhere and I am not going to force the fight to anywhere.  It will be an exciting fight. I think we will stand and bang and I believe I have an advantage in the standup due to my experience, my reach, and my hands.”

On thing is for sure, Heit will not only have his hands full with Wedderburn, but also with his promotion and some of his students who are fighting on the same card.  Jason runs Island MMA out of Victoria and his students Derek Medler, Karl Bergen, Chris Jones, Conner Riddell, and Tristan Connelly will also be appearing on the AFC 4 card.  Heit will be very busy come fight night, let’s hope he comes focused.  As Darren Owen says,

“The fact of the matter is that it’s a fight and once the door closes anything can happen. If anything I think he’s at a disadvantage (by fighting on his own card).  There will be a lot of other things for him to think about other than just fighting.”

With the show, his students, and a years worth of ring rust to deal with at AFC 4, not to mention the pressures of fighting in front of friends and family, one hopes that Heit can focus on himself and his fight with Wedderburn. Heit has always impressed but has never put enough fights in a row together to take a run at bigger shows like the UFC.  A loss to Showtime would put a big dent in the plans of the 37 year old Heit.  A win at AFC 4 followed by a few more and its not out of the realm of possibility that Heit could see himself in a future UFC Vancouver show.

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46 Responses to “ Jason Heit Returns to the Cage at AFC 4 ”

  1. ccanadx says:

    Looks like a good match but quite difficult to host an event and fight in it. There are just so many hours in a day.

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  2. chris says:


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  3. Jamie Locke says:

    I’m really looking forward to watching this one, I’m just hoping both guys show up at their 100% best and put on a great fight for us.

    I keep getting this mixed up, is it “Showtime” or “Showtying”? And what is “Showtying” if that is the correct nickname?

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  4. Dean B says:

    Gonna be a wicked fight. Heit tko round 2. Hey Chris you better have your money in hand ready for me.

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  5. chris says:

    i always man up….

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  6. Jamie Locke says:

    Chris, cn you clear up the “showtying” vs “showtime” issue for me? Which is it?

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  7. Darren Owen says:

    Jamie, if your white it’s “Showtime” if your Jamacian “Showtying” atleast I think that’s how it works. I believe it’s all in the accent.

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  8. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Are Heit and Showtime gonna stand and bang?

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  9. Dean Panas says:

    It’s pronounced “Show Time”, but the spelling is quite funky…lol. The proper pronunciation of his first name is “Mark-Eye-Lee”….most people say “Mark-Hale”.
    Atleast that’s what he told me he prefers. But after working shows from the other side of the mic…most announcers don’t even check proper pronunciation of fighters names.

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  10. chris says:

    dean says it best ..but the real is showtying.. just say it like a vato loco lol no but for real his name is pornouced like you have a spanish accent..showtying..lol showtying with killer muay thai.hope that helps…cant wait to see the fight…i say showtying wins by ref stoping the fight

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  11. chris says:

    o one thig dean its pronouce show tying but your on the right track ..

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  12. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    If they strike I got Showtime winning an exciting fight.

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  13. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    Has Showtime had any Muay Thai fights? If so what’s his record?

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  14. harry balls says:

    what weight will this be at? Wedderburn has had some difficulty the past couple…

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  15. Darren Owen says:

    harry balls, it’s at 170. Heit was also a little concerned with Show making weight and said he would be pissed if Show was over so said would fight at 172 or 173 is Show wanted but Show said he would make 170.

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  16. chris says:

    holly fuck can yall find somthing else to talk about the guys has 18 pro fight and missed weight 2wice shit give the guy a breack man…im so glad show does not read this shit man..cause its the same people that cant find anything good to say about him untill he wins then yall want to ack like yall are with him….like guys in the ufc that miss weight dont here about it like how yall on it about show…..cant wait to the fight….. yall so twisted

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  17. chris says:

    on a side note harry balls you should be harry kunt more like it….lol

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  18. Robin Black says:

    I got $10 says more than 50% of this fight happens on the ground. :)

    A great fight on a night of great fights. Excited I’m gonna be there!!!

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  19. Jamie Locke says:

    Hey Chris, if you follow the threads on here you will notice that Harry Balls and I harp on everyone that doesn’t make weight….. EVERYONE, UFC, MFC, TFC, KOTC, Aggression, CFC, doesn’t matter the level, it’s something we find unprofessional.

    Don’t get it twisted, we all think Wedderburn is a tough talented fighter, but the whole purpose of these forums is to discuss what we think.

    Of course we’re going to talk about his weight, he just missed twice, we’re all curious to see what kind of “Showtying” shows up at weigh ins Friday night. None of us are hoping he misses, we all want to see both him and Heit show up at 100% and ready to put on a show.

    This really should be one of the best fights on the card. Possible FOTN…

    Hey D.O. are you guys giving bonuses for KOOTN, FOTN and SOTN?

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  20. harry balls says:

    Showtying is A-ok by me, entertaining as heck etc (there’s something good!).
    But he has missed weight twice in a row. If you’ll notice, people come on here to talk about all the aspects of matchups. As Jamie and any other poster can tell you on here, fighters missing weight has become a concern to fans and fighters alike. Making weight is part of the game, son.
    I’ll stick with Harry Balls for now….

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  21. Showtime made weight without any issues or complaints when he fought at CFC.

    I wish I could use the guy on every card I put together. He’s low maintenance, and does his job.

    He will NOT be missing weight for this one.

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  22. chris says:

    hey just to let the cat out the hat showtyings sitting at 174 as we speek….oooops hope he dont see this cause he wants all the doubters to keep it up..and i can tell yall his gas is ready 4 5 rounds and hes strong ..im just saying….

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  23. Chris. How do you know Showtime?

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  24. Dean B says:

    Pretty sure chris is Showtime.

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  25. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    I got money down on Showtime for this fight.

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  26. Robin Black says:

    Lookin forward to it. Showtime is a tough, TOUGH comeback fight for anyone. Gonna be a good one.

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  27. harry balls says:

    Awesome, Chris . Give him my best.
    And like I said, just because we point out the weight thing doesn’t mean we don’t dig him.
    ,,,and to be fair, Chris, he’s not exactly humble-shoes McGee. He has been known to talk some smack himself…

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  28. chris says:

    for the recoard i whent to humber with showtying when he was taking acting for film and televison and i no train not to fight just formy self at xtream cortors…o ya your right harry balls lol thats just him but trust me hes a good guy….

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  29. chris says:

    hey dean you will see me at the fight with my hand out for my money then you can take a picture with me you and show….

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  30. ccanadx says:

    Watching videos of showtime in slowmo. His left side seems very open. Also, did he have a lower rib injury? See if im right on saturday.
    Other than that, he seems good but i’ve never seen him in person.
    (Maybe i’ve watched too many fuzzy videos.)

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  31. JYD says:

    I hung with Show in the sauna a bit today… he will make weight. and then win.

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  32. ccanadx says:

    still in sauna on november 3? he’s porked out.

    will still be good match.

    revideos– ok, i was wrong, he looks good, video quality was too fuzzy sorry.

    I’ll be on the noon ferry berry, sit in the coffee room.

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  33. Robin Black says:

    I was also in sauna with Show. He’s in great shape and mentally very focused.

    Looking forward to this one.

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  34. Jamie Locke says:

    Looks like I missed a sauna party….Should I post this in the “gay shit” forum?

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  35. Danferguson says:

    Robin Black, would you be able to email me when you get a chance?

    I have something to ask you.

    Much appreciated,


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  36. harry balls says:

    haaaaaa jamie i was thinking the same thing. Did you and JYD hang your heads in shame when Show dropped his towel?

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  37. JYD says:

    Haven’t any of you guys viewed the pic of Fedor ass naked in the sauna with his boys and some branches?? Jackpot.

    Fortunately for us… everyone was fully clothed. Jeans and Sweaters included.

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  38. ccanadx says:

    showtime did not make weight. what i say? Looks likehis entry song is muffin man? oh sorry that was used before.

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  39. ccanadx says:

    showtime weighted in at 178. This is third time in a row he came in heavy. Very unprofessional. Hope other shows see this… this is not fair … and all the bs from his supports saying weshould not bring it up. Outweighing a guy by 8 lbs or more is like being in another division. Heit is 6 foot 4 and walks around at 190. If he can make weight…WTF is it above so called showtime…. like show up at 170

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  40. harry balls says:

    uhm, chris…..

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  41. ccanadx says:

    chris is showtime.

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  42. ccanadx says:

    showtime did not show– well, he showed, got sick, went backtothe hotel– Jason entered the ring alone but was a gentleman about it. In fairness, it appears he had trouble making weight and got sick.

    Maybe showtime can tell his side of the story as we reserve judgent. Making weight is hard and one can get sick.

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  43. Ruffian says:

    Wow what a loser that Wedderburn turned out to be

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  44. Dean B says:

    Chris… Or should we just start calling you Markhale because that is who you are. I talked to the promoter and no one else was in Victoria with you or at the hotel with you other than your corner who I got his name and it was Mike. It’s obvious give it up already. Your pathetic talk all that shit then can’t even get close to making weight. I just got back from Cuba and could not believe my eyes when I saw you had 2 fights booked. I thought you were on crack didn’t think it was these promoters. Why would anyone book you to fight and please don’t tell me these are at 170. Did you pay all the guys you made bets with that you were gonna make weight? Doubt it. I’ll take that same bet on both your next 2 fights and same that you won’t make 170. It’s monopoly money anyway with you. Wake up your a .500 fighter, Hiet was gonna smash your face in and you knew it. GOOF

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  45. chris says:

    its not even worth answering you man and i told show i wont fall in to yall war with words..think what you want my my boy still getting fights and getting paid ouch it must hurt ya ..and beleave me on this trend is the only place you can call me a goof..words dont mean shit…keep following my boy carrer haters are needed.. it looks good when showtime makes it.

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  46. Mitch Clarke says:

    ^ can someone translate please

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