Hybrid Combat H7 Play-by-Play


Back at the Pierre Arthur Guertin Arena for Hybrid H7. As always the house is packed as the Ottawa/Gatineau fans are ravenous for their MMA fix. Tonight is all about titles as Hybrid will crown their inaugural champions at Lightweight and Super Lightweight. Cornwall’s Kenny Hiltz will tangle with Gatineau’s Dimitry Furman for the Lightweight belt and in the evening’s main event a battle of Otown as FIT MMA’s Chad Petepiece throws down with Team Bushido’s Jon Chiera for the Super Lightweight title.

Gaetan Lauzon vs. Andrew Del Degan
R1: Big scoop takedown by Del Degan to start off the round. Del Degan right into side control. Del Degan easily takes mount. Lauzon rolls out but gets caught in a tight arm bar. Del Degan tries to finish but Lauzon holds out until the bell rings.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Del Degan

R2: A little stand up starts the round off until Del Degan shoots the double and once gain lands in side control. Lauzon regains guard. Del Degan passes to mount. Lauzon turns and Del Degan takes his back but again Lauzon is saved by the bell.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Del Degan

R3: Del Degan tries for another takedown but Lauzon falls on top of him. Quick GNP by Lauzon doesn’t faze Del Degan. Back up on their feet, Lauzon turns and gives his back (very odd) and Del Degan jumps it. Del Degan looks for the RNC but again the bell saves Lauzon.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-10
Del Degan defeats Lauzon via Unanimous Decision

Martin Leblanc vs. Stan Sambey
R1: Sambey falls after a front kick combo. Leblanc jumps on top. Back to their feet, Leblanc takes Sambey back down to the canvas. Sambey gives his back and Leblanc locks in the neck crank for the tap out finish.
Leblanc submits Sambey via Neck Crank @ :57 of Rd1

Rindi Piepers vs. Cédric Mongeon
R1: Straight to the clinch as both fighters work the dirty boxing. Mongeon separates and lands a nice 2 punch combo. Mongeon tags Piepers again and Pippers goes for the take down. Piepers can’t control Mongeon on the mat and they’re back to their feet. Pippers looks for another takedown but Mongeon holds him off until the bell sounds.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-10

R2: Piepers comes out with nice tight punches while Mongeon wings ’em from his side. Back to the clinch, no one doing any damage. Piepers goes for a takedown but Mongeon stuffs it and Pippers pulls guard. Mongeon postures up and lands some solid GNP. Mongeon looking for crucifix position as the round ends.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Mongeon

R3: Mongeon unleashes a flurry of punches to start off the round. Piepers tries for the takedown but Mongeon over powers him and lands in top position. Mongeon transitions to mount and finishes off the round with powerful GNP.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Mongeon
Mongeon defeats Piepers via Unanimous Decision

David Bolduc vs. Mathieu Papineau
R1: A slight feeling out process, then Papineau lands the single leg. Bolduc tries to get up but Papineau takes him right back down. Papineau on top in Bolduc’s guard picking his punches. Bolduc looks for the triangle but the bell rings.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Papineau

R2: Papineau lands a counter hook that wobbles Bolduc. Bolduc fires a few shots back but Papineau lands the hip throw. Papineau lands another throw takedown and passes to side control. Papineau passes to mount just as the horn sounds.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Papineau

R3: Papineau takes a few shots but wades in and lands the take down. Papineau quickly passes to side control. The fight is restarted in centre ring and Bolduc uses the restart to his advantages and almost locks in the arm bar. Papineau powers out of it as the round comes to an end.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Papineau
Papineau defeats Bolduc via Unanimous Decision

Dave Guthrie vs. Dan Lariviere
R1: Gutherie comes out and clinches up and works the dirty boxing. Lavriviere lands a technically perfect arm drag takedown and cinches in the arm bar. Guthrie powers out and lands some brutal GNP that bounces Lariviere’s head off the mat like a bongo. Lariviere transitions to an omoplata, Guthrie tries to pull out and Lariviere locks up the triangle choke for the win. Beautiful transition work by Lariviere.
Lariviere submits Guthrie via Triangle Choke @ 1:36 of Rd1

Wes Ranger vs. Jeff Andrews
R1: Andrews dives for the takedown, Ranger tries to fight it off but to no avail and Andrews takes side control. Ranger sweeps top position and lands a nice right on Andrews’. Andrews’ goes for the arm triangle from the bottom. Andrews then semi monkey flips Rangers off and Andrews jumps on top of him just as the round ends.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Andrews

R2: Andrews muscles Ranger to the ground and quickly jumps to mount. Andrews postures up and unleashes some GNP which is mostly blocked by Ranger but the ref halts the fight anyway.
Andrews defeats Ranger via TKO (GNP) @ :20 of Rd2.

Ralph Jean Pierre David vs. Oso Sanchez
R1: A leg kick clinic to start things off with David getting the better of the exchange. David lands the single leg takedown and takes mount right away and lands some GNP. David works for the arm bar just as the round finishes.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 David

R2: So much for leg kicks they’re head hunting with punches now. Once again David is landing the better shots. Sanchez falls on top of David but David reverses and works the GNP from knee on belly. David passes to mount and quickly transitions to arm bar to coax the tap.
David submits Sanchez via Arm Bar @ 1:47 of Rd2

Alexander Arsenault vs. Emmanuel Crevier
R1: Both fighters come out in the standard boxing stance and seem to forget it’s MMA. Crevier showing great movement but Crevier is landing more. A small flurry ends the round.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Arsenault

R2: Back to the boxing, Crevier staying in the pocket this time and landing the power shots. Arsenault using the reach and staying outside and landing with the jab. Someone please tell these guys it an MMA fight. Round ends with both guys giving and taking shots.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-10

R3: Crevier starts to land on Arsenault who gets the first takedown of the fight. Arsenault can’t control on top and Crevier sweeps to top position. Crevier trying to land the GNP but Arsenault is doing a good job controlling his arms. The round ends with Crevier trying to work his arms free.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Crevier
Arsenault defeats Crevier via Unanimous Decision

Andy Zamora vs. Matthew Richardson
R1: Big kick to the mid section by Richardson. Another vicious kick to the inner leg by Richardson. Zamora has had enough, ties up and lands the takedown. Ref stands em up. Another vicious mid section kick by Richardson and Zamora attempts the takedown but Richardson reverses it. Richardson tries to posture up but Zamora reverses the round ends with Zamora in Richardson’s Guard
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Richardson

R2: Zamora comes straight out and looks for the double leg. Richardson stuffs it and comes back with another hard kick. Zamora powers him into the ropes and lands the double off the ropes. Zamora transitions to side control. Zamora attempts mount but Richardson escapes out but cannot get up. Richardson rolls but Zamora catches him and finishes the round on top in Richardson’s guard.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Zamora

R3: Richardson looking for the kick but Zamora dives in and lands the double leg. Richardson powers out from the bottom. Zamora looking for the double but settles for the single and lands the takedown. Zamora can’t work the GNP as Richardson is doing a great job tying up his hands. Zamora finishes off the round again on top
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Zamora
Zamora defeats Richardson via Unanimous Decision

Minh Nguyen vs. Rob Tracey
R1: Both guys come out swinging for the fences. Tracie ties up in the corner and muscles Nguyen to ground. Tracey landing brutal GNP. Nguyen catches Tracey on the way down with a punch and locks in the triangle. Tracey picks up Nguyen and slams him to escape the triangle only problem is there is no slams allowed in Quebec amateur MMA. Nguyen tries to get up but is clearly wobbled. Nguyen is declared the winner via DQ. This is a perfect example of why fighters should not be able to go back to amateur after turning pro.
Nguyen defeats Tracey via DQ (illegal slam)

Kenny Hiltz vs. Dimitry Furman
R1: Both fighters exchange leg kicks. Hiltz pushes Furman into the corner and clinches up. Furman pushes him off. Furman Attempts the arm drag take down but Hiltz reverses and takes his back. Hiltz landing some punches to soften up Furman but can’t sink in the choke. Hiltz transitions to the arm bar just as the bell sounds.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Hiltz

R2: Both guys clinch up and work the dirty boxing. A couple scrambles ensue as both fighters look for position. Furman takes Hiltz back and quickly sinks in the RNC for the tap out win. Hiltz seems to have dislocated his shoulders during the scramble the tap out seems to have come from his injury and not the RNC. TopMMAnews confirmed with Hiltz’s camp afterwards that it was in indeed a separated right shoulder that caused the tap.
Furman submits Hiltz via RNC @ :57 of Rd2
Furman is the inaugural Hybrid Super Lightweight (featherweight) Champion

Jon Chiera vs. Chad Petepiece
R1: Petepiece using his reach to keep Chiera at bay. Chiera bullies him into the corner and uses the momentum to take him to the mat. Chiera working inside the guard but Petepiece is able to reverse. Chiera tries to lock up the arm bar from the bottom but Petepiece pulls out. Petepiece transitions and locks in the D’arce choke and rolls over for better position and Chiera has no choice but to tap.
Petepiece submits Chiera via D’arce Choke @ 2:30 of Rd1
Petepiece becomes the Inaugural Hybrid Lightweight Champion

FOTN honors goto Bolduc and Papineau for their entertaining tilt. SOTN goes to Hybrid’s new Lightweight champ Chad Petepiece for his beautifully executed D’arce choke finish. KOTN would have gone to Rob Tracey had this been pro MMA, but since this is amateur MMA he only gets the DQ loss. It’s always an enjoying affair at Hybrid as the small sized venue coupled with the excited fans really adds to the experience. Hybrid H8 will make it’s return to Gatineau March 5, 2011.

32 Responses to “ Hybrid Combat H7 Play-by-Play ”

  1. harry balls says:

    Thanks, Don. Great show overall.

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  2. KOTN goes to Rob Tracey? Do you even know MMA? So if I socker kick some guy in a ring and knock him out, it goes to me just that it wasn’t PrideFC rule?

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  3. rawflmaoson says:

    KO of the night goes to a blatantly illegal maneuver too dangerous for amateur, and possibly pro MMA? Maybe the next KOTN will go to someone who brings a baseball bat into the ring and executes a beautiful overhand swing. KOTN… yet DQ of the night.

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  4. Mark Hayes says:

    @not harry balls:

    Nowhere does Don say KOTN goes to Rob Tracey. In fact, he says “This is a perfect example of why fighters should not be able to go back to amateur after turning pro.”

    KOTN would have been awarded to Tracey had it been a pro fight, as slams are deemed legal; furthermore, it was (arguably) the only KO of the night.

    Don knows more about MMA than anyone I know. Figure it out, buddy.

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  5. Not Harry Balls, “would have gone to” is not the same as “goes to”.

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  6. rawflmaoson says:

    @ Mark & Keith

    Let’s break this down syntactically.

    ” KOTN would have gone to Rob Tracey had this been pro MMA, but since this is amateur MMA he only gets the DQ loss. ”

    The point here is that to me, this looks like praise. Had ONLY this been Pro, this would of been a hell of a KO, yet its AMATEUR so sadly only a DQ loss! To even include a blatant disregard for the rules in the same sentence as KOTN isn’t right.

    Also, @ Mark, technically a referee stoppage constitutes as a (T)KO (see Jeff Andrews vs Wes Ranger). But I see what you mean when you say “Don knows a lot about MMA” because you obviously weren’t speaking about yourself.

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  7. I don’t think it’s a very good example of a pro going back to amatuer. Him and Wes Ranger are still a B level amateur fighters, no disrespect to either.
    Rob’s been around for 6 fights, it’s not a rocket science and I bet everyone knows it’s illegal to slam somoene in amateur. I heard someone saying ref was telling Rob not to slam while he picked his opponent up, but he went for the kill anyways. He might of been in the zone and didn’t hear anything, (I’ve been in similar situations) or maybe he just got scared of triangle, who knows.

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  8. I don ‘t know either of you personally, but neither of you are Don, so you can’t speak for him. What Don knows about MMA doesn’t translate to you guys by osmosis. Jus sayin

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  9. vanillagorilla says:

    ” I heard someone saying ref was telling Rob not to slam while he picked his opponent up, but he went for the kill anyways….”

    Same thing happened with Mike Riley vs Derek Dexter at H1. Triangle from Riley saw Dexter picking him up getting ready for the slam. Everyone was yelling at Derek to not slam, and I mean everyone, both corners, the ref, Mike Carrier was sitting right beside me and he was yelling so loud I thought he was going to give himself a stroke. Derek ended up putting Mike back down and losing a couple seconds later after Mike transitioned the choke into an armbar.

    Point of the story? If people are yelling, you should be able to hear them….Dexter did…

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  10. Don Wilson says:

    Thanks to all my defenders :) dwilson@topmmanews.com if anyone has a question

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  11. My comment was not about MMA, it was just a english comprehension lesson for you, Not Harry Balls.

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  12. You knew what I meant. This isn’t english class. Step in the ring, have couple fights then talk about mma buddy.

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  13. John says:

    “This is a perfect example of why fighters should not be able to go back to amateur after turning pro.” By this logic then Hiltz should not have been there iether. Rob did not perform a malisious technique. In fact he used a very amatuer escape against a good triangle choke. A pro would be some one who would find a technical methode to escape, rather than brute streangth.

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  14. John says:

    “Hiltz seems to have dislocated his shoulders during the scramble the tap out seems to have come from his injury and not the RNC. TopMMAnews confirmed with Hiltz’s camp afterwards that it was in indeed a separated right shoulder that caused the tap.” From what I observed Hiltz kept fighting till the ref pulled them apart. Could you clearify this?

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  15. youhavehairyballs says:

    I didn’t see any sign of an Injury until after the tapout. the RNC seemed to be in Really tight .
    I would say tapout to RNC and not Injury.
    But Im no Doctor, But I can tell you this I have the same first aid the St John guys do and I wouldn’t believe anything until a Doctor says so.

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  16. harry balls says:

    Just glad Minh is okay. Will Tracy face any kind of disciplinary action for this btw? I think Hybrid would be wise to think twice about using guys who do stuff as flagrant as this.
    Oh and i am flattered by the name choices guys haha….

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  17. Saying you have to fight MMA to understand MMA is just a weak ass argument.

    Adam Zugec and Firas Zahabi must know nothing about MMA seeing as they have not fought MMA.

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  18. Just because these two have no official record on sherdog does not mean they haven’t competed or trained in some type of martial arts before. To fully understand any sport you need to train, compete, and study. Have you done any of these?


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  19. harry balls says:

    good site. this is a mad derail, though. let’s stay on topic.

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  20. I do not train. I guess I am shutting down the site.

    Not Harry Balls, Bob Cole does not play hockey and I love his commentary on the NHL. Same with Bob Costas and NFL,NBA. Jim Rome does not play any sport and can bash everything. I don’t act and I can bash the fact that MacGruber was terrible. You don’t understand English and you criticized Don’s choice of words.

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  21. Johnny Utah says:

    so if a hockey player is not ready for the NHL should he be playing in the NHL? or sent back to the minors?
    I have no issue’s with a fighter coming back down to the minors, IF he is not ready to be in the pros.
    You can make another argument that theres fighters that should be fighting PRO and not figting Amature.

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  22. Johnny Utah, I agree with your last sentence. When you see Zamora at 5-0 and Arsenault at 11-1, you wonder when they will decide to turn pro.

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  23. Andy Zamora was taking a huge challenge in Matthew Richardson. He’s going to turn pro in a few fights if he shows assiduity in the gym.

    Arsenault is 19 years old. He’s fixing to go pro soon, maybe a fight with Mandel Nallo beforehand.

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  24. Johnny Utah says:

    Arsenalut should not be fighting Amature nor should Zamora.
    A fight with Mandel who has 4 fights would prove what?
    Mandel is good but he hasn’t been truly tested I think he could use a couple good fights before going pro but not with a guy whos 11-1.

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  25. Tell that to their coaches (which I ain’t). Mandel is 3-0 but he’s the only guy left who can put up a fight with Arsenault (and arguably beat him). And it’s not true he’s untested. His three opponents were very solid.

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  26. Johnny Utah says:

    mandel fights at 170 Arsenault would be a big 170

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  27. I fought a few times years ago, and shared my experiences with Keith. He’s up to snuff and can comment on fights now.

    PHEW almost had to shut down the site.

    I’m curious how many people who pull out that lame excuse have even fought?

    In my opinion having had fought, doesn’t mean shit in itself.

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  28. Arseneault fights at 170. He walks around at 185. His cut for Manny Crevier was very light.

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  29. harry balls says:

    “assiduity”: nice. While not a barn-burner of a fight, you could tell those are both some skilled cats. I think if Richardson gets him some ground game, he will go somewhere. Your blog is a cracklin’ good read btw.

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  30. Thanks Harry. Keith made fun of me on Google Chat for using that word. In french “assiduité” is pretty much the word used for “dilligence”. Matthew was Andy’s biggest test. He did great, I’m happy with his performance.

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  31. Claude Perron says:

    Hello, i’m Claude Perron, head coach of the Spartan Fight Club.

    First, i would like to thank Yohan for this great event. Everything was good.

    Second, Mr Don Wilson didnt see the same fight i saw by scoring it a draw…I think that Manu’s face will agree with me ;-)

    Arseneault is young (19) and he’s at college by now. He dont have time to train like a pro should. For this fight, he came to the gym about 5 times…

    He was 188lbs 5 days before the fight, 183lbs, 6 hours before the weight in and 179 for the weight-in. He will fight at 170 in pro mma. 175 to 185 in amateur.

    We still dont know if he will go pro after Xmas. We will probably look for summer 2011, when he will have finished school.

    Same thing about Leblanc, he will fight pro in 2011.

    Some teams like to have ‘pro’ fighters. i dont care about that. Our guy go pro when tey are ready and have enough experience. Arsen is 11-1 in mma and 8-2 in boxing. Leblanc is 4-1 in mma( LeBlanc and Guillaume Vigneault are 1-1 in amateur) and 5-0 in kick boxing.

    Thanks again for the great show and sorry for my english, it’s not my first language.

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